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  1. bridges?

    just recently started playing again and i always start my civilization by a large water source because i want them to survive lol. anyways when the population gets higher they start putting houses on the other side of the ocean because they think its "closest" to the evolution tower. Anyways i wouldn't care however the journey around the ocean kills them because they get over there and they are dehydrated/ starving and no food or water is over there they usually kill themselves on the walk back. Also with this problem when i try to build a well over there it takes forever because im already in refined materials mode and as i said the trip over literally kills them so i just get stuck and its kind of funny how dumb the problem is. So when will bridges be a thing?
  2. I love this game so much can't wait for the next update
  3. Everyone keeps freezing

    Everyone keeps freezing My nuggets finally were growing i have like 50-60 nuggets. When I came back to my game my pile of dead bodies were standing up and still. My gravediggers go out for a body then they get frozen in the same spot. Earlier it was just the grave diggers getting stuck but now the problem has spread to everyone they all get stuck in random places.
  4. game glitch

    game glitch went to start new life and this happened to all the trees. The leaves are glitched across the screen.
  5. I think I broke my game?

    I think I broke my game? So I finally got a good world in creator mode where it was thriving and i saved and exited it. When I came back into the game I can no longer build stuff it all had locks on it even though in creator mode you don't need to research to use buildings (or at least thats how it was working for me). So I clicked on my evolution tower to see if i could research anything but nope its completely blank (I researched all of the little things that speed my nuggets up or make pumps produce more water) Also all of my nuggets where hiding in the bunker even though nothing was happening it was completely sunny out but my weather towers horn was blowing i don't know if that means anything. So whats happening is it a bug? can I not put things down while everyone is hiding in the bunker?