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  1. I'm not a new player, I've been around since the Overwhaleming patch, so I do generally know the gameplay and have seem the improvements over time. As far as AI goes I was ecstatic! No frozen "doing nothing" issues up or finding nuggets dying halfway across the world. The archive is very laggy, but otherwise things worked great. The gameplay, however, gave me an awful experience. First game. maybe 50 population, wolves attack. I somehow manage to chase and snag 2, flinging them, until I'm out of god power. My towers kill other 3. I loose about 20 nuggets. Struggle to build back up. Get hit with a windstorm before I'm anywhere close to building a bunker. Most of my nuggets go into their huts with the alarm. About 10 don't, and they die. Start building up again, maybe 30minutes after? (I don't know, playing makes alterations in space-time) I get attacked by another 5 wolves. OH but THIS TIME I am ready! I have 5 towers! full coverage. The wolves run through a section that has 2 towers with overlapping coverage. 2 die. I attempt to pick up one, if I can manage to catch the fast thing. Then realize it wont work. I check, yes I have god power. Can't pick it up. OK. towers will take care of it... my nuggets kill 2 more. I watch as the last wolf runs around killing 8 more people on it's own, before a 3rd tower further into my town finally kills it. Death count: 25. By this point my two graveyards (for 50 people..) are already full from the wolves and windstorm. And there are now bodies everywhere. I close my game and restart. Round two! I'm making progress. Maybe a population of about 80 this time. With 8 defense towers up I haven't even seen wolves yet. I went for bunkers early this time (and local business because otherwise people start killing themselves). I had 4 bunkers set up. Forecast tower tells me windstorm is coming. I have 5 minutes, sound the alarm. Lets go guys, get to the bunkers. Wind storm comes. I loose 10 nuggets... OK, that's fine. Shortly after I see an upcoming forecast for tornado. I save my game before the 5min warning hits. Sound the alarm, tornado hits, a bunch of nuggets die, and half my town is gone. Screw this.. reload game. Tornado spawns right next to my town and goes straight through, demolishing a bunch of buildings. Reload. same thing. Reload. same thing. OK so apparently it's fixed now that it will always spawn to go into your town. Fine. I reload and pick one where I only lost 4 nuggets (why weren't you in the bunker?) and 3 buildings. As soon as I unclick the alarm I see there's another tornado in the forecast.... I attempt to do the reload again to pick one that isn't so painful. My population is down. No matter what path it takes requires me to build tier 2 buildings because apparently there still isn't an option to build the tier 1 until you can recover. I had just barely upgraded to refineries so I didn't have the mats yet. I simply close the game. No point in saving. I detest the archive anyways. I adore this game, but this just isn't fun. The archive. Is not a fun mechanic. It is tedious and cumbersome. Being destroyed either by wildlife or natural disasters to a point where it's easier to restart than attempt to recover. Is not a fun mechanic. It's too punishing, and too often. No ability to turn off natural disasters (they are not fun for everyone, maybe some, but not everyone finds this fun). Nuggets that get sick or injured and start dying while you're struggling to just get some research and aren't even near a shaman or graveyard yet. Is not a fun mechanic. You don't get enough god power to heal them all. Some die. More get sick. In discord someone told me I just had bad luck. Maybe so. But this was my experience tonight.
  2. Since my last round of play the game runs so much smoother! The ai seems better, only had one nugget get stuck pathing between a tree and a building (I removed the tree and it worked again, unsure if tree was actual cause). Graveyards are much better (aside from my one "doing nothing" post about once they fill up), the fact that everyone didn't get diseased was such a relief. The new ui for buildings and nuggets is beyond helpful for anything from checking building durability to counting the number of engineers huts (and FINDING them among the mass) to make sure everything is balanced. The hunters seemed to function beautifully (with one exception I'll note below). All of this is based on being able to reach a 150 year 150 population game. Early game everything runs very smoothly. Population seems to climb steadily, no major spikes without them dying off either. - The flow of population with food gathering and building progression seemed perfectly balanced. I didn't feel like one or the other was causing me to rush to catch up. - The nuggets sprawled their huts out much further than previous patches, preventing the consolidated cluster issues of the past. - At one point I found my early game hunters wwwwaaayyyyyy far away, bringing home their prey, but uncomfortably far away and having pathing issues at the bank of the ocean (which they ultimately fixed themselves, I just healed them to ensure survival). - I feel like the archive shouldn't require a nugget. Sure make the building needed, it's a fun building to have anyways with other possible future uses. Maybe future job slots for some other reason, but currently all I end up doing with it is assigning a nugget, saving, then unassigning them again because I'd honestly rather have the laborer. It just adds another step. Mid game - say 75ish population I felt like they had a spring breed-like-rabbits episode, causing me to catch up my engineers, water supply, and food production. After a few years I balanced it out just fine. - There is a need to have the option to build previous tier buildings, instead of only upgraded buildings. I have learned to prepare and stock up resources before advancing the research for upgrades, but sometimes you run into a water or some other issue, and the ability to build the original non-upgraded building is necessary. Around year 110 I started to run into a couple issues, possibly contributed to from the engineers having some A.I. lockup. - It became much more micro-managy. Keeping track of how many of what buildings, where they are located as my town started to spread a vast zone. -- Also trying