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  1. Is it you Dr. Loveless? I thought you're dead... If I once get my godly powers... you're going straight to the wild wild west... ... Imagination and Gameplay are different pair of shoes. Of course... but... "Butters... Learn to use your imagination. You're a creator." Within strict boundaries of course... Really strict boundaries... But still you're a creator. There's a NDA. The Nugget Devense Act We can imagine things for fun here. But as far as it seems (if nothing is changed) mechanics will repeat for every resource... until space age... if the resource management is the main part of the game... I'll doubt it's more fun than the Spore space age with collecting spice in different colours. (Dont want to hijack but I think you're ok with it.) The old question remains. Is it more god game when the game is finished or yet another Resource management game. Uniqueness is a selling factor. There are TONS of games in development in the resource management strategy city builder sector. Foundation is one... and in pre alpha too not a full month since kickstarter ended with only 3333 supporters which pledged CA$ 167289.... They have a clear concept and they're true to it. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Research Prototype Panel

    Elu is depressed because her hair is too long. She looks like any other Nugget. In an enlightened dream a vision came to her mind. What if there was a place Nuggets could go to cut their hair and talk about the newest gossip. After waking up she yelled at her husband. "Build me a place where I can go to get my hair cut and talk about your bad performance in bed." Adahy rolled with his eyes and prayed to god... "Please punish my nemisis or at least build her a hair salon."
  3. Would "Quanzibuu Age" sound better to you? ^^ We begin in the Stoneage because of.... stones... And we evolve to the Quanzibuu Age. Oh... while repeating it... Quanzibuu sounds really good. Speak it out loud and repeat it... Quanzibuu... Quanzibuu... Quanzibuu... Ok Quanzibuu is taken. It's my invention now. They can't call it Quanzibuu any longer. Hehe A bit creativity is needed. It's like Steampunk. Not historically correct but still funny. Okay changed my mind... You can call an age in the game Quanzibuu Age. ;-) I'm generous today.
  4. Support NAP today! Stop fracking on Mother Planet! Fracking is murder! Fracking is bad! Nuggets Against Pollution Btw: thanks for the updates from twitter @threeheaded monkey
  5. @Lissa Gloom Good idea. Some had similar ideas in THIS topic. Regarding introduction of prayer enclaves or shrines as some kind of secular and godly research. May you want to contribute to this topic as well? The more people and good ideas, the better.
  6. Micromanagement in the game

    Sorry too. I just misunderstood that. Yes i totally agree. A fantasy world allows more creativity. But for the micromanaging part... those water and energy chains should be automated sooner or later.
  7. Micromanagement in the game

    No. Simply no. See I don't care about that but only by knowing what buildings are avaiable in medieval time there is no impact of curiosity and imagination at all. It depends on the connected gameplay. As for now the mechanic will be (i suppose) the same as the water pumps. you need water, you place a pump... You need energy, you place a generator. The battery works like the reservoir I think. So no curiosity and imagination needed. Same concept, different graphics. Am i right? In this case... It all depends on the gameplay. Adding new repetitive chores isn't really fun if you're not Mary Poppins. Really simple example. If you play a fps... All weapons are technically deadly to your opponent. Gameplay goal is still to eliminate all enemies. If you play a game like Anno 1602 -1800... you know what type of buildings are in the game. But only knowing it is pretty uninspiring. The gameplay behind those buildings is important.
  8. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    That's what I'm talking about. This is the official forum. Such things should be postet here. Thanks @threeheaded monkey. And yes. It seems a bit... unnecessary at this point of development when other problems are pending. Later with a graphic updatade... maybe.
  9. Research and Evolution

    But you're not alone technically... In this analogy (as I said) we're uncles and aunts caring for the child as much as you. Parental skills need to be learned. It's your firstborn. Asking the relatives for help is common. Especially if the parents are stressed and need a day off to rethink educational options to protect the child. And... the problem with communicating between parents and aunts and uncles was there since conception. That's no exuse for such a behavior of the father..... But really thank you @Sasha. I appreciate your connection with the community. And @Lissa Gloom sorry again for not staying to the topic but had to answer...
  10. Micromanagement in the game

