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  1. Hospitals

    UPDATE:- This is still happening in the latest build (SaveGame attached) I have a suspicion it happens after you heal a nugget with the god power. hosp1.rar
  2. The quest system

    The new quest system or very glitche, and ive had multiple issues none of which seem repeatable apart from the farm quest. Once i supplied good to the hut but no one built it, the once visual sign was that the icon never appeared. another was the dead nugget, i couldn't pick it up as the body was under ground. The farm multiple time it refused to pick the fruit even if it wasn't already known, i would guess that's what is meant to happen.
  3. i can confirm this while trying to test quest system i accidentally hit load instead of same and the game just got stuck loading.
  4. Hospitals

    The hospital doctor cannot heal any patients. Once you build the hospital and assign a doctor, he will go to gather herbs. When he gets back to the hospital he will make potions then return to his bence, at this point he will attempt to heal a patiant but resets in the middle. The end result of this is that the patient dies and no nuggets get healed. https://gyazo.com/be1698d65efd23a881507a0e6128f99b Reproduction on this is easy as i've had it happen in every test so far Expected result - The doctor should walk up to a patient hand heal them. Save game supplied as temp.Rar temp.rar
  5. Hard Crash

    thank you for your posts we will look into these issues asap
  6. Hanging Population Display

    thank you for your post i believe we are aware of a large population list issue. Hopefully this will soon be sorted out
  7. v24 UI settings Bug

    Thank you i will pass this on asap.
  8. Buildings not displaying on Mac

    From what i have just been informed, this is a issue with Unity itself and we have been advised that it is recommendation From Unity to use Steel not openGL Till they fix the problem with Unity.
  9. Nuggets wander off after save?

    Hi yes we have become aware of a issue with loading, nuggets lost walking under water and though mountains. We are looking into the issue
  10. Patch Overwhaleming feedback

    I Had a issue last night with my nuggets trying to harvest a food bush with a stone hut built on top of it.. I've tried the trick of removing the hut (once its built) but they build another hut on top of the same bush again witch then courses nuggets to get stuck trying to harvest the same bush. If you build the refinery's make sure you have the refined stone in stock before you upgrade a building or the nuggets get confused and try delivering the good to a random location then return to the original building finish building it and then the upgraded building will disappear.
  11. Weird nugget bug recorder on v19

    HI. ive been testing Universim the last mounth and have noticed the following issues with the A.I. Stone refining :- The A.I. seams to crash here, because the nuggets are waiting for the goods to be manufactured. Then picking the stuff up. they walk to some randon location to drop the goods off, In the middle of a lake made me giggle a little. After doing this they walk back to the original building and construct said building. I did find if you let them refine stone then put it in a warehouse, This doesn't happen. So a effective work around. Building huts to close to a existing building :- Nuggets clear the land fine but get stuck because they cant deliver goods, this seams to set of a weird A.I. issue were the nuggets all start starving and injuring themselves.