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  1. a little help pls

    I thought that's what it was since you can essentially pick up stuff, but I was so confused as to what it wanted me to do. They didn't get their hut built right away and now I'm on the one for the farm using that same God power. Thank you for clearing that up though!
  2. Restaurants out of order

    Glad to see there is this topic. I was going to make one if I didn't see this listed as a bug. I figured with the steam release around the corner, I'd jump in again, and get myself familiar with the game again. I have the same issue though. No one will deliver resources to the restaurants - any of them. Sadly, I wasn't paying too close attention to when they stopped. Ypsilon is correct though.. it does say they are going to the "eatery."
  3. Micromanagement in the game

    So much this! Houses are all over the place. I would like to see it more streamlined like a suburb. It would be nice if they built their huts/tudor houses in the same area. Not just a few houses either. It seems that there are maybe 3-4 houses that get built in an area, then they move on to another location. Reading through the posts, I agree that the game needs to move away from the players micromanaging everything. I would love to research something like the water pump and see the nuggets go build it to power their stone huts and whatever else they build. I'm not sure if you could build a system in which you do the research and your nuggets get it done. Whether that's building production type of buildings such as farms, fisheries, hunting cabins or core infrastructure buildings like your restaurant, engineer building, refineries. I think between research and the God mail would be the best way to observe and influence your civilization. Just like in real life, God only observes. It's up to us to do for ourselves. I know that is hard to do in a game so as long as I'm not having to give nuggets a good kick in the pants or hold their hand every step of the way, it's a step in the right direction.
  4. Research Prototype Panel

    Simply put, I really like the 3rd one and I'm glad they decided to go with that one. I think that it's just showing the research path it will take. I'm more interested in knowing if the path splits, will we be able to research only one or both paths at the split?
  5. New Residential Block

    Yeah, I start my civilization smack dab in the middle of somewhere so that I don't have them building houses a million miles away. I don't know if they changed this or not, but now it seems that IF a tudor house is empty and a pair of nuggets gets married that they will move into an empty house. Which is really nice considering the cost of the resources and time it takes to build it. Since we're on the topic of housing, I have to yell it again that engineers repairing huts/tudor houses over my main buildings is driving me crazy! I demolished every hut and had 5 or 6 engineer buildings just to try to get them to repair important things like my well, water pump, and my wood refineries. I really hope that will be fixed by next patch. I'm going to post a rant thread along with this, but just what I ran into tonight when I was playing Universim. >:O
  6. Just reaching out there to those currently playing the Huff and Puff patch. I feel as though the wild animal attacks get more frequent as you start to reach the medieval era. Also, I'm having an issue with my guards at the watchtowers. They go into a "shock and awe" state and run around instead of throw their spears at wolves charging in to kill around 20 of my nuggets or close to it. That was the last time I recall it happening in my game. I always start to get up to the 60-80 nugget count, then they charge in, and I'm back down to 40-50 nuggets. It takes my gravekeepers so long to get all of the bodies and it seems like by the time they're done collecting bodies, there's another animal attack. It's very frustrating. I'm not sure if they are supposed to happen that frequent, but it's hard to defend against something if your guards aren't doing their job either. LOL Let me know if you guys are experiencing this too. I'd hate to think I'm just that unlucky
  7. New Residential Block

    So I forgot to really note that I figured it out that they do it automatically, but to add to this post.. once the nugget household in the new homes die, you have to destroy them. That is wasted resources imo and I wish that you could have nuggets that make a family or don't have a house move into an empty home. I had to keep checking when nuggets died to get them new spouses just so I didn't have to tear them down. Also, has anyone had the issue of nuggets building huts super far away? As you can see in the picture I had a lot of space to build south of my main area, however, they built huts on the opposite side of the lake. They had to travel all the way around to get to their jobs and they would practically be dying of hunger or thirst to get to and from their huts. I had to remake the game because I didn't realize it until much later when I snapped that screenshot.
  8. Yes, I'm not sure if I mentioned that in another post, but I've had that in the last patch as well. I had a weather tower right next to my engineer building that was in shambles and it walked by it to repair a hut at 75% health. The only fix to this problem currently that I'm finding is having a ton of engineer buildings that are upgraded so I have like 12 of them running around. A bit ridiculous, but it gets the job done.
  9. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    I can't get it to upgrade doing a lot of the same things. I'm not sure if it works like the new houses where nuggets just decide to build the upgraded version somewhere?
  10. Okay.. so all of my stone huts have the upgrade flag. The question is.. how do they get upgraded? Do nuggets just mystically figure this out and say "Yanno, I think I want a bigger house for me, my spouse, and my 8 kids"? There is no upgrade button so I don't know if that's the bug, but I thought the perk was something about divine knowledge so I'm thinking they'll just do it eventually? That was one of the things I was most excited for in this patch besides the watchtower (while a good idea, I haven't seen any animal attacks!), and the bigger hunter's cabin. If anyone has any insight into this, please let me know! Thanks! Okay..... so I just happened to turn my camera angle from the center of my village and low and behold...
  11. Remove building durability

    I would only like to add one thing to this topic which is that I think engineers need to be able to detect the worst building closest to their engineer hut. I've seen an engineer go to their hut and go to repair something far off when I had a weather tower right next door about to fall into pieces. I'm not sure if there is a max radius they have around their hut so I literally end up with 6 of them ( kind of in a giant circle if I can) and after they're all upgraded, I still get warnings about buildings being in bad shape with 12 engineers running around. But at least it's known it's not balanced and at least if it's an important building, I just heal it with my god power so I don't lose it. So it's not on my "OMG I HAVE to have this fixed!" list. Not that I have one of those
  12. You're welcome. Glad I could help.
  13. I noticed on the way to a stone hut the engineer was still swinging his hammer as he was walking. I think that was supposed to be one of the bugs that was fixed.
  14. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    This patch is great and watching nuggets hunt makes me giggle when I see them running with spears in hand! Thank you so much!
  15. GamePlay tips?

    Welcome back to the game! When the hospital and the cemetary especially are upgraded it makes managing disease easier. I always always always have at least two of each because even with the hospital upgrade that's only 3 nuggets per hospital and by the time a disease spread hits that's not nearly enough. I also try to research the hospital healing speed increase by 20% perk as well as the medicine prep of 11% perk so that it operates more like a revolving door at that point. As for the cemetery, two people to collect bodies for each I find helps with corpses not collecting everywhere. Instead of flicking dead bodies into space, I tend to keep my cemeteries away from the center of town, and drag extra corpses near them. They will grab them from there first. I think the ring around the cemetery is the negative or sad effect it has on nuggets if I'm not mistaken. As for oceans/lakes.. sometimes you can find ones that have a lot more water. They've changed it back to how it used to be. For a time, I would sometimes have a game that had like 31M gallons of water. I can still sometimes find ones that have like 8-12M gallons or 16M gallons if I'm lucky. I try to also build near the biggest lakes I can find for this reason. Even though I can see us running out of water eventually, I think the number of fish being caught should be increased. Currently in my game with around 8M gallons of water, I can have my guys fish up to 813k fish. At 12 (with upgrade) fish each time they go out and not being able to fish in the winter.. it would take forever to fish that lake out. We'll see though.