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  1. Unhappy with a purchase? Let’s fix that.

    It's not my personal opinion Alex. View your own Kickstarter page. And watch the video. Indirect building placement vs. builder game. It's a difference. And you have not been nice. And this is if you can read an offer to get rid of me. It's my right to use this forum as Kickstarter. It's part of the Kickstarter. so your choice. I want to leave CRY Tivo behind me. Oh and btw. if you can read... I participated only in one topic for months. ;-) No spamming here. The last own topic was November (Un)happy patch and of course the topic about all the lies someone else created. So proven you wrong again.
  2. https://crytivo.com/en/about-us Did a title fail to meet your expectations? Not only my expectations. It failed to meet the original advertised Kickstarter pitch. Instead of an indirect god game in which you place the epicenter and your civilization builds autonomously around it if you have unlocked the technology for a building, we have a direct builder game with tideous micromanagement. Ministers won't change the base gameplay because this gameplay "place building gameplay" is the core concept Because the game is not as advertised and will never be as advertised (bla bla pre alpha bla bla since 2014 bla bla development needs time... wrong dev direction) I offer Crytivo a buyout. My Kickstarter plege was $90 and I paid $100 because extra delivery costs to europe. Because i didn't and won't recieve the final product as part of the Kickstarter campaing (boxed game) I add the $10 to my pledge. Of course you had time to work with my money so interests must be paid. Dear Crytivo Team, contact me and pay me out and i'll leave you forever. Best wishes Kerby84 For you... @Alex Koshelkov
  3. It's pre alpha since 2014 and yes. I think you're a smart person. Watch their trello board. The game mechanic is: place buildings yourself except residential. Learn new technologies and advance to the "medival age" or "modern age" and research ministers or do not research them if you want them to place the buidings for you or not. Then the process repeats in space age with different planets. The base concept won't change. To clarify it visually. Dangerously Funny played the Universim in the way it was intended... But it did of course not work... He said things like... "i invented it for you and you are too stupid to build wells..." and civilization died... but still funny to watch.... but I think you get the point. As I said... no offense but i know the development progress longer than you and know what to expect.
  4. You still don't get it do you? No offense. But this has nothing to do with the amount of people or the time. If 100 apes type on a keyboard there is no progression. If one person that is able to do something types on a keyboard there is progression. And yes all costs. And money was spent for a shop and people have to handle the shop. And money was spent for pr instead of proper programmers. But i could go on with the list.... I do not talk about the development time. They simply have choosen a different game direction. Now you're not reading my post. ;-) But does not matter. The decision is made. They have choosen to develop a builder game because it's way easier for them to develop. So the point is still active... A lie in the Kickstarter. And to repeat it... Banished and Stardew Valley have been made by one person over years beside their daytime job. One person is enough if the person knows how to do it. In my case it's not the time... It's the broken concept. So... BROKEN CONCEPT.
  5. Oh yes you were arrognant first. I thought it is your talking style. So I adapted. And yes I already wrote indi dev teams with only one person that did the development beside a dayjob over years. Stardew Valley and Banished. They did not ask for Kickstarter funding. And the War for the Overworld team did ask for kickstarter but development was in a good timeframe. But you still don't get it. I'm not talking about the time. If the whole game concept was developed as promised i would not care about dev time. But they simply changed the concept of the game from the ground up. And "they need to do goverments first" is a pretty stupid phrase. If a dev team wants do develop a game based on a concept they show... they develop the base for it. The base would be pathfinding and a system of autonomous building generation. They've implemented it with stonehuts already. they spawn autonomously. but they simply decided that the core concept is to change placement control for other buildings and force the player to do it. So they changed from indirect to direct. The reason behind it... The gameplay mechanic and progession is way easier if you only need to add new buildings and some mechanics for the buildings that are somehow already in the code. So you are able to generate gameplay elements much quicker than a gameplay for an indirect game. Indirect games need content. Quests, scripted events and so on. Direct control allows you to generate task for a player and give him something to do. Eiter by generating a maintenance system or something to overwatch. so by adding for example a fire station.. the code was already in the game... fire and water ... they had less work by adding new gameplay in comparsion to scripted events. the base of every builder game: entertain yourself with the buildings we give you. in comparsion to this situation... the original idea... you research a technology for them. they are now able to build the associated building. for example... fire station. they build the fire station on their own like they do with huts to cover the area. if you make something autonomous you have to replace gameplay content. the actual gameplay is placing things and maintaining them. and i repeat... adding objects to place is much easier than adding real gameplay. so in conclusion: if they introduce ministers that should do the same like the "script" you talked about in the beginning... autonomous placing of the associated buidings, they remove gameplay but do not replace it because. "it's your choice if you use ministers or not" you still are able to place and manage every building... and that's against the core concept of the game. Btw.: You're not the first "programmer" that tries to clear things up. TallBear is a really nice person and he knows what he talks about. And he gave the team some good advice regarding programming. EDIT: And don't get me wrong... People like building games. Me too. But this game was promoted as indirect god game in which you evolve and care or punish your civilization and may lead them until space age... But now it's a mix between settlers and anno. And it's not and won't be ever a indirect god game.
  6. All and you don't seem to understand. But It's okay. I'm not there to teach you. Oh I know it for sure. You need to develop the base first. but you will see. Why should I? I'm not an programmer. I'm not trained to do such things. But I do not claim to be one. But there are programmers out there that are good at their job and deliver what they promise. It's not about the timely manner. I only said it's not an excuse any longer. Speaking in your words... They should have started with the script in the year 2014 so the base works like described. But they choose the easy way. Maybe because they were unable to create a script as described or maybe (that's the main reason) they thought a builder game would sell better. So it's not a thing of time or manpower or anything else... It's a simple changed decision. The last two staff members joined the team end 2017 from other games in the crytivo store... at least @Magecoerlin. In between there was mostly pr. and the dream from alex to create a shop. It's about the whole game mechanic. But blabble as you want.
