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  1. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    What about a second tech tree avaiable trough the temple? Let me repeat what I understand... Your suggestion is that some kind of faith is activated if "god" decides to invent "green" energy instead of polluting energy so god gains "green faith" or "polluting faith" isn't that too complex? By choosing one of the different buildings gas energy or "green" energy you show already what you want... if it's indended to choose anyway. if this is a one time decision between green or polluting buildings.... so you end up with a polluted mother planet or a paradise and god powers could be a mirror of your decisions. a polluted planet can be cleaned with god powers but it is harder than keeping the balance on an already paradise like planet. Only my thougts. "unlock powers" that would be great through an "research interface or progress interface" from the temple. so you can choose if you prefer more supporting or destructive powers. faith of course should be gained trough your actions. i think we all agree in that point. Maybe an option for special god powers in addition to some perks from the building tech tree are a good idea. to continue the idea from threeheaded monkey... if you choose a polluting building you could be able to unlock a "polluting" god power like "gas or oil drain or refill" powers and gain a nearly limitless energy recource in exchange for polluting the planet fast. Or you could be able to unlock a "green" building and unlock a "green" god power like "lake refill or miracle of life" to refill fish population and lakes oceans and maybe spawn animals.
  2. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Isn't that too much micromanagement? Especially with extreme traits? It's like the nugget breeding simulator then. I don't know if extreme traits are good for this game. harmless things like hair colour or such kind of things and funny traits like "sings while walking" are okay... but negative traits that affect gameplay are not such a good idea.... in my opinion.
  3. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Depends on the starting god powers. I'd agree if starting god powers would be easy resource gathering or a godly "build" power to help the nuggets. this could be your first actions on the godly way. What did you plan @Sasha? Is direct resource collecting wood stone or food and god building buildings a thing?
  4. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Well they focus on the E3 at the moment anyway. I wait until the devs return for more brainstorming and feedback. I for my part gave enough feedback for years of development so it's your turn communty.
  5. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    To continue the brainstorming flow... I believe it is really important to give the player the power to choose if he or she wants a connection to the nuggets or not. Some may prefer a gameplay like a rts builder and that's fine. Some others prefer a direct contact to nuggets. Maybe some prefer the nuggets to do nothing else than praying at the altar while god takes care of every other aspect. Some others want to set up things and let the nuggets do their thing and observe. For example (yes B&W reference but this game is great): building... god could build buildings or leave it up to the nuggets. if he decides to build he (or she) gains faith from the nuggets. resource harvesting.... god could harvest resources or leave it up to the nuggets. if he (or she) decides to harvest resources it should generate faith. food harvesting from fields or bushes... the same... protecting the nuggets from wild animals or natural desasters... god should not feel like an option in this game for all playstiles. granted. some prefer to watch and place buildings but some prefer a divine gameplay in which god matters more than a guard tower or a bunker. both should be possible to please both playstyles so the player can choose between being a watching or an active god. For the faith system... an active god should be able to generate faith trough actions or at least should have free basic interactions like picking up resources to generate faith faster. There could be an temple upgrade to decide which way you want to go as god. more active or more observing. which also could affect prayer. a "observing" god could get different prayers than a active god...
  6. Research Prototype Panel

    So back to this topic. I'd introduce wood & stone only storage areas and introduce: simple pottery as "animation technology" which allows storage for foods in the food storage - the simple pottery could allow you to invent simple cooking because it's more convenient to cook in a pot. I'd put simple education first and traditional healing and simple forecasting after education.
  7. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    1) So the self build good bad building from the nuggets will be gone? What a pity. I liked it somehow. But yes it had no real meaning. maybe you can recycle it or some parts as sacrifice altar or shrine of life. 2) good decision. but i would use the altar as main prayer collector. but not with a gmail user interface called godmail. I'd spawn nuggets there that pray to god and you can click them to hear their prayer. maybe indicated trough thinking bubbles or something else. feels more natural than a inbox for prayers. As I said... i think basic god interactions like resource collecting should be really cheap or free. maybe even generate new belief trough your actions. for example... if you collect wood and put it down near a nugget you should gain belief. or [new mechanic] if you had the ability to use those resources directly to build buildings. In this case you have direct control over the progress and faith generation beside a temple. If you do more for your nuggets they have more time to pray. If you do less for them they don't have time to pray but you can simply watch them caring for themselves...
  8. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    So it would be interesting to know if a temple or prayer enclave thing is introduced in the new faith system. maybe in addition with a sacrifice altar. I'll repeat myself from the other topic... I think a guidance is needed to give the player a kind of godly tutorial. You should start as a some kind of weak god and get stronger while your civilization grows and the faith in you grows trough prayer. This is a organic development in my opinion. The problem I have is the inability to choose whether I want to care about a problem myself or give the nuggets the opportunity to care for themselves. If a Nugget has faith in a god he or she would not create a bunker for shelter unless told so by god in my opinion. But if god decides to shelter and protect the nuggets in a different way let's say in a temple that protects in a specified area from natural desasters and wild animals... or a godly shield or something else... i have the ability to choose. even to be cruel if i decide so. but that would be too complex maybe... but the thing with broken faith is a interesting view. if god speaks "i'll protect you" and fails... faith in god is lost. Nuggets should pray and the first faith can unlock simple godly powers like resource picking and heal. which should be really cheap or even free... discussion about finetuning is too early. maybe the first godly quest could introduce you to new godly powers. story driven research maybe. i once made the joke about elu wanting a new haircut and yells to adahy in their bed. And he desperately prays to god to build a hair salon or to kill elu.
  9. Research Prototype Panel

    agreed. this was just the question if you've noticed the older topic from him. and i did not see he made a new topic yet. so everything is ok.
  10. Research Prototype Panel

