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  1. Ask Us:

    Scroll wheel to zoom, or plus and minus keys. click the home button in the top right corner to go back to the village. the camera should self-centre.
  2. Ask Us:

    Doesn't picking them up, scrolling out as far as you can, then holding down mouse1 until you have reached full power, and then shoot them off into space work for you?
  3. Ask Us:

    I usually just pick them up and throw them into outer space lol.
  4. Dump of bugs

    Birch trees cast wonky shadows when god-light shines upon them Well has a dirt texture during winter Godmail doesn't respond after failing to find little nugget The Godmail quest to find a child nugget can sometimes be nearly impossible as the nugget is across the world selecting a power after by clicking on it after middle clicking, will not scroll the wheel. cloud pop-in is very visible when low to the ground looking up while moving. The camera doesn't fully recover from tilt on its own, after being spun. It will snow in space Report tool no work Trello API: >Error 503 A fishing boat can flip downwards 90 while rowing in to gut the fish. (they stay in place for ca. 10 sec., then they start to move. They stay flipped downwards way for the whole duration of the boat trip) Can't cancel hunter traps Nuggets and building placed on the shore show a weird white square in the water when they are being placed. Fisher Nuggets die and leave stink trails in the water.