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    Okay didn't see it... As long as the Quests and prayers are not delivered trough god mail system... I'm looking forward to this. But as I said in the other topic... I would not use real world references as the game is a "fantasy universe". Using real world references feels like a short joke but gets old over time. I would create timeless fictional characters. Maybe in 10 years nobody remembers the real world reference and the joke is gone. Besides that. I like the idea of special god quests. BUT I hope godly strengt is increased drastically. Especially quests that allow you to choose between more secular or more godly gameplay ways... And I repeat myself... A quest that allows the invention of guard towers or a god strengt increase to kill enemies and animals. A quest that allows the invention of bunkers OR a godly shield to protect nuggets.... and so on.
  2. [TWITTER] "..."

    Really? I wouldn't take real world references for The Universim unless I can kill them In this case I have some special wishes.... and a sacrifice altar is needed. and NO GOD MAIL SYSTEM. Steam Update
  3. Ask Us:

    In all kindness and no discussion. Only a feedback to your answer. It did not work because nobody from the devs cared about the section. Only somtimes if it was a technical problem a dev showed up. Once in a while Mirror showed up too but as other Kickstarter backers know... she is a backer volunteering for Crytivo and therefore only second hand informations instead of a real dev or a real community manager. Which leads to my next question: Why did Crytivo promise constant community contact "building The Universim with the Community" and does not have a real full time community manager? I appreciate your work and thank you for your continued contact to the community. But as you mentioned before... Your time is split into development and CM. So you're not a full time CM. Caring about the community and developing the game should't be split situation.
  4. [TWITTER] "..."

    -Kickstarter Update December 22, 2016 ~~~ -Kickstarter Update August 29, 2016
  5. Ask Us:

    What are your plans to improve godly gameplay? Yes can't be answered within one or two sentences but you owe us informations. Why is the old section "Ask the devs" not used and promoted to ask the devs? The Ask the devs section was intended for constant community contact and exchange between community and devs during the development but was simply ignored. Why? Informations given in one or two sentences are mostly twitter style and useless. This is a forum. Either you take the time and the community contact serious or continue as before.
  6. [TWITTER] "..."

    Thank you for that, completely agree! I reveal the dishonesty that seems to be part of some elements of the dev team. Broken Kickstarter promises and misleading advertising through the funding campaign. The realistic take on things is: The Universim was funded as god game. Crytivo promised during Kickstarter: Broken promise. In fact they developed what they wanted. And community said... No we don't want that much micromanagement. Well the base game was already destroyed and the god game concept crippeled down. So they introduce half hearthed things into the game. Crytivo promised during Kickstarter: During Kickstarter funding there have been made many promises to collect money. More strechgoals for a unfinished game withouth a real concept. Object and Planet Editors were promised because of public demand to collect more money. Once Kickstarter was successfull the true aimlessness was revealed. More and more strechgoals were introduced to collect even more money on their own site. The Live News System Singularity (former known as iRobot) Oh and not to forget the "lovely" Gobbets nobody asked for but were worked on. But thankfully not introduced. There was no transparency at all. Most of the time the community had no idea how many people work for Crytivo full time. Except the CEO of course... And no concept. Crytivo seems to be the playground of some grown up childs that have no clue about developing a game. More and more things were promised and maybe the No Man's Sky fall will hit this game too. The time for kind constructive feedback is over. I tried to be supportive and nice over all those years. They did what they wanted. It's still their game so if they want to fail it's not my problem. I'm in sarcastic mode. Things that other people say now have been said years ago but no one listened. But it is still nice to know they are some optimists left. ;-) And yes I'm aware that I repeat parts over and over again. But situaiton hasn't changed yet. The Universim still has no full time Community Manager instead they use volunteering backsers, especially Mirror and most of the communication is made trough Twitter pictures.
  7. [TWITTER] "..."

