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  1. Nuggets not upgrading buildings

    You have to get in mind when the architecture esearch is done that they are upgrading all the houses at the same time. If you have already tried to upgrade 2 or 3 buildings at the same time, you might have noticed it's a mess. Imagine when there is 10+ huts. That's why i try to have no other buildings upgrading at the same time as architecture is being researched, but also i try to stock up as many tier 2 ressources as i can (planks, bricks, iron).
  2. Season change is unbalanced.

    After playing and restarting a couple of times, i really think season change is unbalanced. It's a cool power, don't get me wrong. And the nuggets being lost for a couple secs about what's happening is funny. But in each new game i've made, after maybe 2 winters, i had enough believers and creator power to be able to skip any upcoming winter season while still using other powers such as rejuvenate and stuff. And being able to skip every winter after a certain point makes it really easy to survive. Either you could just flat out make it use more creator power, or maybe make it use more everytime it is used.
  3. QB4 Bug Report

    Basically, you want to have lots of water reservoir in the warmest place available : so that it doesnt freeze in the winter (it gets frozen when reaching -30°c ) For filling it, you'd want to have at least one water pump only filling reservoirs (i consider myself ok when i have a difference of +25, example, 80 input water for 55 water consumption => +25/s in the reservoirs) Basically, i have like 1 water pump and 1 reservoir at first winter, 4 or 5 water pumps and 3 reservoirs at second and so on.
  4. 5 - Stuck heading home

    I confirm the engineers being lazy AF.
  5. 5 - underground animals

    I've noticed it too on QB4. I've also noticed hovering animals. Didn't knew Marty McFly went on Mother Planet to give them hoverboards.
  6. QB4 Bug Report

    I didnt encountered any of the bugs you listed. About water management, it's a gameplay mechanic. Try again, after a while, you'll get how it works. Spoken messages are indeed a bit too frequent. I've not been bothered by the night circle. Freeze on auto save, i had it too, but it happened to me on others QB before.
  7. Hi, so i just started a game on QB3 and i cant use the rejuvenile power on the assignated nugget for the quest. I can use it on a building without issue, but i click like a madman on the one nugget for the quest and nothing happens. I can use levitate and kickstart on him without issue tho.
  8. Telekinesis for resources

    You have to be close and on top of it to work better. If you are too far away or at an angled camera view, it gets tricky and often does crap.
  9. In 443, i'm still having the issue. Saved file and output log is in "the universim.7z" file attached. It's compressed with 7zip The Universim.7z
  10. can you post your specs Jane ? I'm curious about it.
  11. [6]AI gets stuck after loading a game

    So i saved a game this morning, and after coming back from work i loaded it. I played a while like everything was ok and then i noticed nuggets got stuck. Like the AI crashed. I have no crash file tho. If you load the save file, let the game run until it reaches age 37, you'll see the nuggets that are finishing an action (moving to a well, choping down a tree) and then they'll just get stuck there. Doing nothing. Save file send to Colin thourgh discord.
  12. Hospitals

    @Ankneemull did you healed him while he was in hospital already ? this morning i started a new game on new version, healed a nugget that wasn't in hospital (neither going for it, iirc he was delivering ressources) and hospital was working fine for me.
  13. [2] Nugget twice in the cemetery

    It only happened once with the cemetery, but i had a very similar thing with the creation of first stone hut where i used cupidon right when they were "naturally" about to make a house. It ended up in creating 2 construction sites at the same time. So i guess you need a realy precise timing for this to happen.
  14. I have some save files that indeed loads but then the AI is broken and all my nuggets die.
  15. 100 happiness and wants to kill herself

    Quite sure it's because you failed the quest and she is forced into that state despite her hapiness score