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  1. Stone Hud support

    Well here im am again, Started a new game. There is enought water, but thanks to exponetial growing Population everything stagned... But at least I have 9 (!) Stone Hut's planned!
  2. Stone Hud support

    yeah, i had researched it, and i have even builded the refindery's... but the nuggets havnt delivered the wood to the refinery, instant they builded their houses with it.
  3. Stone Hud support

    Stone Hud support Well I had a little town with 40 nuggets, and there was a water shortage, so i builded a water pump... yeah But instant of building my water pump, they builded their stone huds with 20+ supporters! And not only one, but 3, 6, 10! ... And no nugget helped to build the water pump... So, now i have a population of 55, a lot of stone huds, but they are all thirsty and hungry, cause i have no water, or food from the farm... yeah, at least they have now stone huds (who are starting to get empty)