    Criticism from twitter followers. Is the rising star already sinking before launch date? 7 257 600 seconds 120 960 minutes 2016 hours 84 days 12 weeks until Steam Alpha release and there is nothing better to do than to redesign the eatery? for the worse? oh and of course visiting the e3 again...
  8. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    They do not share really much on twitter. only unimportant things and new screenshots that can be liked quick by the twitter masses. but yes as I said... A NDA is useless. I did not say a NDA is needed. Hehe. The only "suspense" they are talking about is the fact that we may dislike what they are working on.
  9. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Totally agree on story driven games. If you alrady know the story of a game... replayability is minimized or the will to buy and play the game yourself. But as you said... That's not the case for The Universim. But it can be a warning for potencial customers too. If they don't like what they see and thought about buying the game... the company may loses customers. I think that's the case here. So I agree on your Point 2. Not a real reason imo. They promised and will release a drm free version at steam launch too so... If they develop a good game people gonna buy it. If they develop a shitty game people avoid buying it. So please explain why a NDA is needed to deliver a polished product by August? Openly discussing about the features they introduce or think about is more productive. It's not about "hey i want to play the next update before any other does" but agreed. There are some people of that kind. But it's more helpful to discuss about gameplay decisions the earlier the better. The micromanaging thing is such a kind of bad communication. They simply did not ask the community and added more and more micromanagement. Then the community reacted and said "we don't want that much micromanagemet" but it was too late for Crytivo to optimize withouth revising totally. So they implemented a half hearthed compromise. And no. Only because it is industry standard - it's not a good decision. It's industry standard to fund your things with your money or the money of investors. The investors need to be updated about the development process and their potencial revenue. As private backers we don't care about the financial revenue of the game and crytivo. Their only job is to fullfill the promise they gave during the funding period while they collected money trough Kickstarter. So it's their responsibility to update the backer of their game with informations about the development process. And yes this was a promise during Kickstarter: As we know now - this was a broken promise given while they collected money to fund The Universim. This topic is more about information and restricting information than the actual pre release of the alpha on steam. Development would benefit if informations would be shared instead of locked behind a NDA if a test is needed anyway. Most people willing to test only want to play the newest update and they'll soon realize there is not much content different than in the already exisitng version. My point is that Crytivo should openly share on what they work like promised in the Kickstarter funding period. Especially the godly gameplay optimizations they promised. Standard NDA... Don't tell anyone about the content you see until bla bla or we'll sue the sh*t out of you. And as I said... For a community funded Developer that promised to stick to his community and inform them and ask them about their opinions and involve them during development... This is a pretty shi**y turn.
  10. [TWITTER] "What buildings should we have in The Universim?""

    No if you do it right. Zoning for instance... And you could place buildings down in Black & White 2 and build them via god powes and design roads. But you had real control as god. In Black & White 1 you had scaffoldings you could place to decide where to build what. That is part of a god game. :-) Either via zonig (like Foundation does it aleady better than The Universim) or via direct placement. They scrapped most of the concept already so the one thing that is left should be the autonomous hut placement? Wrong autonomy in my opinion if you have to decide unimportant other things instead. The idea you are waiting for could be realized via zoning. And Zoning would fit in a god game system... God tells you where you're allowed to build.... And they build autonomously in this area... The city builder problem with The Universim is the lack of godly gameplay, not the fact that you can build houses. Followers need to live somewhere. But they don't need too many buildings. Houses, farm areas they can harvest food from (or you as god could harvest for them if you want to...) and for amusement maybe some basic resources like wood and stone or maybe ore later. That's it. The rest ist god's work. More buildings with a boring gameplay are like 50 shades of nah. Once you placed a building it should do it's job and gameplay is over. New building needed for gameplay stretching... Once the new building is placed too... Cycle begins again... Or you introduce uncreative gameplay mechanics like a health status for buildings to keep the player busy. So what do city builder games do? they focus on managing the city or unleash your creativity to create the city of your dreams. What does The Universim do? It introduces more and more chores and is unorganized. Not really a good city builder and not a god game at all. Something in between maybe.... but that would be too optimistic. The magic of Zoning in Foundation. Isn't it godly? 3:49
  11. [TWITTER] "What buildings should we have in The Universim?""