    Sure well it's a design decision I don't care about. It's not a historically correct game after all. The gameplay mechanics are more important than introducing new buildings only. But we've talked about that already. So it's nice to to see some pictures instead. You know... I need special caring 24/7 ... (yes still pissed AK) I do not have Dicscord and I don't want to use it. It's the official forum here... So....
  11. April/ May Update

    As far as I know... There is no patch or update planned until August because they want to take the time to implement and change some things before the Steam Early Access in August.
  12. Micromanagement in the game

    Is it AC or DC? ^^ Oh I miss @Roumsen... he collected information from all crytivo accounts and shared them on the forum for those who don't use twitter and facebook and so on... Thanks for sharing @threeheaded monkey.
  13. So to sum it up again. I think this topic was needed the time i wrote it because of a felt lack of communication and an unsure path of development direction. Since then things have changed for the better thanks to @Sasha. I appreciate his community contact a lot and the community gave good feedback to the research topic. Nevertheless the old question remains. It would be interesting to know what is planned for the godly gameplay aspect of the game. That's a simple question and waiting is no solution. We're a community that cares about the game and want this game to be a success. Once released on Steam platform (planned for August), customers buy the game and immedialy judge it for its actual gameplay at this point. Steam has a refund policy. I doubt Crytivo would be happy about many refunds they have trough Steam. Maybe I'm more frightened than the devs about the possibility of Steam ruining the game, could be true... But I think being honest and open during development (No Alex, that does not mean you're unhonest as developer) is good in every way. @Sasha shared Ideas and i'ts great. And @Alex Koshelkov asked too about Micromanagement. That's really great. Thanks. The devs see the universim as their child. In this analogy we're the uncles and aunts caring as much of the baby as the parents. Sure the parents have the main work to do but uncles and aunts want to be informed about the grow up process of the child and maybe discuss about some educational issues before the child is thrown into the kindergarten. A caring uncle.
  14. Research Prototype Panel

    I like the idea of a queue. If some technologies are only improvements or requirements of a (new) basic technology i'm totally fine with a streamlined tech tree. the logic behind the research is needed. You can't cook if you did not invent fire first... so fire is the first thing. I'd hope for some research options in later ages that exclude each other. Like... pro nature or pro profit...
  15. Micromanagement in the game

    I agree with Lissa in most points. Production of resources should be mostly automated in this stage. So replacing the associated buildings with a zoning tool to determine the desired zone (residential, religious, economical [as i said an idea for gameplay variations godly vs. secular society], ...) could be a good idea. Customization trough research could please different types of players. Repairing buildings should not be necessary at all. It's a tedious task that gives the illusion of content. It depends on the gameplay mechanics you introduce at this point. Godly gameplay vs. secular gameplay could be an option. Prayer power against Stock exchange. Maybe introducing new cities or tribes with a different opinion than yours. You could either convert them trough faith and miracles... or if you've chosen a more secular way trough trading or mass destruction weapons with a negative effect on the planet.
  16. Research and Evolution

    Sorry for that. It was not my intention to hijack your thread. My apologies to you. Really sorry. But some things had to be said because Sasha responded thankfully so quick and it was a good communication. Apologies to you again.
  17. Research Prototype Panel

    First of all thank you @Sasha. You see everybody can give good feedback. So why does it need so much energy to convince you (not you personally) to gather feedback from the Community? But okay... back to my feedback. I prefer Version 3 for a simple evolution research path. The design is simple and appealing. I know this is only an idea but what about different research paths? Version 3 for basic elements and version 2 for divine powers and the godly aspect of the game. the middle is you... god... and you decide in which direction your divine powers evolve... the colour code could provide different alignments of god and you can cecide to maximize or minimize godly inpact by choosing different options which exclude each other at a specific point. What about a "auto research" function you can enable or disable to choose your next research path... Civilization allowed players to activate a end technology they want to research and all technologies between the start and the end technology are researched in a direct path till you reach the chosen technology. It could be an option for fast technologies in a direct line in combination with the micromanaging part... It could be an option as I said. Cutting things from good concepts is never a good idea. Take your time and speak openly and keep a good communication with the Community and everything is okay. If you say "this is planned and we need time x to realize it..." and keep the Community informed about the progress. I bet everybody is okay with it. At least everybody who believes in the project. Thanks again for sharing the concept with us.
  18. Research and Evolution

