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  1. what do you think about this new mechanics to the new medieval era?

    You described settlers or every rts building game with fog of war. You even described some elements of Civilization. If the main mechanic in the advertised concept of The Universim is still the same - The Universim is a god game. It's not at the moment of course it's a RTS game at the moment and development direction seems to go straight to RTS city builder... so @(KG XST) PEDRO GAMER TV I understand your ideas to implement more RTS mechanics.... but I don't like the idea. not because your idea is bad. It isn't of course. But The Universim was advertised as god game. Not as another rts game. There are so many RTS games on the market. The Universim claimed to be a outstanding revival of the god game genre. There even is a stoneage city builder game in development which looks great. Ancient Cities So no. I don't want The Universim to be another "who cares about the game" city builder rts game. The uniqueness of The Universim needs to be the focus on the god game genre. We have a stoneage tribe to begin with. They need to learn to protect themselves from nature and wild animals. God does not play a role here. You're right. @AKoshelkov What lies behind this decision? What's planned Alex? We're still a spectator more or less and have no influence at all. Adding some new powers for a god does not help. Please take a look at the topic and it would be great to discuss with the devs and ohter The Universim players openly in the topic: What Do You Think About Research about your vision for The Universim. Do you vision The Universim as a RTS city builder civilization game with some add on spells for a "god" or something else.
  2. Opinions on the new patch?

    If there only was a god in this god game to protect the poor little nuggets. Too bad... Sarcasm of the day was brought to you by snact. secular nuggets against church taxes
  3. Gameplay Feeling Lackluster

    I totally agree with you. I mentioned this over and over again. Yes we have a pretty stable city builder with resource management and some kind of technical progression at the moment. That's great and I appreciate the status at the moment. The only problem I see is the lack of god game mechanics. We have a secular city builder and we're the mayor. We suppose to be a god but we have no power. Putting a few godly powers upon this secular base gameplay will not change gameplay at all. We'd still have a city builder with some godly powers on top. There needs to be a secular gameplay way (which we already have and it's working good in the latest patch so far) and a godly gameplay way to please all players. I don't want to speak for all, but I'm sure most players will compare (like you did) this game with black & white which was a great god game (beside some flaws in design of course and the lack of an endless game mode). Is it unfair to compare? No. The Universim was introduced as god game. Talking about the situation at the moment. The player has no real influence as god. The nugget tribe is forced to protect itself from wild animals with watchtowers, natural disasters like windstorms and tornadoes and you as god can't do anything if a tornado is destroying the buildings. In black & white you could perform godly miracles to protect your believers. To talk serious. As I said. Adding some godly spells on the secular basement is not the solution if The Universim aims to be a god game. I'd be happy if you contribute to the research topic HERE Every Idea is good. It's an brainstorming area.
  4. Animal Attacks

    That's because Bunkers are not a shelter against animal attacks. You have to build watchtowers and hope a nugget will hunt predators down in the range of the tower influence. During gameplay you have to spam place watchtowers to prevent or minimize predator attacks because watchtowers need nuggets as well and they drink, sleep and breed... so if no nugget is guarding.......
  5. What do you think about research?

    Thinking of the new patch... You're mostly secular. They are a stoneage tribe like every other tribe. You as god do not play a role in their life. They hunt, they breed, they even have to protect themselves from wild animals or they die. You have secular gameplay already. The essential godly gameplay is missing. So actually there is no need for a new secular gameplay mechanic. It's already a secular game. So introducing a godly gameplay mechanic and therefore a godly research path would help.
  6. What do you think about research?

    Not really. Because sooner or later there will be a conflict between godly and secular society. For a long time you can have both, but you can sort your black sheeps out then. let the bunkers collapse and only your believers that believed in godly shelter survive. Muahahah So you need to practice you parenting skills as a god. Peace love and sweets for your well behaving believers - detention in the preacher school for those other mortal fools or maybe one or two sacrifices... me too ^^ secular societies could invent capitalism later in the game instead of prayers god is powered trough stock exchanges ;-) well your new name as god is mammon then. but who cares.
  7. How do you get past the stone age?

    The QA builds are not public to everyone or are they? For example... The early_access build in steam is older than the public release.
  8. How do you get past the stone age?

    If you have upgraded every building and built every building - congratulations. you're in medieval era. :-) but i think you're talking about a graphic update of the stone huts. I think it's not implemented yet.
  9. What do you think about research?

