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  1. Bugs and Suggestions

    I think from the moment you create a warehouse the nuggets with no job at all should gather wood and stone till it gets to 100, it would solve so many issues that we get in late game stages

    They work but 2 workers is not enough, i had to put 3 of both building in order to have a regular production but the problem comes from two factors: the ressource gathering which is buggy as hell, sometimes theyll pick the ressource in a matter of second; sometimes minutes for even the simplest building; even with tree and stones around them the nuggets working the factories work 2 min before prefering doign something else
  3. All of my Nuggets got "stuck" in place

    It happenned to me few times too, i have tried to do it on purpose few times to be sure what was the cause; it seems to be a bug when many nuggets have the same issue: lack of water food or happiness all at the same time, their AI can't prioritize what to solve first so they just stop moving and wait, the food seems to be the main trigger with the eatery, since they all have to use to same path to go to the same building they tend to just stop moving to let other go first but other also let the other go, so no one moves because the IA can't prioritize one over another