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  1. Saved Game does not load

    I honestly do not recall the year. Time flies when you are trying to keep the nuggets on the right path. according to the hover over on the saved game 249 mostly happy nuggets. You know how it is there is always one. Attaching two auto saves auto 1, 3:57 one does not load auto 2, 3:40 one loads after client is unresponsive for a few seconds auto2.7z auto1.7z
  2. Saved Game does not load

    Build Version V29 Severity 5 Description When loading last manual save named "test", the loading screen spins and stops. Without my guidance my nuggets are bound to do something dumb. Repo Steps 1. From Load Game screen Select "test", dated 12/16/2018 4:07 2. Click "Load Live" 3. Click Yes 4. Enjoy the lovely quips as you wait for nuggets to materialize 5. hmm this is taking longer than expected 6. Where are my nuggets? 7. What mischief are they up to when I am not there to guide them? 8. Well, I did recently fulfill the Tesla quest perhaps the nuggets did something foolish and destroyed the planet. FYI game save is zipped with 7-Zip output_log.txt test.7z
  3. Web site backer new home page.