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  1. You backed at Coelacanth level which unfortunately does not have badge at this time! Just curious, do you plan something in the future?
  2. Hi, how can I check what I backed, I forgot XD?
  3. First of all, I have to say a very good job, improvements are visible and especially a gravedigger, love the updated mechanic, he finally does his job and quite good, although maybe too good sometimes because he forgets to drink and eat and dies from thirst/hunger. I managed to hit a record population on this patch of 76 and almost everything was researched and upgraded. even refineries were doing their job. It still seems that a game reaches a sort of a threshold, where you get to have too many buildings or too many nuggets, and then their behavior systems falls apart. They start walking/lying on the ground, flying, going underground, going to get a drink on another side of a planet and all sort of crazy cr**. I will add 2 save files to this post, one where everything was going ok and a later one when all hell breaks loose. Ok state Savefile Not so ok Savefile (Save file location should be: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim\Saves) They start grouping at weird places and stop doing anything like here in front of an eatery and often in front of one of my bunkers. Flying nuggets and drifting ones, going to desert and on the other part of the planet for who knows what Oh yes, when flying nuggets die they stay airborne and don't seem to get picked up. When I load the game they all get back down, but then they start flying randomly again after few minutes. Drifting ones where particularly annoying, I had a problem after upgrading my hospital, whoever I would assign as a doctor would go walking towards the other part of the planet, in the middle of nowhere to get a dring, passing beside an eatery and 3 wels. To top it all he starts walking underground and eventually dies, so no more healthcare for me XD. he just keeps walking somewhere. My opinion is that when a certain object limit is reached, ai breaks, would love to hear an opinion from tech on that system. Crazy doctor going to suicide (third one or even forth XD) Nuggets delivering resources in the middle of nowhere, far away from the town When trying to upgrade one of my reservoirs, no one would deliver the resource to it for a very long time, although I had them. Finally, I had to cancel the upgrade and start a new one from scratch Those are some of the bugs recorded. The system seemed to work better for longer now, but similar problems arise once the game progresses. I would like to hear a more technical explanation on this and hope my save file help someone. and just for an infy this is played on W10 x64, I7 4700k, 32Gb ram and GTX970
  4. Could we please get the patch notes for Pumpkin patch, it would be easier to test new features and report on new bugs, please
  5. flying nuggets

    Me too, again when I reach a population of 60, everything goes berserk and nuggets start to fly now.