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  1. Ask Us:

    Initially we did not plan the multiplayer at all for the Universim. So the game was build the way, that right now it is hard to implement it, but we might add the trading. Can't promise it 100%, but this is something that we discussed internally. Full war between players is something that will be hard to accomplish due to the current architecture of the game. This is the question that is definitely we would like to review sooner or later. It definitely can and should be improved.
  2. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    Thank you a lot for your quick reply. We will try find the issue. As you said, it seems like after a specific stage of the game, something is being triggered that breaks all the stats.
  3. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    @TallBear Hi, quick question. Were you using any cheat engine tools ? I noticed in your save file all the nuggets are moving super fast + their strength is +100. I just would like to make sure that we are not chasing something that does not exist. Need to understand if the issue is just with the health or with all the stats
  4. Ask Us:

    Yes, otherwise it will be a big mess when you will return to your city.
  5. Easter Egg Monster???? LOL

    Good idea It might in the future
  6. SAVE GAME ISSUE. Need your input!

    It will deeply depend on the issue to be honest. If we won't have game breaking issues that everyone will experience all the time, we will still to a monthly updates + fixes. If we will have a game breaking bugs, we will fix them asap and upload to the experimental branch. So as you can see it will be based on the severity of the bugs.
  7. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    Great! Thank you a lot. Maybe you will be able to notice if that happened after god power usage / perk / load game.
  8. Ask Us:

    This will be coming in the next updates. It is. How busy they are, the chance of getting twins, how happy they are.
  9. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    Actually I was wrong. This is not an ТКУююю maybe some of the perks causing this. Might be something else. I will try to investigate your save deeply. The issue is pretty nasty...
  10. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    This looks like NRE. I am actually pretty sure that this is an NRE. So it effects the game. I will check right now. Thank you for the save.
  11. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    Can you please send me the save file
  12. Can't save the game.

    Great ! Thank you for that feedback!
  13. Hey Guys & Girls, Thank you all for all your help and support. We are glad to have such an amazing community. We would like to ask you for some help. Currently, a lot of people reported that they have an issue with the saves. We fixed the save issue twice already, but we still keep getting the reports from some people that they have an issue. If someone is playing the Steam Version (Latest Experimental Branch) and you encounter an issue with the save, please send us your save file. Before doing so, please ensure that your version of the game is 19672-19673. You can find those numbers on top part of your screen. You can PM me your save file directly via discord: Sasha#5709 Thank you! Sincerely, Sasha