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  1. Watchtower, (model not loading)

    This error is in the Build menu, not the game itself after researching it! Just to clarify (It has a white sheet over the picture) The model does build in the game correctly and looks great!) Scott
  2. Good UPDATE, Thanks!! Windows 10 PRO (No Issues while downloading and Installing UPDATE) Huff N Puff Scott (North Queensland, AU)
  3. I got to research the watchtower, (it has coming soon) If you click on it it does build. Some people may not click on it as it says Coming Soon! Watchtower in Huff N Puff Scott (North Queensland, AU)
  4. The boat sometimes goes from horizontal to Vertical (The Nugget has his/her back in the water. Half boat submerged half out Boat in Huff N Puff Scott (North Queensland, AU)
  5. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    OK, Just a few things, micromanagement games are everywhere. I think that it is fine in the first part of the game where the Nuggets are still young and have no culture or skills. But as they progress and go to school they will be learning life skills also, and a greater sense of community. By the time the Nuggets learn how to shape stone into bricks and make trees into planks, the building degradation should decrease dramatically. Nuggets need to start looking after their buildings themselves. During the new modern age, I would love to see a fast food restaurant like "Mountain Deer on a stick" and or "Turtle juice bar" and "Natural Nugget Coffee". In all the mechanics of the game are now pretty solid, I can't wait until more updates are released and looking forward to the day I can get my Nuggets to Jump of my planet!! During the medieval stage can we introduce a big Telescope, so we can start getting the Nuggets to think about SPACE? Thanks, Scott QLD., Australia
  6. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    Yes, I had 2 Hunter Nuggets, hunt and kill their first Turtle! It was a big bloody mess, let me tell you. (IDEA: have one of the nuggets collect the meat and the other collect the shell, then once done, return the site of the kill back to normal texture.) While on the subject of HUNTING, how do you place a TRAP? Also with the Deer, Wolf Rabbits and Mammoths, will there be a development that their HIDES could be stretched out about the Hunting Hut, and then over time, the hides become clothing and stuff like water bottles so your nuggets don't need to go to the well so much. I want my Nuggets to be really efficient!! The Shells could make plates, Hard Hats for construction, even body armor!! I love where this game is GOING! Keep up all the hard work, and THANKS! Cheers, Scott #universimAUfan <3
  7. Hi, I have noticed that the Sandbox option has disappeared from the start menu, just missed the update, or has it been scrapped?
  8. Patch is corrupted

    So glad I could help. Yeah, I also run Avast and Advanced System Care with the Windows Defender as a backup. I have found that it is just not Crytivo that has issues with updates, so as the antivirus software does its job trying to protect your system from the bad programs and stuff, it sometimes also blocks the ones you want! It is working at least! Glad I could help fix your issue. Cheers Scott
  9. Patch is corrupted

    PS. the https fix worked for me twice now!! Cheers, Scott
  10. Patch is corrupted

    I had this same problem once and the solution is to chance the version.txt file and replace the http to https and save, then run the Launcher again, It should work. The file is in the "The Universim" folder Cheers, Scott (Australia)