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    Serbanescu got a reaction from quasi301 in Bunker issues   
    I noticed this problem since the bunker came out, there were some cases in wich all the nugets got stuck in one of the bunkers. Now with the new update, only a few of my nuggets got stuck, and I noticed this only after a storm came in and I sent my nuggets to the bunkers, bunkers wich where infested by the dead nuggets who got stuck in there, and so all my nuggets got infested and started dying. There was also a case where when I clicked on the bunker, the icon of some nuggets appeared, making me think that there were nuggets inside, but when I clicked on the icon (locating the nuggets) they were all outside. But still, nuggets die stuck in bunkers ( solution, if you notice it, you can use telekinesis )
    I wish you all a nice day!
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    Serbanescu got a reaction from heardstheword in Suggestion: Light entire planet during civilization placement   
    I agree, had the same issue few times
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    Serbanescu got a reaction from heardstheword in Suggestion: Light entire planet during civilization placement   
    I agree, had the same issue few times
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    Serbanescu got a reaction from heardstheword in Suggestion: Light entire planet during civilization placement   
    I agree, had the same issue few times
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    Serbanescu got a reaction from heardstheword in Suggestion: Light entire planet during civilization placement   
    I agree, had the same issue few times
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    Serbanescu reacted to heardstheword in Suggestion: Light entire planet during civilization placement   
    I ran into the issue yesterday where while I was trying to place my civilization, I thought I found a prime spot on the dark side of my planet. It was difficult to see when it was directly on the back of the planet. When the sun is blocked out, that entire hemisphere is difficult to see (lake/rock/mountain locations).
    It would be nice if the entire planet had a slight light increase at least during the placement of the civilization, that way if I want to place it on the night side of the planet, I can see where I'm placing it.
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    Serbanescu reacted to Magecoerlin in Treedeath?   
    Already have fixes for this that you'll see in the October update
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    Serbanescu reacted to majik1213 in Treedeath?   
    Like many other players, I too have ran into the issue late-game of nuggets having no trees nearby.  One user suggested to make remote bases to extend survival time, but when I try that, I find that new huts and homes are built only near the epicenter.  Given we cannot plant new trees or create a sustainable foresting solution yet, does anyone have any tips about getting around this issue?
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    Serbanescu reacted to 4685578525 in Suggestion v1.1 (Autonomy and Interaction) Debate Open   
    Since a lot of users want more Nugget Autonomy I think the Developers (overgods) might have a problem actually meeting this demand. I mean, I can totally understand not forcing Nuggets into hard labor may be a problem, but still, we need solutions and not just ideas.
    So after performing a sweep of surviving Nuggets (some may notice in my other posts that Nuggets had an epiphany in my village and decided to ditch me into afterlife) I decided to part in the debate and throw a few ideas that actually might work.
    If Nuggets are to have complete autonomy then interaction with them, or influencing them, needs to be re-worked.
    I made a suggestion in one of the other posts that there should be a sage that would deal with research, but after some deliberation with my inner creator, I think that wouldn't be entirely solving the issue of player "poking" at research direction.
    If Nuggets are to have full Autonomy, the player can only prod them into a correct direction but everything else is to be researched on it's own.
    For example, I don't see a point in researching buildings like Farms, Stone Mines, as those need to be DISCOVERED.
    I think the Discovery system would benefit the game more than RESEARCH because Nuggets would be able to randomly discover to fish, farm and cure injuries. The player on the other hand needs to create opportunities for said Discoveries. 
    For example a Nugget is traversing the  woods and encounters a small wild animal, if the player is observing this then they can "prod" the Nugget to attempt to capture the animal, if the Nugget has enough Might or Skill then they will succeed and discover HUNTING.
    The Discover system might bring much more fun and a lot more complex and enjoyable gameplay because the Players will feel bored if they don't interact with Nuggets.
    Making the game RTS and making the player decide what is built where is pointless in a game where the player should be a creator and influence the Nuggets.
