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  1. upgrading buildings

    sorry to re-hash the thread, is the upgrade working in creative mode or campaign etc? forgot to ask that originally
  2. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    having played this early on in its development cycle i've experienced everything that comes out and some of the things that stick out below. micromanaging nuggets starts becoming tedious the more population you get, and huts only housing essentially 2 nuggets, anyway as others have stated, the more you research technology and etc to get into the medieval stage the nuggets should be able to come self aware and do things themselves. you have the base function if a nugget dies it will be replaced by another nugget, expand on this for every new building which auto assigns nuggets. as the medieval age is your current age should have an auto function set up for them to recycle their huts and build larger hovels/buildings to house more nuggets, because the last playthrough i done they built Everywhere.. it became a mess. and speaking on autonomous ideas, if nuggets are self aware they should prioritise their life.. aka food/water and the injured/dead, once i have made the tribe sufficient with food and houses and jobs, i dont particularily want to keep telling them too build a new water pump/well, i want them to make good ideas on their own to say "our tribe lacks in fun.. oh hey why dont we build dino beard trimmings" and they set out to build their own entertainment/comfort building. it takes the toll off me then i can focus on building up for the next age/planet and so forth.
  3. upgrading buildings

    hey all, firstly ive tried searching the forums on a way to upgrade my existing buildings after all my reasearch was done and i had wood/stone refined resources stacked in the warehouse. i click on the orange gear icon and then click the upgrade and nothing happens. even with resources etc. is it disabled or am i missing an element here?