    A little greedy, isn't it? ;-) But in some cases it simply does not make sense. I know what you're thinking of. You talked about the real world and believers and non believers. But you see the real world problems this is causing, right? For example the christian religion had many violent problems during it's existence. Crusades, inquisition and witch hunts. Non believers died during this process and a more religious society remained for a period of time. Depending on your actions your nuggets should be a more godly society or a more secular society sooner or later. This results the events like inquisiton for a godly society or enlightenment für a secular society. See it as events and not as decision. ;-) if you behave like a god you have more believers. if you behave like a mayor you have citizens. ;-) They don't need to be prepared. You have to be prepared as a god ;-) See the logic behind it? ;-) An intergalactic spaceship with robot chicken zombies arrives. ;-) your nuggets form groups in the temple to pray for shelter. your power arises and charges over time and you blast those robot chicken zombies away with a blink of an eye ;-) or you send some preachers out to proselytize them. maybe you're able to welcome new intergalactic believers that spread your word of love and peace.... at least you tell them so. ;-)
  10. What do you think about research?

    Would have been great if you have been contributing to the research topic. Here You could have sketch it by hand and scan it in and it would be a concept art too. It's not important if you have a great art skill or a progam you can work with. It's an idea. :-)
  11. What do you think about research?

    I like your ideas, too. But i still think a seperation between a godly society and a scientific society (at a definied point, maybe not so soon) is needed to maximize the gamplay for those two playstiles. As I read in the forums some like the aspect of rts building games. that would be more the scientific society with a godly aspect. old school Black & white players may choose the godly way. maybe a third way like i mentioned could be an idea for a semi mix of those two playstiles. Instant change in mind... I thought about your words again...: If every technology avaiable has two options... a godly option and a secular option - you could develop a secular or godly society slowly over time. but still they have to exclude each other. For example... Tech Tree: School OR religious school Bunker OR shield of faith Intellect boost OR faith boost and so on... so you slowly progress on a secular or godly tech tree. once a definied amount of technologies is unlocked you have a new option to specialize... oh and happy easter too. :-)
  12. What do you think about research?

    No because change in mind costs. In real life and in game. It's my opinion of course. "Secularity" and "spirituality" exclude each other. at least if there is no other way. The idea could be a third mixed way between those two decisions which allows not specialized technology. so renaissance man type of gameplay. you can do a bit of everything but are not specialized and do not have access to high tier technologies or god powers. But I think a seperation between two mighty tech lines either god or world is benificial. that does not mean that you're not able to be a "bad god" and steal resources from your nuggets if you choose the secular way. basic godly interactions should be avaiable all time. but a god without a fellowship is less mighty. And as I said... there could be costly switch options to change between those two specialized ways. I think it should represent your playstile. They should have technologies only avaiable to non believers or believers.. a bunker is the best example. if you have a god watching after you... you don't need to care about those things and can focus on other things. if nuggets need to take care of their own security they need to have different technologies avaiable. Just think of your nuggets faces if you throw them into a sacrifice altar once in a while. ;-)
  13. What do you think about research?

