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  1. Hello all! I am Matt from Tennessee. (Crowd: Hello matt) I am addicted to video games....it's been 37 minutes since I last played one. Very excited to watch the development of this game. Always patiently waiting for content.
  2. Lizard Candy

    1.Do not research any building upgrades after refinery. Build x2 of each refinery and then upgrade in this order Farm>Eatery>Wells>Hospital BUT do not upgrade them back-to-back so you can still build wells, water pumps, eatery with regular materials. 2. Drop everything you are doing and pick up dead people and place them inside the cemetery. It seems the gravedigger can handle them better and also not get disease. 3. It looks like refinery buildings, forecast towers and sometimes stone huts wont let you pick them up. However, I noticed that if someone dies inside them it will not affect other nuggets. 4. Every time you join the game, click on your restoration god powers so you have it. If you are overwhelmed with repairs, hit PAUSE and CTRL-Click the buildings and then resume. 5. Hospital won't help you in disease outbreaks. Picking up diseased nuggets and killing them is the best way. Place anyone that is dead in the cemetery (other nuggets wont walk near or through them)
  3. Water Capacity at 150?

    Do not research anything past Refinery. Once you have built a couple of Wood Cutters/Stone Masons then upgrade one building at a time. I usually do water upgrades after Farms/Eatery that way I can continue building water pumps to offset the population booms. Tier 2 Upgrade Path: Farm > Eatery > Water > Hospitals Remember that you do not need to continue research back-to-back. Give some time to upgrade buildings between each set.