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  1. I recorded this for the sake that this should be looked at by the devs. Apparently this little nugget is building stuff while walking around the area when shes no where near the building. This glitch is pretty funny looking considering that she looks like she is dancing micheal jackson style XD. Heres a vid of what this looks like.
  2. I did go up to around 60 - 65 nugget population.But then it went down quickly back to around 40 or 39 due to all the older nuggets dying lol
  3. Water Pump Bug after loading in to save

    Yeah, true dat man. Some of my builders decided "Hey instead of using these trees that are right next to our construction site, lets go get those trees from the other side of the planet and bring em back here!" which is pretty annoying as it wastes alot of time. But yeah i can't wait until the entire game is finished.
  4. Water Pump Bug after loading in to save

    Yeah, i get what your saying as later on the same world it started working again. However it is still something that needs to be patched.
  5. For some weird and overall irritating reason, after i load in a save. I went on to try and build another Water Pump for my Civilization and i spotted a bug where if you click on it, it wont give the glowing representation of the Water Pump. I will give you a video of what this looks like.
  6. Creator Mode Save Error! + Seasons Timing off!

    same for me man. I am trying have huge food supply and have all my buildings to be upgraded to a Pre-Medieval city.
  7. Creator Mode Save Error! + Seasons Timing off!

    For the farms the Nuggets dont seem to do their jobs properly as they dont bother with helping with the growing crops i have in my game. At some they decide to go to the farm and once they get there they just decide to go back to where they were before they went to the farm. At one point my Nuggets decided to abandon the farm entirely for some time before the crops withered away and died. They dont really make good decisions at most points as one decides to go the fishing pier and then change their minds and go back to their homes to mate with a partner. As with the seasons, its timing is glitched and off by one in-game day. Really hope you fix these bugs and glitches i encountered. Oh and this doesnt just happen with just Creator Mode. Some of the other bugs like the Windstorm Freeze Glitch and the Seasons Timing Bug were present as well in my regular saves that arent Creator Mode.
  8. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    Honestly though for me i encountered alot of bugs and glitches. I even made a post about it.
  9. Creator Mode Save Error! + Seasons Timing off! When i loaded my world. i started it in Creator Mode but when i played it for several more minutes, The seasons timing was off! When it became fall. The ENTIRE planet looked like a giant snowball in the middle of Winter! Spring is way too early, When everything finally thawed out on my planet i was relieved to think i can start fishing again (as of course the farms are really buggy which i stopped using them as they right now are waste of time,resources, and space.) But however the News System didnt say it was Spring. Infact It was still winter on the current season window!.I had to wait another day or so for News to finally say its Spring!. All that while i had nothing to do but watch my food supply go down more. This is bad enough that it caused a Famine on my Civilization and basically killed everyone on the planet! Another bug i would want to report to the forums is that when i loaded back in my Creator Mode World, ALL THE BUILDINGS WERE LOCKED AND I COULDN'T RESEARCH ANYTHING SO I HAD NO CHOICE BUT ABANDON THE SAVE!!! (In Creator Mode we have all buildings unlocked and research can done very fast under around 5 seconds.) One last bug i really want to report is that when i was in another save game of mine, a windstorm had been triggered and caused ALL of my Nuggets to become stuck and REALLY bugged and even after the windstorm it STILL bugged everyone in my Civilization! What a disappointment indeed! But i still love this game no matter what as of course its still in Alpha and obliviously theres going to be bugs in the game as well. I really hope the Devs found this all out quickly and release a patch very soon as these were frightful and overall disappointing moments for me. Has anyone else encountered these bugs and glitches? Bugged Version - v.19 overwhaleming