    Discovering more complex materials will automatically call for building a place to process them and instead of making 2 or 3 buildings they could build a single one that processes them in less safe environment, and after they discover that it should be safer to work then they implement changes on their own.
    Interacting with Nuggets on a much different level is more interesting in my opinion.

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    Serbanescu reacted to zerref in some weird word glitch i think   

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    Serbanescu reacted to 4685578525 in Full Feedback [GOG version]   
    For crosses and stuff.
    I will incorporate cemetery into my faith and order doctrines to select burial or burning, if you select burial it will take a lot of space and it will grow on it's own, if you select burning the cemetery will be only as big and will not grow, this will enable an upgrade to Archive where a second Nugget will work and collect data on departed Nuggets.
    The Save function of the Archive should have been operated from the Temple anyway. The Archive should contain information about Nuggets and research/doctrines results as well as events logs such as occasional discoveries.
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    Serbanescu reacted to TallBear in Easter Egg Monster???? LOL   
    I REALLLY want a sarlacc like pit eventually LOL. Evil Creators could sacrifice nuggets, animals, etc for Creator Points
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    Serbanescu reacted to 4685578525 in Full Feedback [GOG version]   
    One thing about upgrades I really like is that once upgraded it applies to future buildings.
    However I also found a problem with food supply, especially with farms.
    Having to feed 60 Lovely Nuggets even with 3 farms and 5 eateries is really straining the area, in addition inability to farm other plants properly after farm upgrades is really annoying, a normal farm might have problems with fruits like Dragon fruit which is kind of mountainous, but an upgraded farm should be able to change soil to any type to improve crops.
    I have 3 farms and Diarrhea fruit yields 16 crops and it's the default crop in any case, placing the farm on mountain soil didn't improve crops for mountain fruits as well, while initially that was my belief that if you put the farm on the right soil it will yield better results.
    As far as the farm goes I must ask this, will you allow to place farm on water as well for fish colonies ? I think that would be a pretty interesting solution after having 3 fisheries that give moderate to minimal results, a fish farm would drastically improve yield.
    This is further pushing my worry about the research system, it needs to me more divided into specializations and sections in each tab.
    In the end I thought that just having separate tabs for each type of research area is not enough, it requires specializations and division of research, it shouldn't be restricted to only 1 research at the time. There should be a building that lets divide research and devote Lovely Nuggets to commit to research in those buildings, for example 2 Nuggets research Water Wells and 2 Nuggets research a Farm or Hunting tools both at the same time.
    Also I find it kind of annoying that when I toss a mammoth in the middle of the village they don't scavenge it for food, it's such a waste, we should teach them to not waste food.
    So here comes another suggestion.
    After researching Shamanism, implement TEACHINGS system.
    Allow me to explain.
    The teachings system would allow using Shamans or Witch Doctors as Nuggets refer to them at that state, to spread the Creators Doctrine.
    The doctrine would have different effects depending on doctrine implemented. And selecting one doctrine prevents from using a different one.
    For example, Respecting nature would implement an effect that Nuggets would be able to research Ritual Hunting in the Hunting Section, Ritual Hunting would give 20% bigger Yield but would take longer to perform, Hunters hut would receive an upgrade to transform into a bigger place where hunters meet and prepare for the great hunt, Hunters will also be more successful and suffer injuries much less often.
    Similarly a doctrine called Survival Hunting would bring 20% less yield but be much faster, the hunters would hit harder their prey but they would be more frantic about it and go to another prey before returning home, they would injure themselves more often but never die during a hunt, food yield from hunting would be 50% bigger in the end in one go but it will take them longer to recuperate. The building would receive a specific looking upgrade with animal trophies and Hunters will often need to go to the doctor before going on another hunt.
    I find this to be an interesting concept that will be more successful as the evolution of the Nuggets will move onward.
