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  1. Early reelction

    - not sure if intendet or a bug - The early death of an elected leader does not trigger an early reelection. (If intended it might be a good idea to trigger an early election after an early death of the elected leader)
  2. The progress of election is shown in counter clockwise direction while every other porgress (as far as i know) is shown clockwise. To be precices i'm refering to the progress shown outside of the tower (how many yet voted), not the indicator for the time remaining . (Pictures are taken at about the same time)
  3. - After performing an upgrade on warehouse it "forgets" which resources to store and which no to store. - In the hunting hut the progress on hunting certain animals and the bonus damage corelating with it are lost after an upgrade and is set to 0 again. As fare as i can tell stored resources aren't lost in the progress of upgrading those buildings.