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  1. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    @zaygr Currently you are not able to upgrade the Epicenter. The research is there and the huts will upgrade, its just that the Epicenter will not due to a last minute bug that presented itself right before sending out the update. It doesn't affect game-play, its a cosmetic thing mostly.
  2. Hard Crash

    @AceOfSpadez When you say 'Hard Crash to restart', do you mean your computer completely shuts down and restarts? If so, then the game is most likely not the problem. When you are dealing with a hard crash that restarts the PC, there are various issues that could be causing it. My Recommendations: Update Video and Sound Card drivers Check Temps to see if you are getting heat spikes on GPU and CPU Re-seat your Memory Cards Run Malware and Anti-Virus scans In Settings, change the Resolution from Auto to what your native resolution is Hard Crashes that restart a computer are most generally hardware related and sometimes driver related. We have not gotten notice that others are experiencing this type of an issue, so the odds are it is something with your PC that is having an issue. Not saying it couldn't be game related, but based on bug reports, it doesn't seem likely at this time.
  3. Screen Freezing bug

    @wEs Since the game is in Alpha and minimum requirements for the game will continue to change as it progresses, this issue you are having appears to be an issue with your PC configuration. We test the game constantly and there has not been any crashing issues like you have described. My Recommendations: Verify that your PC meets the current minimum requirements (http://support.crytivo.com/crytivo-store-games/the-universim/the-universim-information) Update Video and Sound card drivers Run Malware and Anti-Virus scans If you still have the game crashing, then you may need to do a selective startup for windows and see if you have an app running in the background that is affecting the game. Various programs that try and do overlays could be crashing it or something I am not even familiar with.
  4. @rraccoonn The issue with missing building components is a Unity issue with Mac's that have a single Intel video chipset. Unity is aware of the issue, however they have not provided a fix for the Unity bug. Our developers are looking into other ways to resolve the issue, however at this time there is no ETA on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are aware and working to resolve it with the Early Access launch.
  5. Unable to update

    At 15%, that is a larger file and does take a while to complete. How long can depend on your internet connection, hops to server, your location, etc. Please leave the launcher open and it should get past that point. If you close the launcher, it will start over.
  6. Buy?

    Glad you got it working. It should have redirected you to the Crytivo Store to make the purchase. Enjoy the game 😃
  7. Buy?

    Try using a different web browser and let us know if that works. Also, please let us know what web browser it is not working on
  8. Buy?

    Universim has not been released for Early Access on Steam yet. Currently only available at the Crytivo Store.
  9. What do you think about research?

    Merged topics
  10. Please PM Mirror... don't want to have all your emails showing in here... bad joojoo
  11. Game Crash

    See what happens when you don't allow your nuggets to mourn :'(
  12. How do you get past the stone age?

    No... they aren't, but we do have a group that Alex set up to do testing on a larger scale for V25 update
  13. How do you get past the stone age?

    If you are running the the v25 QA build, you will have a research option later in game.
  14. Launcher fails to download game

    Please use the following article to resolve the issue http://support.crytivo.com/technical-support/i-get-an-error-downloading-the-universim
  15. Feature Suggestion

    Yes, there is no way to prioritize upgrades, but that has been looked into and hopefully the upcoming update will make you happier with upgrading buildings.