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  1. Ennemies included

    hunters/watch-tower guys and later on police can combat these guys. my best advice, if a new neighbouring village spawns, quickly build and man the watchtower in the direction of the new village (provided you have researched) also having a hunters hut close-by doesnt hurt either.
  2. The universim Soundtrack

    took a screenshot of the dlc portion in steam, just helping you guys as much to get proper info, lol i just want that music
  3. The universim Soundtrack

    i bought the game via crytivo store and somehow wont let me buy the dlc content on steam, which is a shame lol
  4. The universim Soundtrack

    hey crytivo, loving this new build you have released, having a lot of fun with it, but as the title of this thread, im wondering if there is plans or somewhere you can direct me to attain the music for this game. the ambient tracks simply allows me to not notice the time playing and i find myself wondering where the last 6hrs went. and onto the track i desire the most and thats the load screen, it is really good especially the slight alien-ish sound before the music build-up. any help Crytivo would be awesome, much love as always!
  5. i am aiming to drop my view in here.. if people draw their attention to all trailers and dev blogs most games state.. Yes... State, "This is not a representative of the final product" the builds we are getting are testing purposes to make the game perform, act or scrap things that do not mix or hinder the game. i think back to how universim was in its earliest stages and my god it was.. polite as i can be... shoddy... i thought.. "i just wasted money... ehh i'll let it fester dust while i go play other things" fast forward a half a year and i remembered universim and installed latest updates and the game was changed.. it performed better, it looked gorgeous albeit it still was plagued with a few issues, i voiced concerns and feedback and drew attention some functions like B&W 1/2 populous and a few other god games. now once it launched on steam, i installed steam launch update and the game got rid of most of the issues at hand and they are aiming to bring in more autonomy, and i couldnt be more happier. note to iterate on the OP and other discussion about Broken promises, just think.. draw your attention to previous EA titles, heck even concernedape creating stardew valley wasent a bed of roses, he had that in dev for like 5/6 years.. even then it was delayed and game went through 2/3 iterations... you WILL never get a game like the kickstarter trailer because it is there purely to get people excited and to back them for a product close if not similar.. hounding or berating the dev's for a trailer need to take a hard long look at ffXIV development cycle when it was announced ffversus13 or heck.. diablo 3 promises...
  6. Planet Sizes?

    who knows what the industrial/futuristic age will bring for the scale of the cities, and the alien planets no doubt would be various in size, Just none of us know yet until Crytivo let us know.
  7. Grassy patch thoughts

    well i like to make sure work is appreciated where due, i've noticed to next to little bugs and usually comment on them where i see it. and the game is vastly shaping up to be a game i can sink a day+ into. so again thankyou guys for actively trying to make the game something we can all be proud of, developers and fans alike. also thank you for that.. more reason to ignore this quest haha they can hate me if they wish.
  8. Grassy patch thoughts

    hello Crytivo thought i'd drop some info and thoughts about the grassy patch update. the bad i will get out of the way (it may not be bad but my gosh lol), firstly the nuggets reproduce like no tomorrow 100+ nuggets and not even in medieval age or sustainable practices lol, my starting zone is littered with huts... secondly the water pumps completely freezing over and the reservoirs emptying far too quickly is a problem, like i have 5/6 pumps at max and 2 reservoirs with one only filling up at a time.. it would probably be more efficient if both trickle filling rather than wait for one to fill. Now onto the Good. the tech tree is awesome, i like how it is set out and even the new temple showing how much of a creator we are good/bad nice info-graphic, the Nug's this patch seem to do their job quite thoroughly and more efficient *aside from the above mentioned baby-making*, the creator powers are well done and LOVE the forest powers, my Nug's love me now because of it haha. The narrator on certain events are a welcome change, if he didnt keep telling me my Nug's are idiots drinking lake water and suggest building more wells.. i'd need more hospitals. In the same area, the introduction is another welcome change absolutely love it. love this update and saw very little bugs that plagued previous updates, you have done damn good. Only things i noticed were someones kid was missing and i checked my Nug's and it didnt exist, also Nug's walking under the earth, may have glitched from the fishing pier i dont know.

