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  1. You're welcome. Glad I could help.
  2. I noticed on the way to a stone hut the engineer was still swinging his hammer as he was walking. I think that was supposed to be one of the bugs that was fixed.
  3. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    This patch is great and watching nuggets hunt makes me giggle when I see them running with spears in hand! Thank you so much!
  4. GamePlay tips?

    Welcome back to the game! When the hospital and the cemetary especially are upgraded it makes managing disease easier. I always always always have at least two of each because even with the hospital upgrade that's only 3 nuggets per hospital and by the time a disease spread hits that's not nearly enough. I also try to research the hospital healing speed increase by 20% perk as well as the medicine prep of 11% perk so that it operates more like a revolving door at that point. As for the cemetery, two people to collect bodies for each I find helps with corpses not collecting everywhere. Instead of flicking dead bodies into space, I tend to keep my cemeteries away from the center of town, and drag extra corpses near them. They will grab them from there first. I think the ring around the cemetery is the negative or sad effect it has on nuggets if I'm not mistaken. As for oceans/lakes.. sometimes you can find ones that have a lot more water. They've changed it back to how it used to be. For a time, I would sometimes have a game that had like 31M gallons of water. I can still sometimes find ones that have like 8-12M gallons or 16M gallons if I'm lucky. I try to also build near the biggest lakes I can find for this reason. Even though I can see us running out of water eventually, I think the number of fish being caught should be increased. Currently in my game with around 8M gallons of water, I can have my guys fish up to 813k fish. At 12 (with upgrade) fish each time they go out and not being able to fish in the winter.. it would take forever to fish that lake out. We'll see though.
  5. So for whatever reason, even though I completed the Lost Nugget quest, I heard the bell at the prayer enclave chime an hour or so later (real time). The first image is the completion (bottom), but the second image (top) says that I haven't completed it. I'm not sure if this happened to anyone else, but I just wanted to point that out. It's not a huge issue as it didn't affect my game any. Just throwing that out there.
  6. Find my lost nugget Quest

    I will have to try that too. lol I wasn't sure if that would work.
  7. Lumber Mill

    I don't know about anyone else, but it doesn't matter who I put into the lumber mill. It always says they are doing nothing unless they're leaving to mate, drink, eat, or rest. So I can't tell if they're actually producing anything or not. I see tons of stone outside the stone mine and the storage actually fills up. I never see it fill up on the lumber mill. Which is a bit odd because I could have sworn it worked perfectly when the patch for it first came out.
  8. Find my lost nugget Quest

    I haven't tried waiting until they age up. I might try that too. What I do is I go around the planet kind of low to the ground so you don't get wind noises and the nugget will yell out "Ma! Help Ma!" over and over. The louder they get, the closer you are, and I pick him up to take him home.
  9. Punish my Nemesis

    First time I ever did that quest, I picked him up, and dropped him near the ocean. However, he slid across the world and into the ocean so it said he died to God's murder and I completed the quest. It wasn't how I was looking to complete the quest. I was trying to see if scaring them over and over would work. I haven't tried the quest since as I try to be a loving God
  10. I would like to see compact neighborhoods or a suburb. There's generally 2-3 huts in an area and they're a bit more spread out than I'd like. I got up to about 120+ nuggets and it almost felt like I was taking up 1/4 of the world.
  11. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    I'm not really sure.. it kind of seems that way. I had one save where I had over 70 nuggets and my current game that I'm playing I literally have to pair nuggets or I won't have any. Sometimes they just pair up and breed like rabbits and sometimes they don't. I've got the almond joy/mounds effect going..