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  1. God Power Generation, Followers

    too late... for later ages maybe... but they should have implemented it in the stone age... it starts with a touch... and ends with.....
  2. Universim GoG version

    At least to check the answer with my account... I can say no. In my Crytivo Account is only a Steam Key. And the Steam Key does not work for gog of course. As far as I understood it. They backed the game from the Crytivo Store or the site before the store launched.
  3. Universim GoG version

    No Problem Proto Cell seyer51 ;-) But I simply can't answer the question correctly so I copy pasted an official news. It's a Crytivo decision. You can ask Neanderthal @Magecoerlin or better the CEO @Alex Koshelkov himself. They should know the true answer. Or @Sasha But I guess regarding to the news the Kickstarter backers have recieved in May... Your conclusion could be right. But Kickstarter backers have not yet received gog keys, too. Maybe it's a bonus for those who suffered from the beginning in 2014 only and made the game development possible at all. Or site backers and Crytivo backers are eligible for this bonus depending on the site tier they have chosen. I don't know. And @Magecoerlin really professional.
  4. My ~20 hour impressions

    A good RTS game can manage itself. If you set up a perfect system with trading in Anno as example... the game plays itself. You can have tons of profit without playing the game yourself. A god game (and that's where Crytivo failed miserably) Establishes a connection between the player and the believers. God powers that influence the society and so on. But all those things have been said over and over again. btw. I'm here since 2014... Faster is not the better solution. If something is shi* you dont smear it around and cover it with roses. you put it in the trash. That's the problem. They smeared it around and covered it with roses...
  5. Question for Steam Release

    Believe me... It's way too early to talk about mods...
  6. Feedback and bit of ranting

    Disclaimer: I know this game is still unfinished but it was and is unfinished for years... So this is a feedback to the current state of the released Steam Version. Most of the things are balancing issues but some are like a dead fish - carried over through the whole development. Feedback incl. a bit of ranting
  7. Universim GoG version

    Update 105 for Kickstarter Backers Only from May, 25th, 2018
  8. Question for Steam Release

    How things should be in an ideal Universe and how they are in reality is a different topic. You have to pay your bills as well as any other person. We're living in a capitalist society. Everything costs money. Also the devs have to pay their bills. 15$ is an unrealistic EA price for a game whith this "promised" scale. Stardew Valley costs around 15$ which is okay for this type of game. EA is always a risk for the buyer. But a sellout for such a tiny price... Keep things real here. If you want a refined game, they need an steady income. They have been made huge development mistakes which consumed time and resources... But they have been changed many things for the better or at least promised it. Granted, I'm going to judge them on the progress they made since the last patch which is a long time ago. It's fair and everyone can make his own decision on buying or not buying a game. But 15$ is unrealistic in any way if they want to develop the game to it's final state. The price will be around 30$ and € which is sadly "the same" for Steam most of the time but there's a difference in reality. This is a fair price for new customers. I personally do not care because I supported the game way earlyer to make it happen. So as conclusion: People unsure about buying or not for a fair price can wait for reviews and make a decision based on the released development state of the game today. In addition to gog with gog galaxy, origin, uplay and many other shop clients to come from any bigger publisher? the new bethesda shop and launcher? I'm sorry but I disagree. As far as i know gog galaxy launcher supports mods now. The Universim is releases on gog as well. so it's up to the devs or a mod enthusiast to mirror the mods there. but we're talking about mods for an unfinished game. Mod support is far away...
  9. Question for Steam Release

    Good Joke for the EA price ;-)
  10. You can't advance too far in this game.

    You tested the current build I guess. The new build will be released in a few days. The new build includes many changes.
  11. Ask Us:

    There once was a strechgoal named iRobot. Which allowed the research of questionable technology and therefore robots too. It was renamed to singularity and maybe it's still planned or not. good question. :-)
  12. Ask Us:

    Terraforming and terminating a planet is something really different ;-) Will be both in the game?
  13. Let’s talk about The Universim

    A honest question. Did you buy The Universim because of a sweepstake only? There are many (or were many) things to blame in the past... but a switch "giveaway" come on... I'll remember people (me and you too) complaining about the unclear crytivo store publisher thing in the past. And especially I said a "giveaway thing" is not the best way to promote things and they should focus on development instead of managing the store. And as I said, yes I remember this announcement but it said "register" so you were not forced to buy anything. It was promotion for the shop. Like a promotion in a local store when you try to win a car by filling out a form.... And I repeat. You did not have to buy anything nor re register if you already had a crytivo account and The Universim and this ist the "The Universim" forum and topic. So I simply don't see your problem here. No financial loss for you. Logic question for you. What if they wrote some names down... Because of the data protection act they're not allowed to give many informations to others. So you can't proof if the person is real or not. So who cares. You did not loose a thing. Sarcasm... Congratulations... The winner is John Doe from Massachusetts. The second winner is Jane Doe from Portland Oregon. The third winner is Max Mustermann from Munich, Germany The fourth winner is Jean Dupont from Paris, France The fifth winner is Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov from Moscow, Russia You get the point. Edit: And no. I'm not defending them. They and you know for sure I'm the first in line for critisism if it is appropriate and necessary. Alex knows for sure... So let them deliver a game and judge them for it. If it's good say your opinion. If it's bad say your opinion even louder so they can change it for the better. But don't waste time with a switch "giveaway".
  14. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I remember the thing you're talking about but it was changed to this: crytivo store sweepstake. The winner was already announced in a twitch stream. And you did not have to buy anything. Only to register a critivo store account which you already have somehow when you're registered here. So no false advertising and promotion to sell more copies of the Universim. @Sasha @Alex Koshelkov @Magecoerlin @Bolerro correct me when I'm wrong...
  15. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Maybe they'll do a live stream once they have less things to do. You know it's less than a month until the game is released on Steam. Once released there, you'll have better things to do than playing with the switch.