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  1. Re-Forestation

    Or let trees grow--- as nature permitted. As long there are stumps, yes?
  2. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Good to know! I played and I'm thrilled we finally get to Medieval Era and wondered if there's something I missed. (like with Iron Mine.) Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'm Zweihander and I have the game for a while but this is my first time being on the forum! I'm Alpha backer--- I missed the Kickstarter window, lucky I heard about The Universim from Kickstarter!
  4. Oops! The game crash

    Yeah after the latest update today (Nugget Juice hotfix update) my game, too, crashed. Not even get to Welcome Creators message before the company logo. -Z iMac, OSX 10.12.2