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  1. We already fixed that issue for the next patch. Thank you for your finding though.
  2. God Powers not working

    lemongorilla, thank you for your help here. Dear Naman Goel, lemongorilla is completely correct. In order to use any god power, you have to hold CTRL button and use your left mouse button. In the near feature, we will be working on a better tutorial on how to use the god powers. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. no babies

    We are glad, that you do not experience that issue anymore. Currently we are working on the issue with nuggets. As soon as we will resolve the issue, we will release it for you guys Just hold on a little bit Thank you
  4. Thank you for your feedback! Currently we are working on AI in order to solve those issue. Just hold on a little bit, those little Nuggets will finally obey our commands !
  5. Strange gravity issue

    It's...... a MAAAGGGGIIIIIICCCCC !!! Now serious answer. We are working on some weather changes so it might be an effect from those changes. We will double check what went wrong and update you regarding the issue. Thank you for your feedback & support. It means a lot to us !
  6. Game wont load

    Disregard my last comment about your specs We will look into that issue. Did you play in the creator mode or new life ?
  7. Do you mind telling us your specs ?:)
  8. Yeah, we got multiple reports on that issue. Seems like creator mode is broken. We will fix it asap. Thank you for your feedback!
  9. Thank you for such a nice bug report. We will definatelу give a closer look to the save / load game issues. Seems like we have a couple of them. Hopefully our fixes will also fix the issue that you just described. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.
  10. Thank you for your feedback. We will work on multiple ways how we can improve it.
  11. no babies

    Did you guys lately had the issue? You might have played the game on the patch before the hotfix. In hotfix we addressed that issue and fixed it hopefully. Please let me know if you recently had the same issue. Thank you a lot for your feedback & support.
  12. disappeared farm

    Are you playing through the Creator Mode or Start a new Life?
  13. Thank you guys a lot for your feedback. We will look into that issue.
  14. We are currently working on a better key mapping. If you have any suggestions, we will be happy to hear them. Thank you for your feedback!