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    Serbanescu reacted to Steiner in Buildigs   
    Hello i have started my City next to a sea so my nuggets build in the other way and my problem is that they don‘t build the buildings on the seaside.
    sorry for my englisch i‘m from Germany 😅
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    Serbanescu reacted to Sasha in Easter Egg Monster???? LOL   

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    Serbanescu reacted to TallBear in Easter Egg Monster???? LOL   
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    Serbanescu reacted to 4685578525 in Full Feedback [GOG version]   
    I obtained the gog version and I'll agree with many people about the initial stuff.
    The graphics are perfect for this game, I'm honestly astonished how well you developed it so far using Unity engine, Even at still such an early state the game runs very smoothly.
    However this is feedback post and so I shall feed you back.
    I will not talk about bugs, there is a place for those, instead I will talk about some things that are not how they should be and about things that are perfectly well done.
    First of all I adore the Nuggets, they are so adorable I could probably have Elu figma on my desk (in all playthroughs Elu is the name of the first female I have).
    I like how fairly realistically some mechanics work, for example the aging of the Nuggets, according to anthropologists, our ancestors rarely lived longer than 38 years, which in this games case is true until you research some more stuff that allows your Nuggets to live somewhat longer (fire, hunting improvements etcetera)
    I love the humor in this game so far but there are problems.
    First of all, the abundance of getting sick from water drinking, I never get to stand long enough without a Nugget getting sick, I spend my powers on healing and soon after I have to spend them again on another one (or the same one) This is highly frustrating as normally this wouldn't happen, people back them would learn to not drink directly from the lake, I had like four or five wells built and upgraded.
    The game doesn't tell statuses to the player, I can understand how energy status looks like, how happiness looks like but when I click on the Nugget I should know if they are afflicted by an illness, have a fracture or have any other status diminishing affliction.
    Corner reports tell me that houses are in bad shape or a nugget is sick, fine, I understand, however I cannot zoom in on the building that needs repairs so I don't know which one it is that requires immediate attention. Sure I can use the button on the top to see all buildings and check which one is about to collapse but that's not the point in an emergency.
    Most of the user interface buttons or objects have no tooltips, which tells players nothing about what they represent and what are they looking at.
    The weather forcast and calendar are not very helpful, I admit knowing when a wind storm is coming is nice, but I can't understand how the calendar works and where it has the CURRENT calendar state.
    I can see it moving but it doesn't help me much when I can see that a drop in temperature is coming but I can't figure out when it will hit since every year it happens in a different moment on the UI, the scale is nice but an indicator would be nice.
    Nuggets are defenseless for far too long.
    It's great that we can research their watchtowers so they can defend against wild animals trying to hurt them, but that is by far  too late in the game, the nuggets should be able to defend from the start and the watchtowers should simply greatly improve that defense instead of just introducing it, even our ancestors knew how to defend against packs of wolves, you pick a bone or a big branch and swing it around until you hit one, then you keep swinging it, and never move around alone. This game, for a survival and economy simulation completely ignores it, even frostpunk developers took into account that you can't survive on your own. 
    Day/Night cycles and breeding.
    The way the Nuggets breed is really shown in a simple way, this is actually really fun, however there is a slight problem. I'm going to omit the problem with incest, instead I will ask that the game started with four Nuggets instead of two and slow down the day/night cycle by around 20%, also the season changes are too rapid. 
    Another problem with the Nuggets is the belief in the creator, making them believe in the player takes quite a lot of work all things considering that the amount of believers represents the speed at which the player can use their powers, for good or worse. At the start of the game I am asked to baptise the first kids, I do that but that doesn't clear the objectives every time. I have to spend a lot of power points on getting materials to help build buildings but despite my best efforts giving me around 5 minutes to do so after I spent my power to heal a Nugget asking for the impossible especially since when I put the tree or stone into the green zone perfectly well shown in the system, the material looks to not be delivered at all.
    And now the biggest issue with buildings.
