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  1. Mail about the new uptade

    I did post it twice XD and I still can't see where the first one is :)). I go trough the alerts. Spammer me, nuggets will hate me uprise and burn down my altar for this, and I will use my last remaining powers to strike them all down with lightning I just accidentaly saw the BIG "Bug and issues window" :))))
  2. Mail about the new uptade

    Yep, one I made on the bugs topic, and i couldn't see my topic, and I tought it hasn't gone troughXD That would be awsome!
  3. Guyz, have you seen the mail about the new patch? I realy think it's awsome, the way they are turnning "nuggola tesla" "kim jon nug". Hillarious, and it seems they are realy working on the quest part. I realy think and hope this update will please us all, even KerbyXD.
  4. Re-Forestation

    I think this is a nice thought for the later stages of the game:D
  5. Review and Suggestions (an outside perspective)

    What do you think about this: ti get rid of the micromanagement issue, going along a tech development branch, you should find the cityhall, and the mayor would be the one who will handle the micromanagement of your mighty city (if he's uneducated he'd do a realy slopy job, your city would break apart, you'd have to intervene. If he's educated and he's smart everything would go smooth and you could focuse on other godly things). Thus you could have nuggets not liking the mayor, and migrating into other cityes with other mayor , but they still worship you, so you can't ignore them, but you want them to go to war for your personal fun, or you want them to go along and help eachother develop themselves. I think this would be a real awsome way to slide from micro to macromanagement and it's logical too (that's my opinion, if you disagree, please share your idea) Idea for the mayor not being liked by some nuggets could be also: or it could be the city grew too much, and the mayor can't handel it alone anymore, and he needs some deputyes, and you could have them turning corput trying to overthrow the nice, smart mayor you have and stuff, so you would find those corupt deputyes, and strike them down!
  6. Forum interface

  7. Forum interface

    Holaaa, What's happened to the forum interface, it looks better (graphicaly), but it's messed up, I select to sort by "last reply" but it doesnt work, it's all jumbeled up. Hard to keep up with the discussions, is it just me, or it's a general thing? Edit: Just figured it out, it's cuz of the pinned threads are actualy pinned to show up first XD. After them comes the threads sorted as i wished:D
  8. Recommendations

    That's B&W :D, but it truly is a nice concept, and I would love to see it personalized and made in The Universim's way
  9. Had the same reaction when i first saw it:))
  10. Research Prototype Panel

    :))Punish the nemessis:)), did you notice that the quest with the nemessis comes from adahay's son, telling you that adahay stole the love of his live (aka elu, aka his mom!!!)
  11. Who knows what awaits in august, maybe lighting the "streets" or homes/buildings, speed up the refined materials process:D
  12. Research Prototype Panel

    An idea to get xp to get a new research would be a/some nuggets who are smarter. You make them build something, and the smarter nugget studies the building and it's functions and he comes up with the idea, then you have a pop up message that says, "elu came up with an idea, research x is now available". It would be nice if you could designate those nuggets, the smarter they are, the faster they get the research. But it's still tricky, you'd need the first research tier, so you have a base line you can start from...
  13. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    I hope it's not just me, but the first tought that crossed my mind was Nuggets Reproduction Process:))
  14. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    I think everyone who's been active on the forum would love to have a go at the closed beta test, me included:D
  15. Research Prototype Panel

    I agree, I'd like to see the concept of the 2nd one cuz that way it's easyer to chose the path you want to take, and you could go one way (lets say the good god way) or you could go somewhere in the middle (say you want the research from the good god way, but there is a research that you need from the evil path, like making more advanced weapons from a path of war, but you actualy want them to help protect your nuggets, or you genuinely want to be an evil badass who will conquer the univers). I know it's going a bit to far, but I liked the idea from Path of Exile with that huge research tree. And you can drow circles to end an age, like inside the first circle is the stonage, between the first and the second circle you have the nextage research and so on... Also an awsome idea that could solve the huge research pannel, I support this idea:D
  16. I still think this is and will be a gr8 game (if we keep the good feedbacks), lets just have some faith an patience with the developers, and for the future patches lets not turn toxic with the feedbacks, I think they are well aware of the way the game is going right now and will, along the way, turn to the side of a Godly game:D (This does not mean no feedbacks or negative feedbacks, just not toxic). I had an still have high hopes for this game, I trully hope it will surpass B&W 1&2. Keep up the good work guyz
  17. Wild Animal Attacks/Guard Bug?

    It did happen to me too, and I think the problem is with the guard towers, didn't try it but I think for now you'll have to place a bunch of them to guard the perimeter, cuz I noticed, that it often happens so that all the guards take breakes at the same time. And the solution to that would be simple, you put 2 slots on the guard towers, and the change shifts so that the guard towers are always occupied and no wolf gets past them:D
  18. Opinions on the new patch?

    Hi guyz, I haven't had the opportunity to test out the new patch (been working alot), can you share your general opinions about what's new with me, cuz I'm dying to find out how it feels, and I woun't be able to play it until saturday. Tanks alot!
  19. Opinions on the new patch?

    I think the issue with the wolves is that nuggets leave the guard towers to sleep/eat/love and nobody takes theyr places, to prevent that I build towers closer, but they left at the same time XD, bad luck I guess, a wolf got past and killed about 20 of my nuggets, I think that something like, when your village is attacked by any animal, your hunters should respond to that and leave whatever they are hunting at that time, or the tower nuggets should protect the other poor defensless nuggets:D.
  20. Find my lost nugget

    I think it's easyer if you search for him by clicking every house until you find him with the icon, when you found out where he lieves, you just click on his icon, and the game will take you to him (very slow XD). I did had a time when his home icon wasn't the same as the one from the quest, took me longer but I clicked on every kid's icon until the game took me away from the village (very slow XD)
  21. review of beast hunter

    Realy nice toughts, these are some gr8 ideas:D I think you should move this review to the topic posted a few hours ago "Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim ", for it to be more visible:D
  22. Find my lost nugget Quest

    It will be nice to see a few more quests soon, it's a nice concept:D.
  23. Nuggets, Bunkers And Time

    It's the glowing pink bell on the top left of the screen:D, but you have to press it only once, if you press it twice, the second time you will call off the allarm.
  24. Crashing into montains

    I love how they made this thing when you go with your PoW into the montain (crashing in a montain) and the screen brakes as if you actualy hit the montain. It's really well done and interactive, I can't wait to see more content like this!