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  1. Mac Bug

    Thanks. Any guess on when that may be?
  2. Mac Bug

    Any news on the proposed patch for Mac users? We still can not set see certain buildings and the AI is not to scale. Thanks.
  3. Mac Help

    Thank you very much. Good to know. I am very excited to try this new patch.
  4. Mac Help

    Is there any chance that Crytivo can release a new patch that would help solve the problem that affects the graphics of The Universim on Mac? When buildings are placed they're not visible. Also the screen display is not to scale with the screen. Everything looks zoomed out, including the main interface. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I've always taken an interest to games, simulation and God games in particular, and decided that this game would be worthy to back. I hope that I'm not dissapointed and can't wait for further development of the game. Happy gaming.