    When selecting a building to construct the space around it is designated and it HUGE in comparison to how the building takes place, it wont be a stretch to say that the buildings have 50% bloated required space around them to be placed for buildings. In addition the buildings are so designed that Nuggets sometimes get stuck inside them forever, you have to pry them out with your powers and hope you get them out, and then hope that you can put them down without killing them because the game doesn't seem to know the height.
    Research tables are quite wrong in the way they are designed and what they represent, for example, by the time you safely get to mining is already quite late in the game as your Nuggets are already low on anything remotely close to fulfill the building material requirement, as a matter of fact I don't understand why we get the refined wood and stone buildings when the materials they produce are not even required to be used in a long time ahead, not to mention the sheer size of the buildings taking far too much space and also being so big they can't be placed near a warehouse or a material source because the placement zone is so big.
    The Temple is non-interractable, this means you can only hope there will be anything known about it, even it's construction is broken, requires zero materials and has no construction progress indicator, it only says it's being constructed. After it being completed it can't be clicked as well.
    I left the biggest thing I would like to see in the end product done for last.
    It has been said numerous times, even on these forums, that apart from being called the creator, the game treats us as another commander or colony supervisor from the get go.
    The only thing we create is the universe, wit ha single click. 
    What I would like to see is the player being able to literally spawn Nuggets at the expense of power points.
    The game should start with the player having 100 power points and creating 4 Nuggets for 50 power points per a pair. The worship points should grow much faster, but there should be a limit to how many the player can have, and that limit is based on how many worshippers the player has, in addition creating Nuggets should have a cooldown with 2 charges, and each "Create Nuggets" power use uses up a charge and 50 power points and creates a male and a female with a full cooldown being a full season. Of course the created Nuggets believe in their creator automatically.
    This game has many roots, Black and White, Spore, Creatures. Those are still wonderful games and beloved by many myself included.
    I would like to see this game developed according too the developers ideas, but I would also like to have this game function properly and according to some logic that makes things, even divine, more understandable.
    And please make the Wolves not jump at Nuggets from like 50 meters, and let them build fences, replace the Watchtowers research with Defencive Buildings research and give the players a chance of building more tight villages, put some roads into the matter and some simple fences. The Nuggets will thank you.
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    Serbanescu reacted to TallBear in A very aged nugget   
    I'm going to bug report her. I've restarted and reloaded 5 times and just just will NOT die of old age LOL
    Oh wait she JUST died right now ... lol 113 years old

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    Serbanescu got a reaction from SoulStarMecca in STEAM VERSION NOW LIVE!!!   
    You have to copy the key, then you go to steam, library, and somewhere in the bottom left of the steam window there is an add game option, where you can select from 3 option, one of them is to use a code/key, there you place the key, and that's it, the game will be added to ur library and will be able to download it, will come up with screenshots real soon, to help you out if you didn't understand:D
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    Serbanescu got a reaction from XxEnigmaticxX in STEAM VERSION NOW LIVE!!!   
    Here you go mister:D have fun!

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    Serbanescu reacted to Kerby84 in Learn more about The Universim's Steam release: what to expect and what's coming next.   
    Please.... did you "delete" the house health system and buldings need to be repaired only because they get old? Say yes or i'll stop breathing until you remove it  Scrap that... I'll rename Nuggets after you @Magecoerlin @Sasha and @Alex Koshelkov and play with you. Muahaha....  
    Uhh something else...
    No Quests at all? Not even prayers? A bit disappointing. At least prayers would be a good Idea in my opinion. If you have enough time... For the future... Maybe a third option...
    The Universim (normal mode aka story mode if possible with options to choose:
    easy (the most expensive screensaver ever) (yes @Alex Koshelkov some people like it relaxed  )
    medium (i don't want to watch screensavers only) 
    hard (i played dark souls and it was too easy for me)
    and "I want a real challenge"
    The unleashed Universim (aka creator mode and sandbox light... more options to choose but with included story)
    Creator Mode (a real pure sandbox with many options you can enable or disable to change the gameplay)
    The rest looks promising.  