  7. @4685578525 I can't stand the "pre release" thing any longer. It's in development since 2014 and i'm here since then. and the excuse thing from alex does not count. If you're an programmer you should know that they either are able to do it or they are simply too untalented. Not everyone willing to make a game is able to make one. That's the problem here. I'm not the one that started a kickstarter promising this gameplay. He Alex had enough money to hire a good programmer. but he did not. He decided to go an easy way. The reason behind it... It's way easyer to program for them so they simply changed the concept and started lying. And they need the "script" sooner or later if they want to implement ministers that should do the job. But It's not in the game because they simply don't know how to implement it. If they knew how - it would be in the game from the beginning. The whole concept of the game is described in the kickstarter video: Start a civilization as creator "god" by placing the epicenter and they are aware of you as god They evolve trough your actions (research godly intervention and so on and prayers) If they evolve the way you want it you bless them (it was discussed about wrath that builds up if they develop a way you don't want to) If they for example lose faith in you you unleash wrath upon them and those who survive will fear you but then evolve the way you want it. And many more. All things in the game... government and so on are fixes for the broken base. But that does not make the broken base better. The whole concept is a lie. The game is intended as builder game. The gameplay won't change in the stoneage if they are able to insert working "ministers" that fullfill their role. But that's the point. It's a completely different gameplay. And comparing a indie game with the witcher is a silly thing. Compare it to other indies. Compare it to Banished, compare it to Stardew Valley, compare it to War for the Overworld, compare it to Foundation of course. All really small teams or only one person. Difference? They now how to programm and make games and don't fool their supporters. Banished was developed by one person in his spare time over years and has still a stable player base of: Released 2014 1,513 PLAYERS 24h peak and over 24000 good reviews. Stardew Valley was developed by one person in his spare time over years and has still a stable player base of: Released 2016 9,988 PLAYERS 24h peak and over 110000 good reviews. War for the Overworld was developed by a small team and funded trough kickstarter and has still a stable player base of: Released 2015 160 Players 24h peak and over 3800 good reviews. Foundation is not out yet but will be released 2019 and was funded this year March.
  8. I talk about broken promises now. (Copied from Steam) Somebody said: what happens when i stop building? If i stop building outward in my planet, will my nuggets eventually start building their own stuff such as engineering buildings and restaurants, etc.? I answered: this game was planned like this from the beginning in the kickstarter pitch you know. but the devs decided to go an easy way and let you place the buildings all by yourself and now the nuggets die from bacteria even if they know how to build wells. why? because they are stupid. Original Kickstarter trailer: Start: 3:10 It was planned this way: You place the epicenter and guide them with godly intervention. give them knowledge and help them research new technology. have godly powers to care for them and help or kill them if they develop in a way you're unhappy with. like an ant farm Alex K describes it. You don't build things for your ants. They build things on their own based on their knowledge. But the dev team lied. You should have a living world that exists in its boundaries and is able to care for itself based on technology. What we have is a static world that awaits input. Without your input they do nothing and buildings collapse, they drink from the lake and they even can't handle the technology they already know. it was planned as: you lead them the way and give them technology and they evolve around the epi center you placed. they build the things you tought them with divine inspiration. and you should have the power of a god and decide if what they are doing is good or not. And no. Ministers won't change that. Why? It's too late. It was promised from the stoneage. Big fat lie. I wanted the game in the Kickstarter Trailer. Not the game they are developing. PitchBlack wrote: actually this will be so cool!, like a real god, only intervene when you feel like it. I answered: Yes. That's why so many people supported the game. That's the reason you called creator. They aimed to develop a real god game. But the devs decided to ignore the original pitch and did something different. ____ What did the devs do? They saw the problem with the micromanaging. They introduced shifts... Shifts do not work well and make things worse for most people (look in the forums) Ministers won't work well too because 1. too late and 2. auto assign does not work well too... Because the game is designed as an input who**. Instead of giving the gameplay they promised in Kickstarter, they give tideous placement gameplay and you are reduced to maintenace things. _-_-_-_-_ @Alex Koshelkov @Magecoerlin @Sasha (especially only Alex, because you're the one responsible for it... Magecoerlin and Sasha came tho the team while damage was done already end 2017) What is your excuse? Would you please be so kind and tell me why there is no need to micromanage the nuggets as you promised it in Kickstarter 2014. I play a completly different game full of micromanagement. Starting with the need to tell them that lake water is bad... Although they know how to build wells on their own. They build stone huts on their own because they seem to be smart enough, but fail to use a technology they learned? Fascinating. The whole game design does not make sense. There is no need to worry about micromanaging your citizens as they will take care of themselves to the best of their ability. But, to sate your curiosity, you will have a handy News System at your disposal that will keep you updated about all major events occurring in the game. This is particularly helpful when your civilization spans across multiple planets! -Alexander Koshelkov CEO Crytivo, Kickstarter Update May 12th 2014
  9. First of all... "Small Team"... Kickstarter Information: Not a small list. And it's the staff from 2014. Most of them are already gone and some joined the team end of 2017. In between there was mostly silence and mismanagement. -Kickstarter Description -You can influence their decision and change the way in which your civilization evolves... Somehow a check. But that was easy. -"The ability to play as a god gives you unparalleled power" not really a check. God is pretty limited. And mostly destructive. -"Instead of taking control of a static game world that awaits your every command, life will go on as you would expect." The world waits for commands. If they already have researched something, you need to tell them to build it or they simply ignore it. So a big lie. Dangerously funny played the universim the way it should be in a youtube video but failed because the game is designed as builder game with direct control over building placement and need of building placement. You research something and the nuggets use the new knowledge to build those things and evolve. That would be the right way it was described in Kickstarter. You research wells... they build wells from the moment on they know how to do it on their own. And NO. Ministers are not the solution because they are not in the game yet and won't be avaiable until a later age. So a big big lie.
  10. (Un-)happy Patch

