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  1. First plathrough, thoughts so far

    Haven't had this problem, I usualy place my epicenter close to atleast 2 BIG lakes, not small ones, this one is the number 1 priority for me when placing the epicenter. A second advice for this problem would be to place the water pumps on both (all of the lakes, I preffer 3 lakes) equaly. And the lake does resuply itself when it rains above the lake, checked that one out. But it has to rain, with no rain there's no water regeneration (by the way, when it rains, the reservoairs also replenish water suply, atleast in what I've seen). All the being sayed, the lakes I used never droped below 90% (when i used 3 lakes) or 80% (when I used 2 big lakes). It happened to me randomly one time, didn't notice the cause, might have been a lightning strike
  2. I agree, had the same issue few times
  3. Looking for Crops

    You have to put them to work, that's how you control your population, if you give them too many things to build early on, you will have problems later on, having too few nuggets, another thing that stops them from breeding out of control is theyr jobs, so placing new buildings and jobs:D. You'll figure it out eventualy, I've had this problem a few times, giving them too many things to build and they weren't dating...
  4. Looking for Crops

    You need to find some Bushes with fruits, if you pick up bushes that have been harvested by your nuggets, they dissapear, so either hold your mouse over the bush to see if it has anything left on it, or zoom in on it to see if the bush is empty or if it has fruits, or whatever they have on it:D
  5. I do agree your ideea sounds real fun, then again it will be tricky, there might be people who think that would make you just a bystander, that doesn;t have much to do in the game, but that could be prevented if your idea is implemented corectly, and you (as a god) would play the game to influence the nuggets in the direction you want, say for example, a nugget comes up with the idea to implement the coal power plant, and you as a god don't want that to happen, cuz you want your planet to remain green, so you either kill this nugget, or give him a vision of the future, then he comes up with the idea of solar/wind power plant (or you could have a god power "madness" and you could make him go mad). There are a lot of fun things to do also as a bystander. I like the game as it is now, with the ideea that once you get your mayor, things will go smothely, and the micromanagement would go away. But I do think that the mayor is too far in the game for the micro to go away. I'd rather place a tribe chief, that you'd have to watch closely, and teach him the art of managing a tribe, art that he would pass on to his kid (if you take your eyes off of him to help out a nugget with a request, he'd something bad, or he'd come with a real awesome idea), so latter in the game when you build a townhall, you as a god would prevent the minister of coal energy come to life, or the law enforcement to go to radical resorts such as torture or burning witches on the stake. If you go further in the game, and you have a modern planet, you no longer have space on the planet, your godly powers can no longer regenerate the woods and the water of the planet, you give a nugget a vision of a star system that has an inhabitable planet, that nugget comes up with the idea to colonize and builds up a company for that and starts a series of research that would lead to interplanetary colonisation, and you'd have study the planet, so you don't send your nuggets to theyr doom. And now the idea of exile villages cam into mind, wich would give you another problem (you can realy exclude the micromanagemnt from this game), and this village would evolve faster/slower than your own, you could help each other, or anihilate each other, you could have world wars, or world treaties, and then they could go to other planets before/after you, you could steal the tech from them, or they could do it if you have it before them, or you could help them out with the tech, then you would have planet treatyes, and there is also the aliens. Point is, this game has such a huge potential! Anyways it turns out, I'll stick with it and I'll enjoy it all the way to the end of development. I'm realy curios how it will turn out.
  6. Full Feedback [GOG version]

    At the cemetery they do burn the dead, they burn them when the cemetery runs out of space and or probabbly when the family of the dead nugget wants it, if you check the building you'll see it consumes wood, and it has a pyer:D
  7. Full Feedback [GOG version]

    Thanx for the insight, indeed the reservoirs are stacked together and I had 3 reservoirs and 6 water pumps (all upgraded) I'll try it out the way you sayed:D
  8. Full Feedback [GOG version]

    You have realy awesome ideas, there's a thread with the devs for such ideas, you should share your ideas there, might help out the devs. Also, for this update, I managed to keep up with the food production for a 80-100 nuggets tribe with 2 fisheries (upgraded!), 2 farms on forest soil with acorns (they are the best in my oppinion they offer plenty food in less time compared to other) and 1 farm on grass soil (or what ever was the name of the soil), oh and the hunting lodge, always had food in stocks. Forgot to mention 4 restaurants (upgraded eaterys) in the 4 corners of my tribe. This is the curent archive I'm playing. I know it takes a lot of time, but try other things also, might work out, and watch your nuggets also, some nuggets tend to get lazy and ur crops don't grow, or they make love instead of fishing XD. My real problem that I haven't solved in any of my games yet is the water for winter in the latter stages, it always run out too soon, and my tribe stops working for hlaf or 1/4 of the winterXD I do agree with the research panel, it needs some twitching, that's why I sayed you should bring your ideas to the ideas thread XD.
  9. Buildigs

    Ola, They build wherever they want XD, but you can try to either wait until ur tribe gets so fat they'll build where they have the space, either you destroy the huts until they build where you want them to build . Have a nice day! P.S. Your english is just fine
  10. Easter Egg Monster???? LOL

    Now this is realy awesome!
  11. Full Feedback [GOG version]

