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  1. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    - Farm/fishing hut attendees should go do something else when Winter arrives without having to be told to. Gathering should be their default. - Nuggets who are learning should be greyed out on the population list when you're selecting a nugget for an occupation, since the occupation doesn't override their schooling and make them leave the school. - More education via school should create more intelligent behaviours, such as mending their own houses, rationing their food/water supply when closer to capacity - the sky is the limit when you unleash the concept of recursively improving intelligence. - Graveyard upgrade was great, but I still find myself playing Fed-Ex with corpses and dumping them in the graveyard to prevent a pandemic. This needs tweaking. - Nuggets walking to the other side of the planet to find resources that are in my backyard - nuff said. - God-Mail building needs tweaking. Currently rather useless. I can never find that lost nugget no matter how hard I look (unless I'm missing something exceedingly obvious). - By the time we reach the Modern/Space age I'd expect there would be some kind of 'sustainability' upgrade that would create a homeostasis between population growth and food/water/power generation capacity. Otherwise having a planet with 300+ nugs is going to be a logistical nightmare - the micromanagement will scale exponentially with more planets. - I'm not yet feeling the point of the matchmaker god power. This mechanic adds yet more micro, so the pay-off needs to be substantial to incentivise the player to use it. Love your game - keep these awesome updates rolling. Looking forward to seeing it in my steam library.
  2. Launcher Stuck On 18% For 4 Hours

    Ditto. I've been stuck on 26% for an hour.