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  1. Creator Mode Save Error! + Seasons Timing off!

    I am having the same issue as well. My Creator Mode saves have all the buildings locked after I load a creator mode game. I have Version .19. The most amount of nuggets That I've managed to make in one game is 18 before they slowly die off. I haven't been able to upgrade a single building. I stink at Universim. That being said. I'm not very good at Universim.
  2. Bugs and Suggestions

    I have some bugs as well. When I loaded a savegame, all the buildings except the pumping station was locked. My huts mysteriously runs out of water even if there's a lot of water left if the nugget population explodes. When the building gets upgraded, it will partway get upgraded, and then they sit there, unbuildable. My nuggets are, well, nuggets. So, basically, that's it. Oh, and when I research everything that there is to be researched, there are no additional research positions. Also, in the powers portion of the menu, shouldn't there be anything that makes all buildings be repaired at once? Thank you.
  3. Hello, simmers and gods alike. I'm from Miami, FL, and I can't wait to get into Universim. I've been playing games like simcity 4 and cities skylines. I've been playing Sim City 4 Deluxe since 2007, and I've been playing Cities Skylines since earlier this year. I have a steam account. I can't wait for this game.