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  1. Ask Us:

    There once was a strechgoal named iRobot. Which allowed the research of questionable technology and therefore robots too. It was renamed to singularity and maybe it's still planned or not. good question. :-)
  2. Ask Us:

    Terraforming and terminating a planet is something really different ;-) Will be both in the game?
  3. Let’s talk about The Universim

    A honest question. Did you buy The Universim because of a sweepstake only? There are many (or were many) things to blame in the past... but a switch "giveaway" come on... I'll remember people (me and you too) complaining about the unclear crytivo store publisher thing in the past. And especially I said a "giveaway thing" is not the best way to promote things and they should focus on development instead of managing the store. And as I said, yes I remember this announcement but it said "register" so you were not forced to buy anything. It was promotion for the shop. Like a promotion in a local store when you try to win a car by filling out a form.... And I repeat. You did not have to buy anything nor re register if you already had a crytivo account and The Universim and this ist the "The Universim" forum and topic. So I simply don't see your problem here. No financial loss for you. Logic question for you. What if they wrote some names down... Because of the data protection act they're not allowed to give many informations to others. So you can't proof if the person is real or not. So who cares. You did not loose a thing. Sarcasm... Congratulations... The winner is John Doe from Massachusetts. The second winner is Jane Doe from Portland Oregon. The third winner is Max Mustermann from Munich, Germany The fourth winner is Jean Dupont from Paris, France The fifth winner is Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov from Moscow, Russia You get the point. Edit: And no. I'm not defending them. They and you know for sure I'm the first in line for critisism if it is appropriate and necessary. Alex knows for sure... So let them deliver a game and judge them for it. If it's good say your opinion. If it's bad say your opinion even louder so they can change it for the better. But don't waste time with a switch "giveaway".
  4. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I remember the thing you're talking about but it was changed to this: crytivo store sweepstake. The winner was already announced in a twitch stream. And you did not have to buy anything. Only to register a critivo store account which you already have somehow when you're registered here. So no false advertising and promotion to sell more copies of the Universim. @Sasha @Alex Koshelkov @Magecoerlin @Bolerro correct me when I'm wrong...
  5. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Maybe they'll do a live stream once they have less things to do. You know it's less than a month until the game is released on Steam. Once released there, you'll have better things to do than playing with the switch.
  6. Research Prototype Panel

    Yes I understand your point. Nothing serious to talk about. But those games had no replayability... And that's the thing behind a game... Is it worth because of it's gameplay or an interactive movie? See Two Point Hospital as an example... They really spoil the youtube channels now but nobody want's to see a yt video... people want to play it themselves. I think The Universim has more than a (maybe good story) to offer. Be a bit proud of your own game.
  7. So welcome Sasha as my own little nugget. Is the "immortal" god power for nuggets in the game? you know your destiny 24h shifts and then orbiting the planet for my amusement as the world's most expensive screensaver . But at least... Can we repair the buildings if we want to with a god power still or repair it with providing resources? but I still dislike the bulding health system... Maybe optional later? Sure.. it was just a thougt for later... not for august.... I'd miss prayers and (if the story is good) the story in a more "adjustable creative" game mode.
  8. Research Prototype Panel

    I watched Titanic even I knew the ship is going to collide with an iceberg and anybody knows the end. The old lady drops the diamond. But the movie was great. And I think The Universim has more to offer than a single playtrough, don't you think? ^^ Send me a pm if you want me withouth an NDA of course
  9. Please.... did you "delete" the house health system and buldings need to be repaired only because they get old? Say yes or i'll stop breathing until you remove it Scrap that... I'll rename Nuggets after you @Magecoerlin @Sasha and @Alex Koshelkov and play with you. Muahaha.... Uhh something else... No Quests at all? Not even prayers? A bit disappointing. At least prayers would be a good Idea in my opinion. If you have enough time... For the future... Maybe a third option... The Universim (normal mode aka story mode if possible with options to choose: easy (the most expensive screensaver ever) (yes @Alex Koshelkov some people like it relaxed ) medium (i don't want to watch screensavers only) hard (i played dark souls and it was too easy for me) and "I want a real challenge" The unleashed Universim (aka creator mode and sandbox light... more options to choose but with included story) Creator Mode (a real pure sandbox with many options you can enable or disable to change the gameplay) The rest looks promising.
  10. Research Prototype Panel

