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  1. You backed at Coelacanth level which unfortunately does not have badge at this time! Just curious, do you plan something in the future?
  2. Hi, how can I check what I backed, I forgot XD?
  3. Funny school bug

    Funny thing I noticed on my playthrough of the latest patch. The "pencils" in school started to grow for every new generation of students, and it got funny. then they got stronger and got bigger ones and bigger and even bigger hahahahaa Must be one of the funniest bugs yet XD Also, nuggets still get stuck at places, and farmers sometimes go underground to the other side of the planet without apparent reason. And the population in this playthrough decided to stop mating, with an abundance of food and water and everything as visible from screenshots. Populations start to die XD. Maybe everybody was ugly. Hope they will get at least reasonable functional in some time, they are still a lot "retarded" XD
  4. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    I have experienced the same issue, among others, this one breaks the game the hardest.
  5. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    I tested pyres on v19, and they seem to work if there is enough wood, and there is nothing currently building as if they are absolutely last priority, only will then a random worker bring a body, and somebody will bring the wood.
  6. Dead Nuggets standing up

    A follow up on this bug, it appears that load game has messed up nuggets more than just zombifying them. New nuggets that died lie down, when I save the game and load it again they all stand up again and to top it all, all of my nuggets refuse to collect wood, and I can't build anything no more.
  7. Dead Nuggets standing up

    Dead Nuggets standing up These are all dead nuggets, and after load game, they all appeared to be standing, even moving, wiggling. They were normal lying around on my last playthrough. If you are wondering why I have them so much, it is because I was trying to see if the pyre was working, and that is the result. Weird, my cook from the eatery brought one body at the start of the game, and pyre burnt him after an hour of playing, and that is it, but guess the pyre is not working as intended yet Caught on v0.0.19.8124 on Win10 x64
  8. Weird nugget bug recorder on v19

    Weird nugget bug recorder on v19 Hello, I recorded this bug yesterday on v0.0.19.8124 but didn't press the ingame bug button (sry for that), but the whole recording is here, it happened on start of the game, as two nuggets decided to commit suicide by moving on the same spot without an apparent reason. I even tried to move them but without success, they both died on start of the game from thirst and hunger, even when I had more than enough food and water. Game is played on Win 10 Pro x64 on i7 with 32Gb RAM and GTX 970
  9. Forum Bug: Update Profile Picture button obscured

    Just an update how it looks on mobile browser now :)
  10. Forum Bug: Update Profile Picture button obscured

    I can confirm this is an issue on my screen to, resolution 2560x1440, tried firefox and chrome, I finaly managed to change my picture when I resized my Chrome window to be fuly narow, then change picture square poped.
  11. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    v19, built 3 pyres, icluding one upgraded and they do nothing. Will try again a report back