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  1. I found the stream to be an allegory for the company. Well-intentioned, chaotic, ill-prepared and flawed in operation. Indie is not an excuse for unprofessionalism.
  2. Weekly Update Oct.9th 2015

    I'm sure it's very obvious, but I can't find the time for the live stream. Could someone enlighten me please?
  3. coming up to 4th week

    And presumably OSX users just have to carry on waiting?
  4. Something's coming...

    It's not on my hard drive ..... yet.
  5. Big Announcement

    I'm getting a little worried. Improved features have been promised, but I'm a little hazy on the already existing feature list. Gameplay has not really materialised as yet (hopefully the pre-alpha will be instructive), but at the moment it's looking a bit like a nice technical demo without a direction. I know timescales are always flexible, but the pre-alpha has been badly delayed. This is beginning to remind me of the 'G' project. Still all fears will be dispelled on the 15th Sept ... hopefully.
  6. I hope there isn't going to be a seventh entry.
  7. Pre-alpha date set!

    I think the Devs have done well as the Alpha was scheduled for the 4th quarter. Oh wait, that was the 4th quarter of 2014.
  8. Pre-alpha!

    Not really a date though is it? More of an estimate give or take a month or so.
  9. February update

    Glad this game is original rather than Universim 3.
  10. Update 20: Release Roadmap

    I thought the roadmap showed a late 2014 release for the alpha? Or am I looking at the wrong roadmap?
  11. Christmas and such

    Happy Christmas, I have my holidays in the summer :)
  12. Very nice badges.   Can I have one please?   Lovely, thanks :)
  13. Status Update

    Is there a reason Amazon are being so slow transferring the funds?