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  1. Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System

    My idea was, that there could be both politics and religion, those in politics you could influence with your actions (or couldn't influence them at all if there's a nonbeliever) and those in religion would obey every command you give them and if you don't want to kill the nonbeliever, you could order your priests to take action against the curent "corput" politics. I also think that a nice thing about this game is that the scenario wouldn't repeat. I mean, maybe one time you chose to kill the politician that you dislike, and as a result nuggets flee from your civilisation, and maybe one time you make your followers to assasinate him, and your church rises to power, or maybe sometime you decide to impress the politician, and take control of him. I like the idea of nuggets having theyr own will. There are many nice things that could be implemented.
  2. Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System

    To please both of you, I would bring in the game a church system, wich you could control directly with god commandments and then you would have conflicts between politics and religion, and ultemetly religion could rule the planet or politics, depending on how you intervene. I too agree, that this concept is realy nice and it could lead to some nice gameplays. It's a nice feature (the politics system), I still think this game will turn out greate. I can't say I don't agree with kerby, in the sense that it would be nice to give the player the choice of deciding wich gameplay he wants, the one in wich you are an almighty god who gives everything to his nuggets, or a subtle god who influences his nugets subtely (like teaching your creature in B&W, but this time with a civilisation).
  3. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    I will do so this evening, I haven't had the chance to check my laptop model, so I don't know the exact specifics of it:D
  4. My experience so far

    Hello, They most of the things you encountered are worked on for the august steam releas, as they are saying, the education will be needed soon:D and the free slots will probabbly be filled by the AI as your city advances to the later eras:P. Have fun playing this awsome game!
  5. Sound's realy awsome, can't wait to test it:D
  6. My journey in Universim

    Hi there, They say that most of the issues ( if not all of them) you encountered are and were being fixed for the august steam releas:D, and many more other stuff, plus a big surprise. In my opinion, we will see an entirely different game. I'm so excited and I can't wait for it to come out! Have an fun die!
  7. Mail about the new uptade

    I did post it twice XD and I still can't see where the first one is :)). I go trough the alerts. Spammer me, nuggets will hate me uprise and burn down my altar for this, and I will use my last remaining powers to strike them all down with lightning I just accidentaly saw the BIG "Bug and issues window" :))))
  8. Mail about the new uptade

    Yep, one I made on the bugs topic, and i couldn't see my topic, and I tought it hasn't gone troughXD That would be awsome!
  9. Mail about the new uptade

    Guyz, have you seen the mail about the new patch? I realy think it's awsome, the way they are turnning the game, "nuggola tesla" "kim jon nug". Hillarious, and it seems they are realy working on the quest part. I realy think and hope this update will please us all, even KerbyXD. Gr8 job guyz with this mail, I think this might be a ray of hope for some ppl:D Edit *: Please share ur toughts Edit **: In case you haven't read it, here you go: https://crytivo.com/en/news/how-your-choice-matter-in-the-universim
  10. Guyz, have you seen the mail about the new patch? I realy think it's awsome, the way they are turnning "nuggola tesla" "kim jon nug". Hillarious, and it seems they are realy working on the quest part. I realy think and hope this update will please us all, even KerbyXD.
  11. Re-Forestation

    I think this is a nice thought for the later stages of the game:D
  12. Review and Suggestions (an outside perspective)

    What do you think about this: ti get rid of the micromanagement issue, going along a tech development branch, you should find the cityhall, and the mayor would be the one who will handle the micromanagement of your mighty city (if he's uneducated he'd do a realy slopy job, your city would break apart, you'd have to intervene. If he's educated and he's smart everything would go smooth and you could focuse on other godly things). Thus you could have nuggets not liking the mayor, and migrating into other cityes with other mayor , but they still worship you, so you can't ignore them, but you want them to go to war for your personal fun, or you want them to go along and help eachother develop themselves. I think this would be a real awsome way to slide from micro to macromanagement and it's logical too (that's my opinion, if you disagree, please share your idea) Idea for the mayor not being liked by some nuggets could be also: or it could be the city grew too much, and the mayor can't handel it alone anymore, and he needs some deputyes, and you could have them turning corput trying to overthrow the nice, smart mayor you have and stuff, so you would find those corupt deputyes, and strike them down!
  13. Forum interface