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  1. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Water-management I'd like to have somewhen a list of buildings to priorize which kind of building should shut down first, second, third ... last as soon as there isn't enough water to provide all the buildings. For example: as soon as their isn't enough water I'd like to shut down a forcast tower, archive, school etc sooner than a farm or even the wood cutters which are necessary for building new pumps. And I don't like to search every single building I wan't to shut down for a while. And then search again for reactivation ... Hire and fire management I'd like to have a application sheet: a list of all kind of buildings I already built and a sheet where I can specify the nugget minimum requirements to work there. For example a sheet where I can specify that stone mines should only hire nuggets with a might above 10 and a simple school degree. Statistics I'd also like to have a basic statistic about my resource income. Right now I see total numbers of every kind of resource I have. But - do these resources increase or decrease over time as long I don't change everything? Am I good and is everything balanced or do I need an infrastructure change? For example: coloring the total number of food red could show me that as long I don't change anything I'll end up with zero food. Coloring the total amount of stone green will show me, that I already built too much mines and I could close some the save planet resources.
  2. Restaurants out of order

    Hmm, you think? Because the nuggets stand right in the restaurant on their usual places where they prepare dishes ... They just don't do anything but standing there - and their menu is telling me "nugget is going to the eatery". The issue with workers doing other jobs sounds like the part-time fishermen I posted in another thread. Those fishermen worked as miners and other stuff ... As for eatery: I thought the name would change as soon as buildings were upgrated? Eatery is just the (pre)medieval-name I thought. Otherwise you would suggest that a nugget in post modern times who visit a post-modern-called-restaurant is still shown as "going to eatery"?
  3. I've got 70 nuggets, 3 restaurants, 230 raw food but only 20 dishes because only 1 out of 3 restaurants are working. Nobody delivers any food to the first to restaurants anymore. The restaurant menu tells me, that my 2 nuggets, working in each restaurant, were on their way to the restaurant - while they stood right in there. Also the message says: "going to eatery" instead of "restaurant". Meanwhile 1 nugget chef died in one of these restaurants that don't get any food and was automatically replaced. After that the restaurant got new food supplies ...
  4. Anyone else facing the issue, that their fishermen got part time jobs? Or a fisherman-job that they don't fullfill? I just loaded a saved game and looked who's working at the fishing piers - and in 2 of 4 piers the UI told me nuggets were working something totally different: e.g one nugget hired as fisherman was a gravedigger and one worked in a stone mine. I traced the nuggets down and they really were gravediggers and stoneminers instead of fisherman.
  5. upgrading buildings

    I played it once more - and never built an archive until the very end. And it was the very end - I managed to play through all the game without any real problems. So it must be the archive. As soon as I built the archive the problems rised. So try without that. I'm sure you'll be pleased
  6. Find my lost nugget Quest

    Yes. The child isn't at the list until you find it and bring it back. (It only was at the very first update after these quests were avaiable the first time). I also wait until the message that him is growing up. @Stronkie According to the put-down-problem: gently! Scroll as near to the bottom as you can. The camera shouldn't move anymore and you shouldn't move your mouse either. Then a a simple click and it should work. ;p
  7. upgrading buildings

    I played just once with the new update until now. As far this game went at some point the nuggets trying to upgrade a building went underground and somehow couldn't reach the building. But once again I think that happened just after I build the archive and got the game saved. Bevore saving everything was smoothy I think. I'm going to try that again these days. Meanwhile you may also check if your game and the upgrades work well without an archive and saving the game?
  8. Farm upgrading - bug

    My farmes aren't vanishing. But they loses what they should grow. Instead of growing the same grops they are used to they don't know what to do anymore - and after chosing anew I sometimes lose a complete season and have to wait for the next spring.
  9. Funny school bug

    Damn. You were faster. Then ... let's have the usual contest: who has the bigger one?
  10. I never really thought about that - but this game is played all over the globe. So appropriate xD So why does no game like that exist anymore if there is such an fan base? The last god game I know is Black and White (2) - which was released 2005. And before that I played Populous on the Master System II. So The Universim really takes me back and I'm so glad that I accidentally stumbled upon you guys at the Gamescom in Cologn.