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  1. Random floating nuggets

    This has happened to me very often too with november's patch... I really hope it's fixed with the new one.
  2. I think I broke my game?

    I have seen on my own all you are saying, and for what I've read over here it's something common, so don't worry. Creator mode was implemented just 2 weeks ago and they already said they were expecting some unbalance and bugs, so it needs to be improved yet. I'm pretty sure it will be more stable with next updates.
  3. Patch Overwhaleming feedback

    Nice advice about refineries . Actually it helped in my games too, although it's too slow yet. I think it could be helpful if laborers could pick up resources for refineries too (not sure if hey can, but half times I follow my refinerie worker it is picking up resources). I have seen nuggets getting stucked between two close buildings so many times that at this moment I just try to build with a really high separation. They put their stones huts wherever they want though, so at the end all the planfication is worthless .
  4. A18/19 Zoom is too much or too little

    I agree with you. I think they should give us the opportunity to throw our nuggets closer to the floor, at least until they fix all the frozen or stucked nugget's thing, because it's the only way you can make them walk and work again.
  5. Patch Overwhaleming feedback

    Patch Overwhaleming feedback After playing some games at this new patch, I think it's time to get some conclussions: 1_ I think game's rhythm is now more natural: the way your civilization grow. Maybe too much slow, but in my opinion significantly better than before. 2_ Refineries: they are still not working properly. It's reaaly hard for me to get to upgrade more than one building per game. Not sure why: I try to keep a look at refineries workers and it looks like they don't work at all, just walk over their positions. Sometimes I see they try to catch resources for making new materials, but almost all the time theu just don't work. 3_ About refineries too: there is no way to know how many resources you need for refined materials, it's like they are not totally implemented at the GUI yet. 4_ Lakes, seas and oceans drains (? not sure which one is the correct word) ridiculously fast. I'm aware there is not a water cycle yet, but it's hard to believe you use so much water during the stone age. I think this could be a serious problem in the future when water usage will be even worse. Finally, I just want to point out that this is the more stable version I have ever played. Maybe because now there are less nuggets, I'm not sure, but I haven't almost seen freezing nuggets and I've been capable of playing for a couple of hours in a raw in all my games (here is when I try to upgrade buildings and I cannot get any further). I have just seen one flying nugget and the gravedigger it's working nice finally (at least in a part of the civilization. If you go far from the cemetery, it will carry back the body but it will take it so long that there will be probably medical problems with the death body). So in conclusion, there are still some problems but nice patch and nice work in general, keep it up!
  6. A new spaniard over here. Can't wait to see a little more every month
  7. Of course I suppose the principal aim will be that nuggets are as independient as they can, although it's probably the most difficult mechanic too. It would be crazy to be choosing every stone hunt placement, but sure I think it needs to be improve. As your civ is continually growing, maybe it would be interesting some kind of swap system as you said...
  8. This would be a great idea... Right now nugget's walks from their houses to their jobs can take an incredible amount of time. Combining this with their necesities it can be difficult for them to find a little while for working.
  9. Bug report button do not works, wells do not works

    Maybe I'm wrong but I think houses and reservoirs are provided by water pumps, not by wells. Could that be the problem?
  10. I can not update any building

    Are your refineries working? (you can see them in the 15sec). They should make the materials that let you upgrade your buildings, but sometimes they don't work properly... This is completetly normal as you may see right here:
  11. I can not update any building

    Have you made sure you have materials from refineries? They are necessary for updating buildings. Anyway, in this version there are some problems with pre-medieval buildings, so I wouldn't worry about it .
  12. Patch 18: Lizard Candy - My Feedback

    I completely agree. It's taking time but every end game makes me want to try again (even though at the moment is always almost the same). Can't wait to see new eras and ideas .
  13. If it helps, I have noticed that there is an specific action than makes the gravedigger fly: almost every time is carrying a body, they both (the gravedigger and the body) start to fly. This happens to me about 3 of every 4 times the gravedigger is carrying a body in all my games. I play in windows 10, nvdia gtx m950, intel core i7-6700HQ (3.5GH) and 8GB of RAM.
  14. Lizard Candy

    Pretty much the same. 1. It's been impossible to upgrade any building. In my case they don't even take resources to the place and at the same time I cannot use the building because it's under construction. 2. Sometimes works, some other times the gravedigger doesn't do anything. I've seen some nuggets floating too, althought it happens to me almost every time I load a game.