    @Bolerro That was my idea behind the two shrines. Some people prefer a RTS style resource management to unlock new technologies and some prefer a more godly way by spending faith which could be gained through prayer and other tasks. This solution could please both player types and it´d help (in my opinion) to make the universim a unique god game for a broad audience. Sure... Double work for The Universim team but I think we all want the universim to become the best game for different playstyles which results in a a broad and pleased audience. Of course. That makes sense.Those are basic technologies for me. I agree. Basic technologies should be obtainable in the starter shrine (epicenter) If I continue my idea with your help... Basic Technologies are avaiable in the Epicenter (Shrine of Wisdom): First should be: simple tools -> wood cutting and stone mining -> taming of fire -> first buildings including huts and water system (huts have a little fireplace. in there we see light, so they need fire in their stone huts) and so on. those technologies should be a mix of faith and resource cost. some only researchable trough faith, some only trough resources. once all basic technologies are researched, the player (god) should choose between two ways to proceed. the godly way which unlocks a new set of technologies for the stoneage which are all obtainable trough faith (but follow a logic rule in order to unlock. you can't unlock a high cost technology before you unlocked a basic one... for example... ->commitments for breeding, prayer and so on. -> more advanced temple to gain more faith -> godly powers to support nuggets: shield of faith that protects nuggets from nature, manna rain to provide food fast if needed... Your nuggets could learn from you. example: -you need to unlock the godly power "godly hunt" which allows you to shoot many arrows from the sky to the ground to hunt wild animals. Your nuggets try to imitate you and learn to build arrows and bows sooner or later. you have no direct control of the learning process. your nuggets learn instantly or you have to perform the miracle over and over again until they learn. but you are there to feed them so no need to rush. those poor stupid mortals. (of course your nugget's can't be harmed trough your godly arrows.) -you need to unlock the godly power "harvest of god" which allows you to harvest food from wild plants. Your nuggets try to imitate you and sooner or later they start to build a farm and cultivate food plants. -you need to unlock the godly power "heal" or "mass heal" and your nuggets sooner or later learn to build a hospital. ... If you do not enjoy being an almighty god you can perform a very costly miracle "crisis of belief" which consumes all faith you have and 50% -75% of your nuggets will die but the rest evolves to a secular point of view. Your nuggets learn to protect themselves and do not count on godly help. ->secular shrine the secular way which unlocks a new set of technologies for the stoneage which are all obtainable trough resources and nugget intellect. a school building needs to be unlocked to invent new technologies. nuggets auto assign to the school building and generate intellect. ->society laws for breeding and so on ->school building -> bow and arrow -> fishing hut -> eatery -> farming -> medicine-> and of course bunkers to protect themselves from natural disasters. The school system may allow you to progress slower in the beginning stone age and medieval era because intellect ist a resource you need to collect beside real resources to invent things, but in the later game your nuggets learn faster. You still slowly gain faith but have no influence on the rate. Faith regeneration depends on the number of nuggets alive. You're limited to basic god powers like rain, thunder, tornadoes, rainbows, flying birds... If you want to change the way nuggets see you, you can perform a special miracle "rain of belief" which cost an enormous amout of faith - and over time the secular society may change to a godly one and your nuggets forget secular only buildings like bunkers and destroy them to praise you. Of course not all nuggets agree. So 50% to 75% of your nuggets die during this process. -> godly shrine
  14. What do you think about research?

    My idea for a research system for a god game in which the player decides how much godly intervention should be avaiable.: My suggestion is to introduce minimum 3 Shrines which evolve depending on your decisions. You Start with a SHRINE OF WISDOM (or if you want to call it epicenter) This shrine provides the possibility to choose between different options that have direct influence on the society. Those research options can be bought by spending faith. Which could be generated in a prayer enclave or a temple. Like: Major options to choose: -secularity -freedom of will -prayer rules -Sacrifices Basic options to choose: -clothes -reproduction -basic technology By choosing either free will or strict prayer rules you decide if the Shrine of Wisdom changes to a "Heaven Shrine" or a "Secularity Shrine" Heaven Shrine Most technologies are avaiable but main focus is on pleasing a god. You decide by spending faith what to introduce to your Nuggets. Higher technologies have a higher faith cost. Some special technologies like a faith shield insted of a bunker to protect nuggets from natural disasters are avaiable. Or in the space age a "godly spaceship" that reduces risks if you land on a planet. Of course your faith gain is faster and you can decide how much nuggets pray or if you sacrifice one for an instant faith boost. Nuggets do most things autonomous to stay alive if you did not set a rule for a specific behaviour... like "god decides if you breed" Secularity Shrine This shrine is not powered by faith. You have to pay resources and nuggets have to learn to invent things. A school is unlocked if your Shrine of Wisdom transforms to a Secularity Shrine. Some nuggets still pray in this secular society so you as a god will not die, but you're not mighty... Your might does not suffice to perform mighy powers... So your nuggets have to learn to protect themselves with a bunker against nature. You're more like a manager insteat of a god. People are aware that you exist but most of them do not care about you but they agree that you're their mayor. ;-) Technologies reflect those circumstances. Your nuggets may evolve not so fast but will be more advanced in the space age when it comes to self defense. My2cents. What are you thinking about this idea?
  15. Cefore Steam release announcement & PAX EAST

    You are a Kickstarter Backer for Crytivo (The Universim). Your lifetime 50% discount is applied before you choose your payment method. The price for the normal version is $5.00 and the explosive version ist not available in the Crytivo Store. It's called RDX version at the moment and includes the soundtrack. With your discount this version costs $10.00 (normal price $19.99) All versions include a Crytivo key (option) and a Steam Key (option). I don't know what that means. If you get both keys or have to choose between those two keys.