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  1. Nvm... I didn't even know we had added the UI element to that... nice catch
  2. Hmm... not sure what you are showing... can you explain what interface you have there?
  3. A very aged nugget

    She's on an herbal diet with black coffee once a day
  4. Steam Version Won't Launch

    @Simondo87 Please try the following things to get the game working for you. Switch to the Experimental Build In your Library, right click on The Universim and choose properties Go to the Beta tab Use the dropdown and choose Experimental (no key needed) Click OK and let the update download Update your Video and Sound drivers Uninstall and Reinstall the game from Steam Download dxwebsetup.exe from Microsoft, right click on that executable and choose 'Run as Administrator' Download from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 When that is done, try opening the game again If none of that works, please send an email to support@crytivo.com
  5. Universim GoG version

    Hello All, I have locked this because there is a lot of misinformation about the GoG keys and what is going on with them. Let me clear that up. Yes, The Universim is on GoG... No, we don't have anything ready to get one to you through the Crytivo Store. A notification will be made when we can do that... however... As @Kerby84 pointed out, the announcement that was posted on the Kickstarter page, those GoG keys are for the original Kickstarter supporters. Now for TheUniversim.com accounts. We honestly have not discussed what we will do about GOG keys for that group. I will talk with AlexK to determine best course of action to acknowledge your long standing support for The Universim. Can't promise anything, but I got your back and will do what I can to make sure you feel some love. And finally, those who purchased through the Crytivo Store. We will take those on a case by case basis. Edit: For future purchases, when GoG is available, you will be able to choose that as a key option... I forgot to mention that... oops So please understand that right now, we are not able to send out GoG keys or make them available as a choice on the Crytivo Store. We have updates to the store coming up, just not an ETA yet. So please hold off on emailing Support until we have the GoG keys ready as an option. Thanks for understanding... and thanks for being such an awesome group of supporters!
  6. Hetro vs homo rainbow graphics

    I've never noticed any difference... now you're going to make me look harder for that...
  7. Hetro vs homo rainbow graphics

    The link size is determined on camera distance. As you can see, the closer nugget pairings are more apparent while the ones farther away are less apparent.
  8. Can I run Universim?

    From my understanding, we do have some Macbook Air players out there. I am not sure how well it runs though. The biggest problem is with the single Intel graphics chipset. We did have a problem before moving the renderer to using Metal where some renderings wouldn't show up. But using Metal and the latest video drivers should have cleared that issue up. As for Minimum specs... we haven't published any for the Mac's yet. When we do, you will see that updated in all the places that we have The Universim for sale.
  9. Being a backer

    Doing Early Access is just buying the game before it is fully released. So you should expect bugs to happen and not all of the content has been added. You get to play the game as it progresses through the development process.
  10. @dataspective We have an update on Tuesday, August 28th for the Early Access launch. If you are OK with waiting until then, the issue with the Single Iris video chip-set should be resolved with that update. If not, please PM me so we can discuss further
  11. 1st Post, some help please?

    @vmk_kith Yahoo likes to temporarily block emails based on customer complaints or there automated system sees multiple emails from the same source. This temporary block is usually for 4 hrs. One of the downsides to using Yahoo unfortunately. As for the 'Name in Game' and 'Name a City', those have been disabled as we prepare for the Steam Early Access launch on August 28th. When those become available again, we will most likely send out email notifications.
  12. Question about mods and forum access

    At this time, if you plan on using mods, you will want to choose the Steam key. Unfortunately the Crytivo download doesn’t handle mods very well. I believe this has been brought up with the game developers, however we haven’t heard about any changes to the way mods are handled. So for now, you will want to choose the Steam key for Life is Feudal when wanting to use mods.
  13. Launcher fails to download game

    Sorry, our support links have changed. ( I have updated the link ) glad to hear you got t resolved, if you need any further help, please let us know. you can reach our support team at support@crytivo.com
  14. Download Issue

    Hello Draclonis, Depending on what operating system you are using we would have different resolutions. Please contact the support team using our email support@crytivo.com
  15. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Ahh... yeah, lots of people excited about Space Age. I know I am. Can't say when it will be in (I honestly don't know), so keep up with the update notes and our Social Media, the team posts a lot of the future stuff that is coming through those venues.
  16. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Have you played using the download from the Crytivo Store? You can play now as well before the Steam Early Access
  17. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Not really if you consider all things that have been done since the initial inception of the game. The decision was made before I became part of the team, that they wanted to provide a much higher quality game than the original concept. If you look at just the artwork from the original Kickstarter and look at the current state the game is in, you will see that a lot of time and energy has been put into providing something that exceeds the original concept. There was a post on our Forums or through our other social media outlets where Alex explained the differences... unfortunately, I can't find it If I run across it again, I will try to remember to post the link
  18. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Once you have completed all the research that is currently available, you can continue playing and get all buildings upgraded. See how many nuggets you can help survive and have fun. But yes, currently this update stops moving into new era's after you have completed all research and upgrades. The August 28th Early Access update will be adding a whole bunch of new aspects to the game.
  19. Updating

    This is normal to hang at 15% for this update. At that point, the file is rather large and depending on connection, can take a while. Just hang tight and it should move past 15%.
  20. Please email support@crytivo.com Easier for us to make sure it is taken care of that way. Thanks 😁
  21. UI issue: can not open game(window disappearance)

    Here are some steps to hopefully resolve your issue with the game. Please make sure that you have all the Windows Updates installed This can be done by pressing the Windows Key & the i key Next choose the Update & Security Section In here, if there are any updates, please download and install those updates Please make sure you are using the latest video and sound card drivers. Windows doesn't update those drivers to the latest, so manually updating these drivers are crucial If the previous steps do not resolve the issue, please Uninstall and Reinstall the game During installation, there could have been something that failed to install If you continue to have issues, please send us a support request to support@crytivo.com
  22. Bug: buildings not upgrading

    Engineers do not do the upgrades. They may bring materials if they are not busy though. The Laborers do the upgrades and the upgrades are done in a sort of FIFO manner. If you do not have materials to do the upgrades, then they may take a while to complete. (Side Note: Please post bugs in the Huff and Puff bug section )
  23. @rraccoonn In regards to the speed of the game. For MacOS, it has been using OpenGL as the main graphics. Part of the hotifx that is being worked on for the MacOS issue is to use Metal. With this change, you should see some improvements in performance. Not sure how much, but some. The hotfix isn't ready yet, but hopefully we will have it out this week if all goes well. Cross your fingers
  24. update problem 15% fatal error

    Please send an email to support@crytivo.com so we can help you through the error
  25. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Upgrading the Epicenter doesn't add new research items that I am aware of. Once you've researched everything, that is all to research for now. As more content is added, more research items will be added to the game. Currently, the Medieval era is what the game is up to