    And still no control over the placement I guess. And the screenshot looks pretty manipulated 2 followers - so many stone huts and not a single other building. or did they scrap all other buildings? ^^ a good decision. back to basics
  12. [TWITTER] "What buildings should we have in The Universim?""

    The "super informative" trello Roadmap is the only one i know. Updated march 17th I guess...
  13. [TWITTER] "What buildings should we have in The Universim?""

    I do not try to convice you. It's the hope that some dev @Magecoerlin may wake up and see the tragic behind wrong decisions and tell us what is planned. Only with words. No pictures needed at all. You're not sleepwalking buddy. So no need to wake you up. But others may wake up by reading it. You didn't know the art collection site? and the "informative" roadmap? Many things there to collect likes on twitter, but not really interesting content.
  14. [TWITTER] "What buildings should we have in The Universim?""

    Agreed but only under the premise that those buldings need to follow a god game character and a secular character. But there is no option to choose yet and i doubt there will be an real option between secular buildings and "gameplay" options for secular players and the ones that kickstarted a god game. You are forced into secular gameplay even if you want to play a god game. For secular gameplay sure. Why not. But then it's as I said... Cities Skylines... a great game and no need to talk about it. but this supposed to be a god game. So if there is no real freedom to choose between secular ( for instance the guard tower) and a godly way to handle things ( ..animal attacks)... i don't care about new buildings that only support boring gameplay. Black & White as example had not much buildings. The godly gameplay was the essence. Black & White 2 introduced some more buildings but they were optional. You did not need a Prison as god in Black & White 2. You could use it or simply ignore it and sacrifice enemies or citizens. The choice was yours. My crystall ball tells me what to expect: More missions for god mail. Some new "god powers" that correspond to the Mails you'll get from the Nuggets. Find my lost nugget... god power -> a highlight power or such things. It's dry for days... -> let it rain... and so on... maybe an updated shrine for good or evil or they kick it out completely because it does not matter. That's a realistic expectation I guess. The basic gameplay is an will be unchanged because they simply can't change so drastically without starting over again. So godly gameplay is simply an add on gimmick. I hope I'm wrong with this conclusion.... But I doubt it. They would talk about god news if they had an idea what to do. So they focus on the basic god things already implemented in the game.
  15. [TWITTER] "What buildings should we have in The Universim?""

    you're describing cities skylines. :-) a great game as city builder. but a poor god game. why? cities skylines is a city builder. same goes for the universim.
  16. [TWITTER] "What buildings should we have in The Universim?""

