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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Great, thank you a lot We did, but if you don't like to waste your time on pulling trees and helping your civilization and you would like to lay back and enjoy how your civilization works, you can do so and engineers will be a great help here. Some of them will be, but we don't want to overshoot ourselves with that and make important personalities something "common". Those people will invent really cool stuff and they will be unique, while engineers can concentrate for a example on the roller coaster . I see your point about the engineers and you have a good point there. It just every step has to be thought carefully, since every mistake cost us time, money and your support since it takes longer to deliver Luckly, we learned a lot while working on the universim. Good / bad sides, what worked and what didn't. The whole community helped us drastically with the feedback and we feel more confident with all the features that will be coming.
  2. Let’s talk about The Universim

    If you can provide good / bad points distribution based on various action, can you please do it in a Faith Topic? I think it will be useful there. Engineers are not only for fixing buildings. Their construction skills overall are way better. They can build a building in a faster pace then a regular nugget. On top of it, one of our idea was to make engineers necessary to build a specific buildings in a modern age. Similar how it is done in our world right now. Everyone can slap two bricks together and create a wall, but for a cool structures you need architects to design them properly, and create them in a nice way. This way only engineers will be able to create complex buildings and regular labor nuggets will be able to build others.
  3. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Hey Guys, back to the Faith system: What actions do you think should provide you with a good points and what with a bad points? For example: Healing a nugget will give you good points on the other hand killing a nugget will give you bad points.
  4. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Hey Kerby, the idea is good, but as always there should be that but Anyway, storm does cover the whole planet. Imagine you have 100+ buildings and your storm will damage half of them. It will create a lot of micromanagement for you to repair them + your engineers probably won't be able to fix them in a timely manner. If we make windstorms to appear not that often, it will make engineers completely useless and not needed at all, since for half an hour or maybe an hour they will be standing still and do nothing. We can think of random building damage due to earthquake and other events probably, but this is something that we have to be careful with, because sandstorm + earthquake etc... can overkill. There are couple of more ideas about that, but first they have to be thought carefully since all of them have consequences. I hope you can see my point
  5. Re-Forestation

    We are thinking about the similar approach. We would like to have 2 ways how you can play that part. Aggressive and more Eco-friendly. Aggressive will allow you to progress forward very fast, but in the cost of your planet life. On the other hand Eco-friendly approach will allow you to progress slower, but you will be able to stay on the first planet for a longer period of time and have a steady, healthy growth.
  6. Hi rebels21j, sorry for that confusion. Don't worry, we will resolve that issue. Please let our support team know about the issue and they will contact you shortly. You can contact them via our Crytivo Portal chat at www.crytivo.com or send them an email here support@crytivo.com Thank you for your support Sincerely, Sasha
  7. My Experiences so far...

    Hi Adventurer, Thank you a lot for your post & your kind words. Your support means a lot to us. A lot of bugs that you ecnountered already fixed in the new update that will be coming with the Steam release. So I hope you will enjoy the Universim even more! Tornado that you mentioned in your post, appears randomly in the world. The forecast tower just indicates that it is coming, but Tornado might appear far away from your civilization =) Again, thank you for your support. Sincerely, Sasha
  8. Ask Us:

    Thank you a lot for your question and curiosity. I will gladly answer your question. We've been helping them for a while along with other small devs who needed help (mostly consulting work and best approach on a game creation after work hours). We do not share any resources with them as it was stated previously. If you have a game as well, we would be happy to help you too with a suggestion or if you have an issue, how to solve it. It's just our thing - helping.
  9. We are also excited to release it, so everyone can try it
  10. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Great to hear that We need it, especially right now when it is a lot of pressure on us with that steam release...
  11. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Sounds good, because when you have tons of stuff going on, it is easy to lose the track of things that you have to remember :=)
  12. Research Prototype Panel

    We are doing our best to achieve that. Can't promise that it will be completely done for steam, since it requires work that we did not plan, but this is something that we will be improving as we go.
  13. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Well the exile village will be working in a similar way that you described above. People based on your actions will either be satisfied or very angry at you. So they will be leaving your city and create their own because of that, or join the existing. We don't wont you to have the control over other nuggets who have no faith in you because simply: more people believe in you, the stronger you are. If people have no faith in you, you are losing your power and therefore you have no control over them. Hierarchical system could work but we have to look into it from the programming stand point of view. Because this is the whole new system that has to be created from scratch, but it is a good idea. Unfortunately. multiplayer is not something that is on our Radar right now. If steam will go well, we will definitely look into it, otherwise we will be working on the systems that were promised first.
  14. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Actually this is something that can be cool. We should return to that after the steam release. I am not sure if we will be able to implement this like immediately, but this is something that can work out pretty well. Just have to make sure not to lose it
  15. Ask Us:

    We are rethinking the whole faith system. More and more it boils down to just the faith as a whole and not good or bad side, since a lot of the actions can be good or bad based on the situation. ~ 1 year. Not a long time, but for some time I was working as a Lead Designer & Programmer as well.