    I'll see it in the first time in the steam build then.. You are aware of my chronic NDA allergy so unfortunately I'm unable to help you test it in the QA build. :-) But I'll let you know what I think about it once it is released.
  11. Let’s talk about The Universim

    That's what a good community is for, isn't it? And I'll remind you of le cupidon and other things like animations when it's time. I promised it... Thanks too. It's much easier to quote from this site for specific information than to search around the web. ^^ And I have some questions...
  12. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Hey Beta6592 welcome to the discussion section. You're right. It feels a bit fast compared with Earth history. But the Universim timeline should not be compared with the "real world". It's a fictional Universe. If you want it to compare with the "real wolrd" think of it as... a civilization which is guided trough a greater power. Some people believe that "aliens" came to Earth and supported the people and gave them knowledge and the ability to learn fascinating things way ahead of their own time. People got smarter and built monuments and more. Regarding the genre of this game... planet management got game... You're the one that influences stupid little nuggets so that they learn new things... faster than they would withouth your influence... Referring to the new info Update which is sadly not yet in the forum to find... The reason the progress feels so fast ist to enable the player to avoid micromanaging if they choose to.While in the "dark" stoneage... in the current and previous versions you had to manage pretty anything. Some things feel like a chore to some people. To enable the player to give away micromanagement if they want to, the progress to "intelligent" ages is faster. @Alex Koshelkov @Magecoerlin @Sasha @Bolerro would you be so kind and post the Update from Steam in the forum and pin it as well? Welcome Something similar is planned I guess.
  13. Research Prototype Panel

    I like the new design. @Sasha
  14. Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System

    See I do and I don't get the point of your statment at the same time. You can of course be a almighty god that uses commandments and a temple (may a spiritual leader god chooses... or is "chosen" by the nuggets and god supports the spiritual leader in the "politics way" that distributes the commandments to the nuggets. A prophet... This could be as interesting or more interesting than a simple politics system... Do the nuggets agree with the commandments? How do the commandments change the nuggets belief? Will they go to an exile village or will they believe even more... Simple politics are boring in my opinion but granted for those who like them so they can leave it up to the nuggets and do their thing and form a government wich you can influence the same way described above... But you have the option... The point I totally agree is the lack of options. I don't want to take the prefered playstyle from people. But I don't want to be forced to use a specified secular gamestyle in a self called god game...
  15. Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System

    I accept your point of view but some things do not make sense to me. For example as I said in the "Let's talk about Universim" Topic... You simply have believers you have to guide... Right... But as god you should have the option to allow or deny things. Those decisions are naturally commandments in a god game. If a player decides the civilization should be able to form a government and introduce politics... god tells them to as Commandment... Every other aspect of the game would exclude the godly gameplay. I'm okay when a non believer from an exile village forms a own form of government. But it does not make any sense in a god game to exclude the god from main decisions. Couldn't agree less. The logic behind it would say... Okay god is against our decision to form a government... We either agree and follow his commandments or we move on to an exile village. This would make things more interesting... But forcing the player to take a specified path and choose politics is... simply boring. You can not choose... Sooner or later the politics thing will repeat over and over again and you start to ignore it... And gameplay value totally lost. But if you have to decide over and over again... combined with prayers and so on... this would be interesting. But I keep my opinion. Forced politics without a godly counterpart will be igored from many players really soon. because it sounds more interesting than it is. So wasted dev time. What would be your actions? Choose a candidate now and then... bless him or kill all candidates you don't like... First time funny. Second time... less funny... third time... who gives a sh**. All those example traits are basic things that could be copied to a commandment system. Those traits have a general moral value. All those traits... You seem to forget, that this supposed to be a civilization which is aware of a godly presence. So who would they ask first how to behave? a self made law or a present god... of course if they believe in the god... exile villages are a different topic... All your examples are more or less secular... this game is secular enough for my taste. Too secular to call itself planet management god game. But I agree. There needs to be an option to choose. As I repeated over and over again in different topics... A secular and a godly way to please different type of gamers. And I repeat myself again... There are tons of strategy management games on the market but not a single god game. So excluding the godly main focus and reducing it to some quests withouth an option to choose if you want secular or godly society... A bitter pill.