    Oh come on @AKoshelkov we talked about it. I don't want personal communication with you. I only want this game to be a success and I'm not alone. But as @Sasha mentioned... You simply could have saved time and manpower with a more open development in the community so you don't have to redo things over and over again. A simple "we are working on" and "what do you think about the idea" system like in the beginning with the community labs would be great but you decided to develop more closed and not to ask the community. Your decision. It's your game in the end and your vision. You'll get your reviews sooner or later in Steam. I only wanted to know which way the game is developed. You don't seem to have a plan yet or you wouldn't be so vocal against me. So is this a personal attack @AKoshelkov? This ist the main channel. Your forum. So main communication should be here. Nowhere else. But hey. Do what you want. August will tell if people like your vision or not.
  19. Research and Evolution

  20. Research and Evolution

    They are afraid we might don't like the ideas they have. ;-) It's like the american voting system. Democratic elections but not really democratic because Electoral College decides in the end. You can make the majority happy. As you said... those who don't care can't be counted to a group. ;-) So now let's talk about the ideas you have for the god aspect of the game? please don't say you've added some divine powers only....
  21. Research and Evolution

    So that supports my point ;-) If you've asked earlier.... In the beginning.... ;-) You've had less work. ;-) And a super involved and happy fanbase. ;-) Let's say... hey our idea is this... we want micromanagement... community: no way... you: okay what do you want... community... this that you: hey great wee need x time for this community... hey great. we're happy to wait. ;-)
  22. Research and Evolution

    In this case... The communty does not want the prototype if the majority does not like it... it's better to know the earlyer the better... or do you want to do hard work and implement something to the final stage if the community is against it? that does not make sense... the community will sooner or later judge it trough a review... so isn't it better to implement the community as early as possible and then invest work time if the majority of the community likes the idea? see we can talk honestly and open. if you'd share ideas before you invest time in programming and grapics you could get precious feedback. the war for the overworld team asked the community about graphics, names and many other things during development... and all are pleased. it's a great game now. or do you expect "yes sayers" as fans and customers? honesty is important if you believe in something.
  23. Research and Evolution

    I only can speak for me but i don't get upset if something broken is changed for the better. But why don't you say "What do you think about this or that. We need to do this and that and have this or that problems with it. That's open, honest and would be great if we could feel a bit involved in the process. Share our thoughts about ideas...." you get my point. Oh and thank you for answering @Sasha
  24. Tell us how. We would like to get involved and say hey great or... are you sure this is a good idea.... You get my point.... A little more open development would be great... At least now you only have to face critics of supporters that believe in the project... when you're on steam full wrath is unleashed.... you get the point...
  25. What do you think about research?

    So we'll see if all our feedback (and some had great ideas... I'm speaking of any ideas not mine...) is somehow included and the game is defined at least in August. I hope so.... Internal discussions in the team are good @AKoshelkov but why don't discuss openly in the forums what is planned? But that's just my opinion. And NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) are pretty shabby for a Kickstarter funded game that would not even exist without the community. If you're a fortune 500 developer like EA and others... Sure... it's common but nobody likes EA so who cares. Just a thing to think about... Why not a dialog in the forums like: Crytivo: Hey you had good ideas... we have a different one... what do you think about this or that research system (alex could provide some sketches like @Eapple1145 did to visualize the idea in a quick way) and the whole community could say... Community: hey great idea or... no that's not the best solution... maybe if we change... What happened to the Community lab? it was a point in this direction... but it vanished.