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  1. Doing Nothing

    First of all they are not sending you a god mail This is how to receive their prays. They just praying to someone to help them as any person would who got into trouble. It does not necessarily mean that they know about the presence. Similar if you would walk on the street and around you rocks & trees will start flying. I don't think that you would be happy to see such a thing. With 99.9% chance we found the issue that is causing this. The issue with AI that is getting lost if it is too far away from epicenter. So when you have a lot of buildings very far away from an epicenter, that issue will occur. Another issue is that nuggets are not allowed to take food from the bunker & warehouse, but when you are running out of food, they know that the bunker & warehouse have food, so they are trying to grab that food. Here where we encounter a contradiction between Building / Nuggets AI. Sorry for the inconvenience, today & tomorrow we will be fixing the issue. Once the issue is solved we will roll out the hot fix for the issue. Thank you very much for everyone's response. It was very helpful!
  2. Hunting

    Animals will have a change to attack back -> the chance will be based on the number of nuggets. Currently since Animals do not attack back, the recommended number is not that useful. Later, once hunting will be complete, 2 nuggets will be killed by animals easily. Other animals will be also scared if the animal next to them is being attacked.
  3. V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    If you are on discord, send it to me in PM
  4. Review of Gameplay

    Do you have a save file > Can you please provide the save file for us ?
  5. V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    Hi Dart Mada, Do you mind providing us with your save file? We will try to investigate the issue and find the reason for that.
  6. How to Rotate?

    You are welcome
  7. How to Rotate?

    You can rotate the building by pressing Q & E Buttons. Currently we are working on a better way of communicating this. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. No men left

    Hi, thank you for your suggestion and your support. We are on top of that and it is in our plans
  9. Nugget Juice

    Roads are coming soon. Sincerely, Sasha
  10. How do you use divine powers?

    Sorry for the confusion. Once you select the God Power, press CTRL + left mouse click on the area where you would like to cast your god power. Thank you for your support Sincerely, Sasha
  11. Game looks good but....

    Hi guys, thank you for your support & patience. A lot of things that you see right now is the ground level of the game. It is true, that you don't see major changes (a lot of them are being worked on parallel to the patch that we release each month), but our main goal so far was to create a good structure (bare bones) that will allow us to easily add new features and make major changes that are coming. This concept applies not only for the games, but for any new project / real world engineering or any other development that you can imagine. First you have to have an idea and a picture. You have to think all the way to the end what kind of features your project will be able to support and how it will work. After that, you have to make all the calculations on how to build it (blueprint), how to ensure that you will be able to support those changes, what you will need in order to do that. Then you have to build that foundation, that will allow you to implement everything. Lastly, but probably the most noticeable part is adding stuff to the foundation. Up to this point we were working on the first 3 aspects (usually they are not visible to the player). Now we moved on to the last part. Part where we are starting to build new things on top of our foundation. From this point, we will pick up speed. Just bare with us and thank you for your understanding and support. We really appreciate your love. Sincerely, Sasha
  12. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    The Population growth rate randomized slightly, to the point when you should not feel it at all, but a lot of factors comes in play, when we are talking about population. The first factor is how fast you will build the Hut for the nuggets to mate (this one is probably one of the most important onces). If you have 10 other buildings being built currently & nuggets also trying to build their hut. The hut build will take long time and therefore you nuggets won't be mating, until the hut is build. So while you are playing, try to make sure that you prioritize hut building first for a steady population growth. Other factors that influence mating are: hunger, thirst, how tired they are, how happy they are. Make sure to keep your population fed and happy There is also a factor of getting twins. Which will boost your population growth as well. So as you can see, there are a lot of different factors that influence the population growth and it's not necessarily random. Sincerely, Crytivo Crew
  13. Still full of bugs

    Hi Reuvil, We are very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience lately with the game. We are trying our best to fix all the issues and majority of the issues that you listed are being worked on / fixed. 1. Nuggets spin in place then fly off - Potentially fixed. Currently being tested my QA department. 2. Nuggets will not find a new mate once theirs dies (Looking into that issue) 3. Population counter stops updating - This is the new one. Trying to repro the issue. If you will encounter that issue one more time, we would like to hear how did you get it is possible. 4. Nuggets stuck in bunker - Fixed 5. Nuggets starving - if the eatery is full & all the food is in the eatery nuggets will continue to work until there would be an open spot in the eatery. 6. Priority building fix - Fixed Currently, we made big performance improvements as well as fixed multiple AI bugs. When the issue with the mating will be resolved, we are planning on releasing a hotfix, that should fix all the major issues that stops the progression forward. Again, we are sorry that you had a bad experience while playing The Universim. We will do our best to fix all the problems and satisfy your needs. Thank you for your support & understanding. Best, Crytivo Crew
  14. Game progress rate is to fast

    Thank you for your support. We will do our best to provide everyone with a fun & exciting gameplay.
  15. Game progress rate is to fast

    There is something fundamentally wrong with the gameplay at the moment and it isn't anything to do with tempo or playstyle. Aside from the above mentioned water imbalance, there is an obvious problem with labour and task duration. The nuggets simply cannot keep up with maintenance of buildings. Building more engineer posts or upgrading them to increase the numbers of engineers isn't a solution and only adds to their burden. This is exacerbated by any decrease in population, which even without any disaster, is highlighted by the undertaker's inability to cope with a large population natural die off. They cannot collect enough bodies quickly enough and that leads to infection and deaths due to sickness. And so the death spiral starts and even if you attempt to keep up by switching off buildings to keep the labour force viable, you only make matters worse as essential services collapse. The Rejuvenate god power was the only way previously to slow the decline somewhat, but that isn't operating at the moment and so all you can do is watch your civilisation dwindle and die. In any case, we shouldn't be having to resort to using god powers to remedy an inherent game design fault. So, I agree with the OP. A lot more work is required to build the gameplay mechanics up to a workable standard. Currently, it isn't balanced and whenever the population reaches a threshold of around 50 nuggets, it collapses. This has to be a priority that comes before new content, regardless of how much stuff you want to throw into the game. A lot of those issues are being solved through the bug fixed + AI improvement. Some things that looks like an issue in the balance are being the issues caused due to some things working not properly. Currently we are working a lot on the balance of the game, but this requires a lot of changes in the code as well as re-balancing every single aspect due to interconnection between each element. So bare with us please. With each update you will see improvements. Currently we think that water pumps need some tuning, but not too much. The reason for that is that currently you need ~250 water in order to keep up with 30-40 nuggets + all buildings built. 250 water = 5 pumps. You can easily built 5 pumps. 30-40 Nuggets is what we are thinking is a good number when the player will transition to a new era. New era will have obviously a larger population as well as better ways of getting more water. Player can easily achieve a larger population in the stone era, but this will require more food -> water -> etc.. In order to get more resources player will have to build more buildings that will provide him with those resources. As for the nuggets dying out when you have a large population we are constantly working on that issue from different perspectives. First we are trying to balance out our mating system and tune it better with each iteration, secondly we are planning on adding a new feature that will also help with that issue. Thank you for your note about the engineers. After reading your post we checked the code and we indeed had a bug there. Nuggets performed their repair duties 60% worse then they should. This bug will be fixed immediately and added to the hot fix. Thank you again for your involvement & support. We really appreciate it.