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  1. 5 - Stuck heading home

    When i picked the above nugget up and dropped him, he moved again. The engineer got fixed after restarting the game.
  2. Info: I made a final save. Restarted the game (by mistake i first started the version all backers have) and loaded the game. AI is now all ok again.
  3. 5 - Stuck heading home

    Hey, this is the same game as the nugget under water/rock I now have a nugget, that stands at the entrance to the eatery, being stuck in "Heading Home" No idea what caused it. Also as a side note: the eatery is in range of two engineers, but yet not being repaired... One engineer keeps running to the water wheels, goes underwater and has status "reparing" output_log_6.rar stuckheadinghome.rar
  4. Hi, I only noticed this after I had a Sandstorm and a Wolf attack on my village. The horn for the bunkers was sounding as the wolfs attacked. 10 Nuggets died as everyone tried to run for the bunkers but got killed or scared by wolfs. After the storm was over, i noticed a nugget being underwater, tried to save - got the "save in progress" stuck issue. Closed the info with esc, went to look for the underwater nugget, but he was either gone or now in/under a rock. made a save. he came out afterwards and a new nugget went under water for a drink. So i have by luck two saves, one where the nugget is not yet under water, and one where he goes for a drink underwater. nugget that will be going for a drink underwater when you load the stuck in rock savegame is Delnoho Shamuov. underwaterdrink.rar stuck in rock.rar output_log_4.txt output_log_5.txt
  5. 5 - underground animals

    Hey, I have my first underground animals. output_log_2.txt groundwalkingwolf.rar
  6. QB3+4 - Focus on Event with "F" - unable to zoom

    Also happens in QB4
  7. Hey, Love the new Intro and i directly wanted to skip it, which would be a nice feature, which caused a freeze of the game. I had to kill it via task manager. Repro: Start game, click new game, watch intro. When the into fly's over the moon, there is a short display of camera options on top right. You can now press ESC to enter game menu, pres ESC again and once the intro finishes, game is frozen completely. Link to video, close to the end when the intro is heading towards mother planet, before the moon is passed, check my mouse courser and follow it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U-3ti55TXTHoJ_TUkvRZXOahz1pWqBak/ check at 2:50 the UI glitch at around 3:00 i press ESC and the game then freezes, but the intro finishes.
  8. QB3 - Unable to save game upon longer playthroughs

    most likly it has to do with the memory leak when you open the archive. that has been reported and fixed.
  9. Q: Clear Infection

    yes, as the heal power does not currently work on ground - it was reported and is fixed in a in the next version. In previous version it worked and i was able to remove the blood/infection with it that way. its a two step quest. quest 1: take body to graveyard quest 2: remove infection with healing power
  10. Bug when I assign a nugget

    Cant confirm this. In my play I had this not happen. I played from start to end without loading. Will try and see if it happens once I load a game
  11. QB3 - Lumbermill vs Mines

    So i got around to "finish" the game by reaching the end of tech and building a employment center. While doing so i had a need for quite a lot of wood, stone and some iron (i guess the need for that will rise) To cover my needs i placed 1 Stone mine and 1 Iron mine but a whooping 5 lumber mills all over the planet. This is in no balance to each other. Please consider fixing this in some way. I would like to see the Lumber Mill replanting trees, of course at a cost. The cost is the soil quality. The more trees get replanted the more the soil dies. The end goal is to have the Lumber Mill produce the same amount of wood as the Mines while being in the same spot. The soil in the beginning grass, will turn either to desert (empty) or stone (empty) so it has no natural resources.
  12. QB3 - Upgrade Glitch/cheat/skip

    Ok, during the late game i had the following happen. I hade my stone age farm. I had pre medival farm unlocked. I had medival farm queued for research. A lot going on in my village. I queued the farm to upgrade to pre medival - it showed the cost for that and started the upgrade process. by the time my nuiggets got around to the farm, the medival upgrade was done researching. the nuggets got the material for the pre medival farm to the building and started the upgrade. at the end, the medival farm was build for the cost of the pre medival farm. I only had this happen with the farm. My guess is, this happens with every upgradable building. I have a savegame for this. Check the farm that is still stone age and has the upgrade queued. upgrade glitch.rar
  13. QB3 - Beginning of game

    Ok, the start is nice, with the narrator and all. The fact that you have to research somehow goes missing. The first tech is research automatically. There is no mention that you can access the research and with everything going on, the first tech actually finishing kind of moves into the background. Some short push or pointing to the tech tree and research would probably be good here.
  14. QB3 - Research tree Feedback

    Ok, the tech tree is nice. I like that fishery is early. Over all it seems good. What i dont like: Some tech has a requierment to unlock two techs, thats marked with both being red. Other Techs, for example refined Materials, has the fishing lures, Farming and Hunting as requirment, but the fishing lures has refined material as requirments. In the end, you only need Farming OR Hunting. Please make it clearly visible, when its an AND requirment and when its an OR requirment. Navigation via drag and drop is also not that great, maybe add a scrollbar to the bottom/top ?
  15. QB3 - Godpower - Selection wheel

    The Selection Wheel has locked godpower in it without any info that it is locked. You can even select it and get no feedback that it is locked. Leaving you wondering why the power was not selected.