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    If I hover over the nuggets that are studying at the university, I see them doing stuff like "Hunting", "Going to mine stone", "Repairing a building" instead of actually studying... If the nuggets are doing all kinds of other stuff than actually studying, then no wonder it is taking so long to give them an education! Whether this is a bug or working as intended, I do not know, but I would think that when they went to school and university, they should focus all of their efforts on that until they finish training and free their spot for others to take. To achieve this, I would suggest implementing a few simple rules: 1) Only labourers are autoassigned to study. If they are assigned to a building, I would prefer that they actually stay with that building and doing the stuff they are supposed to do that is connected to that building. At the same time, I would need an indication in the nugget list, that these nuggets are no longer labourers, but they are now students, so you don't accidentally assign them to do other stuff. And if there are no more uneducated labourers, then unassign one from a building and replace them with another nugget, and then send them to study. The important point here is that when they are studying, they do not have other priorities at the same time. 2) Only nuggets that actually has a school education would attend university. Just like in real life, you would need some level of training before you can attend the university. 3) If you have an unemployed nugget with an education, then they will be autoassigned to buildings that require educated nuggets to function optimally, automatically replacing the uneducated nuggets. This way you will not have uneducated nuggets releasing plagues or starting fires while you have farmers with university degrees wasting their education. Implementing these points would reduce the amount of micromanagement that you currently have to put into the game to have everything working as well as they can, freeing up the creators to actually do the stuff that is fun :-)