    What about the surprises and the suspense?
  17. Research Prototype Panel

    They only asked because some asked them in the forums. They did not really ask for years but did their thing without community interaction. As I said. This game has a long development time already (funded on Kickstarter May 24th, 2014) and the development direction was/is simply wrong for the advertised god game in Kickstarter. You both @rraccoonn (joined December 23rd, 2017) and @KittHaven(joined March 25th, 2018) are new to The Universim and did not see the advertised Kickstarter god game aspects. You saw the already crippled god game aspect where god is degraded to a building placer. It's great that you both are enthusiastic and optimistic. Every forum needs both sides. Optimism and realism. It's great that you make suggestions. (Which have already been made over and over again and fast responses you see now are a direct result of others expressing their thoughts of bad community contact. So you benefit from others that build the communication road.) And yes, a sarcastic undertone is needed if a game is advertised as god game in Kickstarter (while they collect money) and suddenly they change the concept after kickstarter is finished and develop a pretty god less godgame. So it's normal to ask why a called god game has mostly features as base gameplay that exclude godly gameplay. There was no (and is most of the time) still no information exchange what is planned to improve godly gameplay. So thank you for being optimistic, but realism and critizism is needed as well. Otherwise optimism will be destroyed soon. Reference: GODUS. Btw. I don't know if you've turned on signatures in the forum so i repeat my signature here which is a Quote from Kickstarter during the funding process. There is no need to worry about micromanaging your citizens as they will take care of themselves to the best of their ability. But, to sate your curiosity, you will have a handy News System at your disposal that will keep you updated about all major events occurring in the game. This is particularly helpful when your civilization spans across multiple planets! -Alexander Koshelkov CEO Crytivo, Kickstarter Update May 12th 2014 Source: Kickstarter Page This is the exact opposite of the actual gameplay development which added more and more micromanagement over time to keep the player busy and try to cover up missing gameplay mechanics. A different promise during Kickstarter was: We have some more exciting news to share with you today regarding the future of The Universim! We have already promised to keep you guys in the loop and build the game alongside you, and we plan to stick to this promise from here on out. We take your feedback seriously and we always listen carefully to what you have to say. We are finally ready to share a new community event that everyone can participate in! Introducing the Community Labs! Source: Kickstarter Page Community Labs were introduced but then later deleted. Why? The Universim never had a full time Community Manager. Community manager @Mirror is a volunteer that backed The Universim in Kickstarter as well. She sacrificed her time to care about the community. So stay true to you optimism but rest assured there needs to be realism voice too to protect your optimism. Best wishes.
  18. Don't get me wrong, but The Universim in the latest patch has nothing to do with the vision in the kickstarter campaign. Beside all bugs... Gameplay was called "Organic Gameplay" like managing your ant farm... Is the concept of a mighty god still in place or are we just an alien watching the civilization and tell them wich building needs to be build where and how they produce enough food to stay alive. From time to time we can unleash a bit of rain and healing powers through our intergalactic starship... ... that's the way i see it at the moment. Nuggets seem to be aware of a godly presence but still do not pray... Instead they send letters to god but are afraid if a godly power is performed like picking up a tree next to them. I'd call this unlogic gameplay. If nuggets are aware of a godly presence and send god a "mail" and of course if they wait for a godly order where to build important buildings like farms and what to plant on them... It makes no sense at all. The only difference between The Universim and every other RTS bulding game is some pretty useless and extreme costly powers that could be (as i said) technologies from an alien ship in the orbit... The universim seems to take path to RTS building games with micromanagement and resource management instead of a god game. Just to compare... Black & White 1/2 made me feel like a god. The Universim makes me feel like an Alien observing the planet and tell those stupid nuggets what to do to stay alive and take them by the hand every simple and small step. If they are able to build bunkers, why don't they get inside if it is dangerous autonomously. No the alien in his space ship needs to tell them that a sand storm is dangerous... But can the alien help? No. No energy shield, no weather control power... nothing. the alien is only a observer. not godly at all. Who needs a bunker if a god protects you? at least in stone age... stone age bunkers... yes... great idea. Oh and of course... nobody is praying to the alien... Only my 2 cents.
  19. No. Because news will destroy suspense and surprises. And of course the concept needs ceo approval. Who wants news anyway. Lets ask the twitter channel: Yes, still tagged as God Game. So it is one of course. #sarcasmoverdose What a nice concept drawing of interior decoration... wait a second... Don't they have other things to do than such bull****. If I want to play a game with interior decoration I'd play sims or House Flipper. Now out on steam. The Question still remains. Is Crytivo able to do the same thing EA did for the Sim City series? (Sim City 2013 Version VS Cities Skylines...) Destroy the god game genre and empower someone else to develop a great god game instead? I'm curious to find out.
  20. Research Prototype Panel

    If so - it shows that you can't take the CEO of Crytivo serious. And an unserious CEO would post such things... #prforbeginners
  21. Research Prototype Panel

    The illusion of participation To keep the suspense and surprises
  22. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Thank you for supporting my point of view. May I introduce you to the South Park Episode: Human Centipede. Dont't agree without reading.
  23. Research Prototype Panel

    FYI this seems to be the newest research prototype.
  24. [TWITTER] "..."

