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  1. The Price of Godhood: Power Costs

    Sorry for the late response. We were a little bit busy here with all of the things. Thank you Lissa for clarifying every aspect for SnorlaxRae. You are 100% correct. Currently the cost is lowered drastically because we had some issues with AI that is not necessarily your fault and we wanted to provide you tools that can help you to fight with some of the issues. Currently a lot of AI issues are being fixed and you can expect completely different balance in regards to the Creator Points and the cost for each power. Sincerely, Sasha
  2. Micromanagement in the game

    Sorry if my point wasn't clear. If you stick to something that you know, it will create a limitation. Good example Diablo 2. Serious world, story, monsters and then COW Level.It was one of the funniest and coolest things that Diablo 2 had. They could have staid precise with everything, kept that seriousness but instead they decided not limit themselves and let their imagination flow. That was a good decision. Above, I was not talking about 1 specific building. Instead, I was talking about the ability not to limit ourselves by sticking strictly to the "rules".
  3. Micromanagement in the game

    As Kerby84, mentioned above, We are not trying to make the game as close to the history as possible. Instead, we would like to give you guys an interesting experience. It is understandable, that some people would like to have everything to be precise to the history book as possible, but we also understand that experience and fun should be first. It doesn't mean that we can't came up with something fun and stick to the history, but trying to be precise as possible will just limit a lot of things and won't provide that unique experience. When you know what buildings should be in medieval, it feels like someone just spoiled you the story of the book. When you don't know what what is going to be next and how this building can even work in this era, it creates curiosity and plays with your imagination.
  4. Hey Kerby84, Thank you for your feedback and your concern about the game. We share similar concerns and currently we are concentrated on the development. We would like our child to be successful and we are doing our best to ensure that. One thing that we are doing to improve the god aspect of the game is the Quest System. Before the quest system was pretty bad and we did not give it a lot of attention. Currently we are improving that system and Quests will require you to utilize all the different god powers. Besides that, a lot of quests will provide you with the choice. That choice might effect the buildings that will be unlocked, nuggets perception, their Faith. We also would like to expend the Faith System more. We would like your actions as a god to have an impact on your civilization. Currently we are still working on multiple ideas how to achieve that, so once we will make them more or less "community-friendly" and not a bunch of scribbles, we will show it to you guys. Meantime, everyone can give us their ideas about the Faith System. In a week or so, I will create a separate topic with our notes of what we would like to do with the Faith System for the steam release. Sincerely, Sasha
  5. Questions

    Steam release + our relocation delayed the giveaway. It is a shame that it was still not done yet and we feel truly horrible about that ourselves. Currently, we scheduled the giveaway for the next weekend. We will make sure to do it. We prepared everything for it and everything is ready, just the matter of "lets sit down and do it". Again, sorry about that. Yes, we consider adding some multiplayer features if everything goes well, but it won't be a full multiplayer as indie magazines described. I am not sure where they got the info about two players on the same planet. Do you mind to provide us a link?
  6. Research and Evolution

    Everyone stressed out about steam release. For us, it is like letting our child to take his first step in a big and scary world alone. Currently, it is a lot of work going on and as the date gets closer, it is more and more stress. It is not an excuse. Just a hope that you guys understand what is going on here as well.
  7. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    We just exploring different options and ideas. Currently we are thinking how to make you guys more involved in the nuggets lives.
  8. Research Prototype Panel

    Hey Guys, thank you for all the feedback. It is being appreciated. So currently we decided to go with the 3rd prototype with some modifications. Please let us know what do you think.
  9. Refined Stones and Wood problem

    We improved Refined buildings. We also improved the way upgrades work. So hopefully you will have a better experience with the steam release patch
  10. Research Prototype Panel

    Skyrim yes, but the concept is different. Here we have some researches that take 30-40 seconds. Which means almost every minute you have to open the panel. Yes, we can change the timing and for some of them we can have the requirements like we had before. I like the fog of war idea. We will think how to expend it Thank you for your feedback. #3 is ambitious, but we like it as well so we will see what we can do to keep it the way it is on prototype.
  11. Research Prototype Panel

    The first one yes, but it was more like brainstorm at that point. Now we have a prototype for it. As before, we still think that those approaches are good, our biggest concern was that it will take the whole screen and it will be uncomfortable for you guys to open the panel quite often. Now we have a system that allow us to queue multiple researches which will help with that issue, but it still our concern. We would like to provide the smooth experience for you guys.
  12. Research Prototype Panel

    Hi Guys, Due to numerous requests that we received from you, here we will provide current prototypes & ideas that we considering to implement and working right now for the Research based on your feedback. Please note that some of those prototypes are very ambitious and we would love to implement them, but they require a lot of man power and time, which unfortunately we don't have. So please consider that even though after finalizing the approach which we will take on that, we might still will have to cut some things from it due to time constrains. Also, this is something that we are planning after steam release, not before. Don't hesitate to post your ideas and thoughts about those prototypes. Constructive critics are also welcome. Sincerely, Sasha Prototype #1 Prototype #2 Prototype #3 @Lissa Gloom @threeheaded monkey as promised
  13. Alfa Bugs

    DrKirk thank you a lot for those issues. We will work on each issue and we will try to post here what was resolved.
  14. Research and Evolution

    Well you can't make everyone happy As I was reading the micro management topic, a lot of people were against it, but a lot of people didn't mind it or even liked it. Despite people being divided into 2 separate groups, we saw something in common that everyone was saying. For example, the community did not like the approach with the farm. So currently we are thinking how can we improve it. All the ideas that you guys are saying and posting, we are going through them and we consider each idea while we are working on the new mechanics. We really trying our best to communicate with you guys. I agree that it can be improved and as I said we will work on that improvement. This is out plan to do with the research approach. Once we get the final idea that we can actually finish in a timely manner. We will provide the idea to the community.
  15. Research and Evolution

    The prototype is a quick, very simplified version of the final product. Consider it a sketch if you wish, with outlined work that has to be done in order to make it final.