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  1. game comes to an impassable wall

    I feel like the fact you have to build more than 1 hospital for 20-30 nuggets is just crazy especially when you're supposed to be able to upgrade the buildings. I manage to get up to 30 and I do fine until the dust storm hits and then my ENTIRE population ends up injured. That's when things go down hill and I can NEVER recover. EVER. Half my population dies to injury because even with upgrades it takes docs 10 years to heal one patient. Even when he has a stock pile of 30 healing salves. I have yet to get my civilization to a point where I can even use the advanced buildings because Dust storms or Tornadoes spiral me into a slow population death that never recovers no matter what I do. They really need to hit the game with a hotfix soon because I can't even get to a point where I can test out the new buildings they've added. What good is that?
  2. Hiya I completely forgot to comment on this. I became a backer months ago and been enjoying following the Alpha progress and helping with bug feedback.
  3. Engineer Static

    Running on Windows 10. At the time I posted this I hadn't noticed there was a hotfix. It appears you guys fixed the Engineers I played 2 hours last night and didn't experience the bug. I've been able to get up to 45-55 Nuggets no problem each time I play, however THAT is where the big issues begin. I've seen its been reported but there is constant "hiccing" (stop, go, stop, go) at these population levels. It eventually crashed as I reached 60 Nuggets. Also at one time at these population levels I experienced a big hiccup and then all the AI was frozen, time was passing but nuggets were not moving. Like the entire AI system died. The AI seems to get confused when it has multiple things it wants to do. Like for example I had a Gravedigger "Going to get a body" and "Going to get Food" that kept alternating between the two and this caused him to make slow, stop/go/stop/go steps until he eventually reached food and cleared up his queue.
  4. Engineer Static

    Yeah I reported what I think it was in game, then I tried to report another thing and the bug button wouldn't let me report anymore until I reopened the game lol
  5. Engineer Static

    I've seen other people say something about this bug "Returning". So I guess it's something that has happened before. Hopefully they will hotfix it or get it taken care of in next patch. When this starts happening I just reload a new game. I have yet to find a way to fix it. I have a theory it's related to how compact your town/city is though. On a very wide build on an open plain I did not get this bug. I think it might be AI Pathing related.