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  1. Nuggets not upgrading buildings

    You have to get in mind when the architecture esearch is done that they are upgrading all the houses at the same time. If you have already tried to upgrade 2 or 3 buildings at the same time, you might have noticed it's a mess. Imagine when there is 10+ huts. That's why i try to have no other buildings upgrading at the same time as architecture is being researched, but also i try to stock up as many tier 2 ressources as i can (planks, bricks, iron).
  2. Season change is unbalanced.

    After playing and restarting a couple of times, i really think season change is unbalanced. It's a cool power, don't get me wrong. And the nuggets being lost for a couple secs about what's happening is funny. But in each new game i've made, after maybe 2 winters, i had enough believers and creator power to be able to skip any upcoming winter season while still using other powers such as rejuvenate and stuff. And being able to skip every winter after a certain point makes it really easy to survive. Either you could just flat out make it use more creator power, or maybe make it use more everytime it is used.
  3. Find my lost nugget

    I've done it live on stream. Here is the replay. If it still fails, you probably missed something. Or been to slow.
  4. Watchtower, (model not loading)

    It wasnt like that in the test version so either they are modifying something on it or it was a mistake.
  5. It seems to be a mac only issue(s) has it has been reported to by other mac users on discord. For me, game ran perfectly fine until i reached 120+ nuggets where it started to lag heavily. I'm on PC, win10.
  6. Boat Tips in WATER while fishing

    This bug was already noticed in the test version and i believe they have a fix but couldnt add it in time.
  7. Medieval Houses / More villagers?

    I believe it's planned i just think it's not integrated in the game yet.
  8. Find my lost nugget

    Yes i have completed it and it's actually pretty simple : Once the nugget is turning adult, about 1 minute before the end of the quest, you will have it's name pop up in the bottom right corner. Pause the game, click on the name and you'll be bring to the dumb one. From that point you have 1 minute to pick up him up and drop him near his house.
  9. People seem to easily forget what an alpha is these days ...
  10. Review of Gameplay

    open windows explorer, type %APPDATA% and then navigate to this folder.
  11. Had a crash while starting new game.

    @rustikus you should make a post about that that shouldnt be happening.
  12. GamePlay tips?

    @Starganderfish I believe your gravedigger is similar to another issue that was reported in previous updates and that i still had once in V24. It's some nuggets working at places that are getting "stuck in the building" for apparently no reason. For example, i had a witch doctor that wanted to drink but he was stuck getting back and forth in the entrance of the hospital. His status was going to drink then the next second was healing patient and so on. I had to put another witch doctor and telekinesis him so he would unlock and go to drink. As for the hunters, i saw that they are going far away too but i found them kind of usefull, especially in early ages and in long winters. You kind of have to change what they hunt regularly or they will travel all the planet for a turtle tho. About the worship, i know for sure that the quest system isn't complete yet so the worshipping part might be not completely done as of right now.
  13. Tried starting a new game, was loading stuff and then a popup appeared : "universim ecountered a crash and yada yada". I'll put the crash files with this post. error.log crash.dmp
  14. Where can I download the game

    To download the alpha you got to login into the dashboard or login into crytivo store with the same account and download it from there
  15. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    I stream it occasionally on twitch in both english and french (despite having a terrible english accent when i talk). channel is www.twitch.tv/tyanu_khah Next time i'll stream it i'll mention you on twitter