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  1. Engineer Static

    ha! totally misunderstood that... i'm running windows 10 aswell.
  2. Engineer Static

    I have Alienware.
  3. Engineer Static

    Engineer Static Engineers are still getting stuck.. they make their way to the engineer hut, get the construction icon above their heads, get out of the hut, then the icon above their head is the wrench... but then.. they go back into the hut, instead of going to the job site. From there it just loops. very frustrating. I've tried picking them up and placing them elsewhere, doesn't work.... I've fired them and placed others ... still happens... I've completely demolished the hut and placed it somewhere else.. rebuild, assign.. still happens -.-
  4. My game keeps freezing....the red X glows and then I just have to close it out. :o( bummed out cuz I had my evolution tower at the perfect spot and since I can't save I will have to start over... hope I find it again..... are the bodies of water in a different location every time the game starts?
  5. hello all, glad to be a part of a great game.... :o) btw, my fav avatar is #12