to keep track of how many herbs I had with 5 spread out warehouses showed the need for a resources display somewhere, anywhere would be fine, but the ability to see a number. - The building and nugget UI became very laggy as it attempted to load in a growing expanse of entities. Sometimes would end up clicking the wrong nugget in the UI because it would stutter and then drop down names (from births and deaths perhaps?) -The engineers began to have classic A.I. lockup. Around ~40-45 residential buildings, many started to collapse, and I periodically checked community buildings to prevent destroy. -- I had a ratio of 1 nugget, all educated with speed genetic, to every 9 buildings. Might have been fine without A.I. lockup, unsure. - I had a death spike from one of the previous generations, or perhaps people dying from lack of housing? unsure. My population dropped from around ~154 down to around ~117. -- I went from 2 upgraded cemeteries all with speed genetic gravediggers to 4 in attempt to compensate. One of them had full resources, with prioritize clicked many times upon initial building placement, and the builders refused to go actually build the cemetery for about 6 years. Finally they completed it. (there were several other placed buildings at the time, perhaps priority was not functioning correctly). --- The cemeteries became full, resulting in the gravediggers "Doing Nothing", with bodies still laying around the town. I did see a pyre used at one point earlier in the game, so I know they were at one time functioning. But for years the gravediggers sat at the full cemeteries "Doing Nothing" until a slot decayed open. As the population and building count starts to grow it becomes much more difficult to keep track and micromanage balance. This has shown the need for some form of world overlay options. Perhaps various tabs at the top of the screen, click one and all the water pumps, wells, and reservoirs light up blue (because let me tell you... Finding all your wells without having to manually pull through a long list of buildings EACH time when you have 15 wells+ later on isn't going to cut it. Also, the building/nugget UI needs to be able to let you mouse scroll wheel, mine wasn't functioning.) -- This same concept is desperately needed for education, engineers, food production, and death coverage. Around year 130 I started to notice an issue with the eateries and/or farms. I had 4 total eateries, 3 fishing shacks, 1 hunters lodge, and 5 farms producing food; various ones upgraded. - They were spread around different sections of the town sprawl, each with a warehouse not too far away. All warehouses upgraded and all had space. - It took me a while to find where the heck my 150 food resources were (again the need for some overlay that shows how much of what is where). They weren't in any of the warehouses (except a few in one, and that was the only eatery that was functioning). For some reason ALL the rest of the food was not being removed from the farms, which were loaded with food lol. Meanwhile all the eateries were completely empty of any raw or cooked food/meals, and weren't cooking anything because there was no food in the warehouses. - I did have 2 couriers huts, fully staffed. Upon year 150 many huts started to collapse and my engineers wont function properly, The gravediggers sit at full graveyards doing nothing with bodies around town, so I called it a fantastic game and time for my report Overall the game play is incredibly fun and so much has improved since my last feedback. I am concerned that further on into the game, when we're looking at a thousand buildings and population, the micromanagement will become unrealistic, if not impossible. For early game it is fun as is, but perhaps later on with building upgrades it will take away the requirement for several of the micromanagement aspects as we move onto greater advances.
  3. Engineers / Buildings at breaking point

    I'm having an issue with Engineers as well. I'm not entirely sure though if its due to the engineers not being able to keep up themselves, or the A.I. lockup bug I've had with them (Bug report topic thread posted at bottom). I have 85 community buildings and 36 residential huts. With my current 7 Engineers buildings, all upgraded, with 2 workers each, all educated with the ant speed or workaholic genetics, makes it a ratio of 1 engineer for every 9 buildings. I feel like that should be more than sufficient, but I keep having huts collapse, while I'm using God Powers to prevent community buildings from being destroyed. I really feel like the engineers should repair them in their normal fashion, *BUT* if a residential hut falls below, say 10-15%, that the actual nuggets who live in that hut should be triggered to priority repair their own home before it hits collapse.
  4. Year:~130 Pop: ~120 I had a big influx of die offs from a previous spike in population, dropping from 150ish down to 120ish. I built extra upgraded cemeteries, jumping from 2 to 4. Over the next 10-15 years the graveyards all filled up and the gravediggers remained at the cemeteries "Doing Nothing". Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was the change to gravediggers made them responsible for the now-built-in funeral pyre. Because of this I didn't think it would be necessary to keep building more graveyards when it would balance out with the 4 of them burning a few excess bodies. But once they were filled up, with extra bodies laying around the town, it was a deathflow bottleneck with the pyres not being utilized.
  5. Around year 120-130, pop 100-130 as well, I noticed the occasional nugget started to have AI lock up issues. About 10 years later there were many more. The one thing they all had in common is they were all engineers. Basic AI stand-still-doing-nothing lock up. All other AI seemed to be working fine for the 150 year game that I played so far! Except maybe Fishers, but that was partially user error. If the building is turned off it will cause the AI to stand there as if its locked up until you turn the building back on, then all functioned as normal with them.
  6. I've been searching the forums trying to find where patch notes and/or any upcoming patch information is located. Finally found the link in your post! However, it currently goes to an error page: " Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1 "