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  1. Research Prototype Panel

    Just a quick question about the research panel: would we have some specific research that we could unlock upon specific action/alignment or we would always be able to research everything?
  2. Research Prototype Panel

    I think prototype 3 would suit me more: direct, simple and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. loading the game

    I had/have this problem too.
  4. Load and crash

    Hello, I did try the autosave feature in the game and it didn't work either a manual save or the autosave. When I tried to load the save game, it crash my game. Not sure where to report the "report" but there was a report made after the crash. error.log crash.dmp
  5. New Residential Block

    Iron and refine stone
  6. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Hello Alex, to answer the first question: I lost one of my colony because I didn't see that I would need more water (as of need more pump or upgrade my pump) since the hut was popping liek crazy, I didn't check the water requirement (was also building a lot of farm and other building to keep my population happy) so a basic system that said: if you are at 75% of water, build one more pump/upgrade one pump, that would be nice. Also, one time I dried out a lake, so all the pump on that lake became useless, so having another system that said: if water in lake lower than X, build pump on another lake would be nice (as per automatisation). Hope this clarify the first point. The third point with "power". I was refering to God power, so if you micromanage your colony, you should have a boost of God power/God point to help you get your colony of the ground. You could also unlock some power if you do something that would help you manage your colony. As for the stuff to do in general, in a God game, what I want is 2 fold: feel that my God grow in power and feel that my colony grow in size. If we can colonize other planet, this will keep us busy. Or, you could have a system that is similar to spore and manage trading between your system or with "other" colony (i.e. alien colony). That would be a nice little touch in the late game.
  7. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Hello, micromanagement is fine in early game but I think you should implement a little with every new era. For myself, water should be automated first, like well and pump when Medieval is there, after, I think food and other basic need should be automanage and finally, when we will be in other planet, exept for new building that isn't "vital" to the game, everything else should be AI manage (i.e. environement, electricity, water, food, cemetary/hospital and such, don't know all the system that will be implemented but what is necessary to run your village/city in your absence should be automatic. You don't want to micromanage disaster also when you are out of your planet. I would also like to have an option to decide if I want my nugget to be autoassign to building. If possible, we could have some "type" of building that can be automanage (like for example Food, ressource management, civics and other) and toggle a switch to say yes I want those type to be automanage or not. Also, maybe add some more power if you actively manage your colony, that would incentivize the need to take care of your civilisation.