    In all honesty... Do you roll dices during development? The whole happiness system with buildings does not make sense. Watchtowers protect the nuggets. Why should they be afraid or unhappy about them? Bunkers protect them because there is no other way to protect them (IN A "GOD" GAME...). So the pure existence of a "safe place" makes them unhappy? Really logical. Spam placing "happiness" buildings to secure enough space in bunkers is ridiculous. Get your things together Exile villages... useless and annoying because you only can fight against them. If you find them... That's the other thing. It's nice that you can fly to an exile village if you get the first notification but if you want to return to them... good luck. no way to find them with an easy "zoom to" option Pretty unhappy patch.
  11. God Power Generation, Followers

    too late... for later ages maybe... but they should have implemented it in the stone age... it starts with a touch... and ends with.....
  12. Universim GoG version

    At least to check the answer with my account... I can say no. In my Crytivo Account is only a Steam Key. And the Steam Key does not work for gog of course. As far as I understood it. They backed the game from the Crytivo Store or the site before the store launched.
  13. Universim GoG version

    No Problem Proto Cell seyer51 ;-) But I simply can't answer the question correctly so I copy pasted an official news. It's a Crytivo decision. You can ask Neanderthal @Magecoerlin or better the CEO @Alex Koshelkov himself. They should know the true answer. Or @Sasha But I guess regarding to the news the Kickstarter backers have recieved in May... Your conclusion could be right. But Kickstarter backers have not yet received gog keys, too. Maybe it's a bonus for those who suffered from the beginning in 2014 only and made the game development possible at all. Or site backers and Crytivo backers are eligible for this bonus depending on the site tier they have chosen. I don't know. And @Magecoerlin really professional.
  14. My ~20 hour impressions

    A good RTS game can manage itself. If you set up a perfect system with trading in Anno as example... the game plays itself. You can have tons of profit without playing the game yourself. A god game (and that's where Crytivo failed miserably) Establishes a connection between the player and the believers. God powers that influence the society and so on. But all those things have been said over and over again. btw. I'm here since 2014... Faster is not the better solution. If something is shi* you dont smear it around and cover it with roses. you put it in the trash. That's the problem. They smeared it around and covered it with roses...
  15. Question for Steam Release

    Believe me... It's way too early to talk about mods...