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  1. V19 New Patch old Probems

    V19 New Patch old Probems After the new Patch i played 4 Games In Game 1... after 6 Nuggets .. they get mad and stand still / suicide In Game 2 i got 20 Nuggets and they born no new Nuggets ( Water / Food all there) and then they all died because they get old ( in this patch most die between 38- 43) In Game 3 After 5 min a tornado destroys everything ^^ in Game 4 get 40 Nuggets but the old problem with the indurstrie... the new items took so long that no upgrades or new Buildings are possible --> why not like in creator mode.. you can build level 1 buildings and upgrade? in normal game after research the new upgrades, you only can build level 2 buildings :-( It were really helpfull at the start when nuggets can collect food or you give us something to get over the 2-3 first winters.... and not everytime struggeling into the food prob... the fishing is worse to collect food Finanly pls correct the KI ... often the winter is over and the farmer nuggets went in spring to amusment and doing nothing --> so no new food sorry for my bad english
  2. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    Thx for the fast answer :-)
  3. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    can you tell us in which week v18 comes?
  4. Less content, more optimisation please

    Can only connect me there completely !
  5. God menu closing

    Yes that is right --> then STRG+ left mouseclick on building
  6. God menu closing

    Normal you use --> god menue --> skill --> klick the yellow cross --> after that strg + some left mouse clicks on the building you want to repair (when you target an nugget with the click nothing happens and you must click the god menue new) sorry for my bad english
  7. Farms are USELESS! Please Fix!

    The problem still exist, that the farmer don't work, because they are eating, resting and and so on in summer time.
  8. Population and Crash

    Same here, after 30 or 60 Nuggets --> they only build houses and get more and more. Then the Farmer nuggtes don't go back to the farm ( go eating, resting and so on) and create no food in summertime.
  9. Experience & Bugs Alpha V. Hello together, greetz from Germany i love your Game. So after playing the last 2 days i want to report some problems: 1) After getting more then 60 or 80 Nuggets the game become problems - The Nuggets don't work --> No work at farm --> no food --> all die - When you explore something with "Upgrade" --> the game is lost, because the new raw material from the wood and stone productions took to long to produce you see it when you explore farm and need farm and can't build any farm without the the raw material --> No selection in the build menue for Farm Level 1 oder Hospital Level 1 anymore 2) After getting food problems most time all die --> did 4 games with more Nuggets then 70 -100 3) Nuggets with farmer jobs don't went to the farm when summer is --> so food problem --> all die LG