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  1. What do you think about research?

    dude this is a full dollar!
  2. Opinions on the new patch?

    I love the new patch but have found some minor issues. Because your enginearing needs a nugget with an education it will take a long time for buildings to get repaired. When wolves attack and you don't have your graveyard upgraded you are screwed. I have 15 dead nuggets dead lieing around town as we speak. I might need a smarter nugget. And I find that the count of PowerPoints we get are low. I can't even pick up all the dead nuggets to drop them in a pile. But there does happen alot more storybased so it's awesome to play. As Always with developing games it needs a few tweaks but it deffinatly makes it more fun!
  3. Find my lost nugget

    I pause, pick him up, go home, and just before I am home I unpause and place him at his house. You have to unpause to see the circle. It's white now I think
  4. What do you think about research?

    I dislike it too! I'd rather have a research tree with bars or graphs of what mutiplies. besides that, I would love it if I was able to also line up the secondairy research
  5. Maybe if I murder all the slow, lazy nuggets it'll go better

    1. Christoffer


      Qoute: ”Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”