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    Serbanescu reacted to Kerby84 in Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System   
    See I do and I don't get the point of your statment at the same time. You can of course be a almighty god that uses commandments and a temple (may a spiritual leader god chooses... or is "chosen" by the nuggets and god supports the spiritual leader in the "politics way"  that distributes the commandments to the nuggets. A prophet... This could be as interesting or more interesting than a simple politics system... Do the nuggets agree with the commandments? How do the commandments change the nuggets belief? Will they go to an exile village or will they believe even more... Simple politics are boring in my opinion but granted for those who like them so they can leave it up to the nuggets and do their thing and form a government wich you can influence the same way described above... But you have the option...

    The point I totally agree is the lack of options. I don't want to take the prefered playstyle from people. But I don't want to be forced to use a specified secular gamestyle in a self called god game... 
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    Serbanescu reacted to Magecoerlin in Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release   
    @KittHaven @Serbanescu @SnorlaxRae @Antiglow @brrrlin @TallBear @threeheaded monkey @Izzbah here is that bug testing we talked about way back when. Feel free to fill out the form if you're interested.
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    Serbanescu reacted to Golaz in My experience so far   
    I love the game so far and can't wait for the finished product. I've wanted a game similar to Populus for a long time. I haven't encountered any crashes of the game yet which is good.
    I've found a few bugs, not anything major but worth reporting anyways. Is there a list of known bugs and added features coming in in future builds?
    Some suggestions and thoughts from my gameplay so far:
    It takes way to many Engineers to keep your structures up. From mid stages in the game I was spending all my points on "Rejuvenate" to fix buildings.
    With 15 engineer buildings and 2 nuggets designated to each of them it was simply not enough.
    Creator Powers
    "Jolt of joy" - Seems way to expensive to me. Costs a 100 points to make 1 nugget happy? "Tornado" and "Windstorm" - The costs of these are 650 and counter intuitive to me. Not only would I be wasting tons of points but also ruin my civilization?
    Also I can only remember once or twice early game where I managed to get past a 100 points. Later game the points generate to slow and I'm spending it all on repairing buildings.  
    A better description is needed in my opinion for what the benefits are. How much better is an educated nugget compared to the others?
    Are the educated nuggets better at all tasks or they just have better traits like might, happiness?
    I've seen nuggets almost die from thirst but they are just passing the wells without drinking because they are in the middle of delivering resources and they will not go drink until they finished the delivery.
    Buildings - Free worker slots
    Maybe I'm blind but at the moment I can't find an easy way to see if any of my buildings have a free slot and I end up going through all buildings to check.
    At an early stage in the game it's no problem, but at the later stages when you have a lot of stuff going on I found it hard.
    Make it easy to spot either through the "Buildings list panel" by putting an icon indicating a free slot or simply put a flag or icon next to the building indicating free slot.
    Mother planet population log
    "Show nuggets only with selected character trait"
    A description of what these traits mean would be useful. What does it mean if my nuggets have the traits: nibbler, gourmand, immune etc?
    If you select a nugget itself and hoover the mouse cursor over the trait, a tooltip is showing up with the description. Please also add a tooltip for the same trait icons in the "Mother planet population log as well"
    Buildings - Prioritize
    When prioritizing a building to be built the text on the "Prioritize" button should be changed to "Prioritizing" or something similar?
    I'm also not sure if this action can be queued? What is actually happening behind the scenes if I click Prioritize on a second building? Is it queued or does the second building now get prioritized and the first building abandoned by the constructors and supporters?
    Think that's all I have for now. And thanks for making this game. So looking forward for more content
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    Serbanescu reacted to Sasha in Ask Us:   
    Thank you a lot for your question and curiosity. I will gladly answer your question. We've been helping them for a while along with other small devs who needed help (mostly consulting work and best approach on a game creation after work hours). We do not share any resources with them as it was stated previously.  If you have a game as well, we would be happy to help you too with a suggestion or if you have an issue, how to solve it. It's just our thing - helping.