    Oh we had many ideas trough the years. As you said... Ideas are one thing and realization the other. I think some kind of "research" is needed to unlock powers and special godyl buildings. If you give the player all godly powers at once they have no guidance and demand everything fast and now. If you have a progress system you could use it as a kind of godly tutorial... but i'll think of it a bit and maybe open a new topic later. I'll think of a solution because of the mostly secular building situation vs godly buildings (especially guard tower and bunker.... vs a godly solution) do you plan to introduce godly buildings like a temple, sacrifice altar and prayer enclave at all? would be good to know if i think of something and it does not fit in your plans at all... see the way we're exchanging thoughts now is great. i appreciate it and you have honest feedback...
  11. Research Prototype Panel

    But in this case a player is forced to choose only secular buildings instead of godly ones( which are not in the game yet but could be introduced later... placeholder here...) . I don't think the idea is good... Of course more informations about the faith believe god system you're planning would be great... The game loses replayability if you have a more or less streamlined tech tree. The ability to choose either godly gameplay or secular gameplay could increase gameplay depth for a wider audience. As I repeat... I have no clue about your plans for improved godly gameplay at this point beyond the quests... So may some informations would help. Thank you. Please continue with the community contact and exchange. I wish this happened earlier trough development time... But it at least is happening now... greatly appreciated.
  12. Ask Us:

    May I answer this. This is how your nuggets see your actions. Picking up resources is "evil" and healing is "good". The opposite is a fountain with a tree. So your nuggets think you are evil at the moment.
  13. Research Prototype Panel

    Solution could be a short animation for milestone technologies that are based on introducing visual changes or a non visual changes like basic communication. Of course optional if somebody is not interested in seeing those animations. The animation could be in a somehow refined style of the Kickstarter Video animation. 3m 9s As threeheadedmonkey and I mentioned before... there should be introduced some logic milestones like: simple tools... which can dig small holes for example a water pit which is better and healthyer than drinking from the ocean or lake but no real well. a simple well fire as basic option to develop more advanced technology better tools which technically could allow to build a deeper water pit (could be a +1 or a +2 update to the water pit) (deeper because nuggets have shovels now instead of simple tools) the ability to use the better tools to build simple buildings (could be updated later in level... advanced buildings... expert buildings and so on) a choice to choose faith or self awareness could be introduced via animation as said above and introduce placeholders for later special buildings and or powers that only can be researched if faith or self awareness is chosen. (PLACEHOLDER HERE no new content... but the introduciton to a diverse research tree: content can be added later so a sneek peek at least for the godly gameplay...) research of hunting should enable a new research option "clothing out of fur and leather called "simple clothing". no new resource to introduce... would lead to too much micromanagement. if nuggets invented simple clothing after hunting is researched -> they simply craft simple clothes in natural basic colours. [self awareness] the self defense guard tower could be the first self awareness building and change the epicenter to a simplistic little town hall and introduces a first "headman" [faith] the already introduced "good /bad shrine" could be the first faith building and change the epicenter to a simple temple for example a stonehenge like thing and introduces the first "spiritual leader". later in the game when farming or maybe livestock farming is introduced the ability to weave clothes could be introduced for "better clothing" and no new resource needed here. simply an animation which shows the developing process of only putting fur around the hip and breast against the new refined weaving which allows customization and maybe unlocks the "nugget customizer" with some basic clothing but in more colours. lumbering because only tools alone do not chop a tree foraging is the basic source for food and basic healing if they chew herbs maybe stone mining needs to be learned because you have to learn how to hit a stone and don't destroy it or hurt yourself wooden shelter as basic shelter against the wild when not able to build stone huts in the beginning stone huts finally they know how to put those stones together without getting buried under a big rock. families now that they have a secure and stable shelter (no im still against building health and repairing engineers in the stonage) they want to form families and you gain a bit more control over reproduction. See some of my ideas as inspiration and not as "needs to be introduced as fast as possible". Some things can be displayed with placeholders if a new gameplay mechanic needs to be introduced first.... So you can tease a later introduction. I only share my thoughts.
  14. Research Prototype Panel

    you don't have tool mechanics in the game as well. it's more a "you need to invent it to unlock the next visual effect". before the invention of fire there simply is no fire in the world. a dark night and no houses can be built of course if the nuggets don't have the knowledge. Only having tools does not make an builder. Think of it as an milestone to acquire. nothing special new real game mechanic behind it but the logic is complete. A visual effect change and unlocked other possibilities. And yes i'm aware that you don't have so much time left but rushing out something that is unlogic won't help. And the rest of the perks for godly gameplay are a wish to be realized when you're willing and able not for the steam start. Don't rush now and deliver half hearthed things. Honesty will guarantee you support if you're open on what you're working. We're on your side if you speak openly. Never forget that. We all want this game to be great.
  15. Research Prototype Panel

    Yummy jam from collected berries of course @Sasha I'm not sure about the god concept. As I mentioned in the other topic... I'd love to see a idea for real choices. Will research trees be seperated? a different for godly research? if not... i have a suggestion... really quick made in power point so excuse me. ;-) I like the idea to choose at least at the beginning for one or the other side... replayability is guaranteed this way... if you decide to give them faith they believe in you and you can build faith buildings. if you decide to give them self awareness they are allowed to care about them alone more or less.... so but buildings require the knowledge to build things first instead of only digging holes into the ground for a simple well. and stone huts have fire and warmth in it to protect the nuggets... so fire needs to be researched first.