    I get your point and agree to those things. But i think you should be more ungracious to the dev team itself. At least to the one responsible at the ceo throne.... but I still disagree in some other points. See Stonehearth from Radiant Entertainment. A kickstarted company as well.. and they are still in Alpha after five years but they communicate with their supporters and customers and it's a good game even if it's full of bugs and not even near feature completetion. I enjoy every unstable version because progress is made and the game gets better and better. Why? because they have a concept and stay true to the concept they advertised in kickstarter. A responsible supporter will accept delays and everything if the company is communicating in a good way and progress is made the way it was advertised. It does not matter how long it takes. Sure I'd prefer the game not to crash from time to time if i did not save something... but yes, the game will stay unfinished for a long time but better a longer development time than changing the concept because of mismanagement . Crytivo seems like it has no concept at all... I think. They had the concept for the rts part. Yes Black and white had rts elements but the main focus was how you as a god manage those things with miracles and you had the power to do everything. The Universim was designed as rts game without the need of a god at all. God is a gimmick in this game. That was not intended and promoted. And the worst of all. The Crytivo Team has not a real concept at all for the godly gameplay of a god game. If they wanted to make a rts game i'd never back them. We have rts games a plenty. No need for a unninovative new one. War for the overworld... they asked the community about many things and informed them about the progress and the game was a great success. There are good developers and there are bad developers. Crytivo made really bad decisions over the years. The whole concept was simply wrong and mismanagement. Instead of focusing on the game crytivo store was announced... Instead of focusing on the advertised god game they introduced more rts buildings and degraded the god concept even more to a god heals buildings because the introduced mechanics which are useless anyway in a god game did not work. They simply did a bit of this and a bit of that. No clear concept, no communication a bit of self-infatuation in the ceo area. GODUS. He did what he wanted to do and failed and deserved it. If a company want's to do it's own thing great. They need to search for investors elsewhere. If a company want's to develop a game and give informations about the development process at least and a clear "what's planned and what features will be and won't be in the game" to the supporters - they are great for kickstarter. If a company has no real clue what to do and only a slight vision and no real working prototype... they should avoid kickstarter like the devil and search for other investors. I fear Crytivo is the last one. a slight vision... "we want to do a god game but have no clue about gameplay..." and then game was funded... and oh... okay we do a rts. You get the point. The god powers are useless. They are gimmicks. As I said. Cities skylines has desasters too. That does not mean it's a god game. The whole gameplay is evolving about more resource management. And no. The resource management in Black and white was Food, mana and wood (and ore in b&w2). Very simple, very intuitive and of course The player had the ability to be a god because the game was designed around being a god and not a unmighty nugget keeper. The whole sytem will repeat on different planets if the base concept is already broken. They shouldn't advertise it as god game. It's not a god game and it can't be one ever because the game basic is rts. No the only new features are new buildings and a new era with a shift system. That is or is not introduced in august. I don't care. It's more from not godly gameplay. I supported the advertised god game. This won't be a god game ever because the ground gameplay is a boring rts. This ist a shift simulator :-) Oh and another kickstarter winner because they have a concept, communicate the concept and are true to their concept: Foundation: An organic medieval city builer game. Three people which released a great working alpha to streamers a month after kickstarter finished with only 3333 supporters. And it's already more stable than the universim after nearly 4 years... @TallBear Maybe you should work for Crytivo to assist the project and make things better. You seem to know many things about proper programming instead of the CEO which is mostly a designer like Molyneux in his 22cans time. I'd take a paid job as designer for god game design at Crytivo
  25. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    24th May 2014 successful Kickstarter ... as I said... long development, bad community contact and no informations about the planned content. That's it.