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  1. New website backer for Mammoth pledge. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks!

    Still doesn't mean its not an ISP issue along the path. You may just have a slow connection along the way to the Crytivo servers. I know many others who have downloaded with blazing fast speeds. When the game is released through Steam, then the Steam servers will be your best option to download most likely.

    Hmm... just released update so its possible to be a bottleneck. However that normally isn't the case nowadays. Usually slow downloads are on the ISP end of things. Your area may be affected by a random outage causing delays. They happen all the time.
  4. After loading from a saved game, you are unable to build certain items. Main one I have found is the Fishing Pier while others have reported Water Pump. I have been able to build farms though. Reproducible by doing a save game, exit game and load save game. Then try to build one of the mentioned problem buildings above.
  5. I saw that got changed with the new UI for nuggets. I would like to see it go back to the way it was with sorting as well.
  6. While holding the CTRL key and clicking on the nugget, you should see a small circle start to grow in a clockwise manner. Once it’s filled, you can let go of the mouse button and CTRL key to move the nugget around.
  7. I had problems at first with picking them up until I figured out you need to click and hold until the circle fills completely. Then you can drag them around without holding the mouse button.
  8. Normal placement of the nuggets after picking them up should be a 'Godly Presence' float to the ground. You can drop them abruptly with a different key mapping to raise you evil presence status. But by default, they should float down.
  9. Ok, so with the Pumpkin Patch, I took screens shots throughout the game with my F12 info showing. I good indication on how badly the FPS is hit the farther you progress in game. Unable to attach images, so here is my dropbox shared folder https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bu2moea2da36rc/AAD3FrqcRDI2gn_SVT8d3nhua?dl=0
  10. Looking forward to the future of this game. Its quite a great game already even with the bugs
  11. disappeared farm

    Thanks for the info... I just started over.... again and again and again. I will restart from the save and see what happens.
  12. Same problem here, but I had some additional issues. The nuggets would walk around the huge lake, die on the route before getting back to town to build the upgrade. Then once it finally did upgrade, the eatery just disappeared completely. Ugh...