    I agree, I didn't manage to impress nuggets either, they only get scared when they see rocks flying, and they don't notice when they miraculously gorw back an broken bone... they'll probabbly twich with the beliefe sistem in the updates to come:D. I haven't checked the size change of the buildings when you upgrade them, but I assume that's the purpose of the second dotted line, @Sasha, Isn't it?
  12. Full Feedback [GOG version]

    Hola! I haven't encountered this problem this patch, I did had problems with the earlier ones, the thing here is to place the well smart and build enough of them so they have time to fill back up, also consider building 2-4 eateryes (considering the size of ur tribe) that way you'll have no problems (I also got the first 2 well upgrades as soon as I could, knowing the issue). At this point I think it's a matter of management (tough it could be a problem with the AI, but im pretty sure they fixed this issue). I don't know if you noticed, but there are too dotted lines for the buildings, first is the actual building size, the second is the size it will be after the upgrade, that's why it takse so much space, so you don't encounter the issue where you can't upgrade ur buildings cuz of the lack of space:D They have an "allmighty" god overseeing them :)). I got attacked by a wolf, he took out 2-3 nuggets till I pinnpointed him and threw him in a lake, it was supposed so that the wolfs wouldn't atack so violently (it's not as it was in the last patch, but still that wolf went rampage on my nuggets, there were 2-3 occasions when my nuggets strayed too far, and the wolves ate theyr asses). Concerning this issue, I think that should be something done to the research tree, the problem is that you have a hard time getting to know what you need the most, you have to get ur reservoir till the first winter, but also have to build ingeneers hut so you don't lose buildings, at this point you have to get some more food for ur tribe, a forecast tower and bunkers, and water pumps and towers, and hospital cemitery and so on. Point is you need too many things early on and you don;t have the time to research them... I think this one we'll see coming soon, I also tryed to actualy do something with the temple, but I had no succes... It's a lot more tighter now, I actualy like it, I think the game has to get to the point of modern age, to compact the villages into cityes... This is my oppinion in the points you adressed. Have fun playing the game, and try something new every time, I always discover something fun and interesting every time I play it, I'm realy looking forward to see how this game develops:D, it sure isn't complete and has issues to be solved, but they sure work hard and are passionate about it (from what I've seen so far). Keep up with the good feedbacks! Thanx for your post!
  13. next update?

    I think they will go back to monthly updates, they usualy brought the uptade at the start of the month, so we might see the next update around 01-05.10.2018, deppending on how manny things they aproach in the update, they delayed one update, but only with a few days.
  14. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    To do so, you have to restart steam, after you restart it, it worked for me...

    Here you go mister:D have fun!

    You have to copy the key, then you go to steam, library, and somewhere in the bottom left of the steam window there is an add game option, where you can select from 3 option, one of them is to use a code/key, there you place the key, and that's it, the game will be added to ur library and will be able to download it, will come up with screenshots real soon, to help you out if you didn't understand:D
  17. Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System

    My idea was, that there could be both politics and religion, those in politics you could influence with your actions (or couldn't influence them at all if there's a nonbeliever) and those in religion would obey every command you give them and if you don't want to kill the nonbeliever, you could order your priests to take action against the curent "corput" politics. I also think that a nice thing about this game is that the scenario wouldn't repeat. I mean, maybe one time you chose to kill the politician that you dislike, and as a result nuggets flee from your civilisation, and maybe one time you make your followers to assasinate him, and your church rises to power, or maybe sometime you decide to impress the politician, and take control of him. I like the idea of nuggets having theyr own will. There are many nice things that could be implemented.
  18. Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System

    To please both of you, I would bring in the game a church system, wich you could control directly with god commandments and then you would have conflicts between politics and religion, and ultemetly religion could rule the planet or politics, depending on how you intervene. I too agree, that this concept is realy nice and it could lead to some nice gameplays. It's a nice feature (the politics system), I still think this game will turn out greate. I can't say I don't agree with kerby, in the sense that it would be nice to give the player the choice of deciding wich gameplay he wants, the one in wich you are an almighty god who gives everything to his nuggets, or a subtle god who influences his nugets subtely (like teaching your creature in B&W, but this time with a civilisation).
  19. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    I will do so this evening, I haven't had the chance to check my laptop model, so I don't know the exact specifics of it:D
  20. My experience so far

    Hello, They most of the things you encountered are worked on for the august steam releas, as they are saying, the education will be needed soon:D and the free slots will probabbly be filled by the AI as your city advances to the later eras:P. Have fun playing this awsome game!
  21. Sound's realy awsome, can't wait to test it:D
  22. My journey in Universim

    Hi there, They say that most of the issues ( if not all of them) you encountered are and were being fixed for the august steam releas:D, and many more other stuff, plus a big surprise. In my opinion, we will see an entirely different game. I'm so excited and I can't wait for it to come out! Have an fun die!
  23. Mail about the new uptade

    Guyz, have you seen the mail about the new patch? I realy think it's awsome, the way they are turnning the game, "nuggola tesla" "kim jon nug". Hillarious, and it seems they are realy working on the quest part. I realy think and hope this update will please us all, even KerbyXD. Gr8 job guyz with this mail, I think this might be a ray of hope for some ppl:D Edit *: Please share ur toughts Edit **: In case you haven't read it, here you go: https://crytivo.com/en/news/how-your-choice-matter-in-the-universim