    thankyou for the update, will try later on today for now i'll play the one i had before steam *edit* ok update, viewed integrity of steam files and can safely say it is now re-downloading all files

    same issue as that guy LOL ^^

    i have a strange issue where nothing is downloading, the Universim has been downloaded 0/0bytes
  12. Let’s talk about The Universim

    hey Crytivo, i did the survey and filled my thoughts out for that. my 8 answers to the above post will be summarised. basic front is the first questions 1-5, the game currently is good but can be better, i know i have had input regarding autonomy and god powers, i know they are being addressed which is why im eagerly awaiting to test those out. my only issue i have had with universim is the nuggets will build stone huts Everywhere like its obscene how much they build. *maybe draw grids or something for the huts to appear in that same vein nuggets will prioritise their job over survival. simple explanation would be they are standing beside a well and die of thirst because they need to deliver a body. (sidenote the cemetery workers seem to always go for the nuggets that are far away rather than proximity to the cemetery) #6 the game in its current form is hard enough, but be it a more stable game and has its core mechanics running you could make certain choices before running a new world for a much harder experience. #7 bugs i have already laid my thoughts on the ones that plague me, but for a refresher these are what i consider annoying bugs *i may be wrong* firstly, regarding hunters, the few instances i have watched them, they'll go hunt and drop off the spoils but one nugget was earth crust walking *walking under the terrain* and seemed like it was going to die and i couldnt do nothing about it. most workers have a clear designation on what their role is but regarding cemetery, engineers and even the farmers always seem to have issues. i explained cemetery above, engineers seem to be lax in fixing buildings and im unsure why, small village and i have 5 engineers and still buildings are falling down. Farms/farmers tend to start grow a crop and then all of a sudden its no longer growing.. season changes and crop is dead and then starts back up in spring and same thing they do things for awhile and by the time the crops ready to harvest they maybe get one yield and crops dead, season changes.. thats why i use hunters and fish for food rather than farms because its *currently* not beneficial. #8 rewards for VIPS i have no idea how to reward people. lol if i was working i would still clam up asking for a raise. so probably best not ask me lol
  13. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    B&W/B&W2 is an inspiration for any god game, black and white 1 had building mechanics, plop a few huts and they'll love you for sure. Black and white 2 evolved it more, more build elements and opened up to the rts portion, place spikes/skulls and the like fostered the path along the world is going to destruct so rise my minions vs planting flowers and lovey hold my hand lets skip throughout the forest type. but in terms of universim, the current way the game is now can be opened up during the medieval part after stone age, god powers start coming to the forefront when the Nug's are aware/or feel presence of something is *out* there, thus opens up your god powers albeit limited but growing. in the stone age i believe it would be early days for the god to be active in their lives, rather they wouldnt have the idea of a god concept, remember fire to the neanderthals.. in most iterations fire is... oohh bad joojoo.. so as a god *player* stone age is mainly i think catering to develop the Nug's into their own civilisation and when you start going over into the medieval age, the evo tower's first research could be "adehy is seeing visions, prove you exist or not.." could branch into either more faith from showing you exist, the god essentially is real lets pray quick build it a temple (which keeps the god game alive), or let the Nug's think adehy is crazy and receive slower faith build, which leads into the rts portion people love playing. this is my take hope it helps
  14. hiatus, state of game

    hello crytivo. i took a short hiatus from the game since the update for the archive/weather forecast and the game was good back then but the disasters like the sandstorm and piles of corpses were madness couldn't get above 50 nug's. so i took time off and played some other games hoping the game would go further, which brings me below. as of 14/06/18 (australian date lol) i have played the latest build and it has come along way, hunting is a good starter as does drip feeding evolution/research whatever it's called and the nug's really simulate suburbs, i had a main hub where the evo tower sat and put the important buildings close to that centre, my nug's started dotting up stone huts in various locations which i helped with a well for drinking on their travels. the only issue i took was the graveyard.. those nug's really dont like work, case in point village had a few nug's die of old age near/around the eatery and they lay there for about 3/4 in game years (dictating how often summer rolled around) and so i would check my graveyard workers too see whats the issue.. they were busy napping, looking for water despite standing 2 foot beside a well, looking for a mate or mating copious amounts of time...like seriously lol. most of the time they just ignored the bodies and went way out of the village to someone who died recently rather than who was already festering, this is probably the only issue that i had saw from an old build that was eerily similer to last year. aside from the issue above i am enjoying the game alot more, the hunter and upgraded buildings are all working (though at time of writing i couldnt make stone huts/evo tower evolve no matter what resources i had) im liking the more i kept playing the less the village needed of me except maybe more buildings and make sure they had water food and bunkers. so from me to you crytivo, good job, im glad i took a break and came back seeing the game better than what was, cannot wait in a few more months too see how it shapes up come the age above stone.
  15. upgrading buildings

    sorry to re-hash the thread, is the upgrade working in creative mode or campaign etc? forgot to ask that originally