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  1. Wild Animal Attacks/Guard Bug?

    It did happen to me too, and I think the problem is with the guard towers, didn't try it but I think for now you'll have to place a bunch of them to guard the perimeter, cuz I noticed, that it often happens so that all the guards take breakes at the same time. And the solution to that would be simple, you put 2 slots on the guard towers, and the change shifts so that the guard towers are always occupied and no wolf gets past them:D
  2. Opinions on the new patch?

    I think the issue with the wolves is that nuggets leave the guard towers to sleep/eat/love and nobody takes theyr places, to prevent that I build towers closer, but they left at the same time XD, bad luck I guess, a wolf got past and killed about 20 of my nuggets, I think that something like, when your village is attacked by any animal, your hunters should respond to that and leave whatever they are hunting at that time, or the tower nuggets should protect the other poor defensless nuggets:D.
  3. Opinions on the new patch?

    Hi guyz, I haven't had the opportunity to test out the new patch (been working alot), can you share your general opinions about what's new with me, cuz I'm dying to find out how it feels, and I woun't be able to play it until saturday. Tanks alot!
  4. Find my lost nugget

    I think it's easyer if you search for him by clicking every house until you find him with the icon, when you found out where he lieves, you just click on his icon, and the game will take you to him (very slow XD). I did had a time when his home icon wasn't the same as the one from the quest, took me longer but I clicked on every kid's icon until the game took me away from the village (very slow XD)
  5. review of beast hunter

    Realy nice toughts, these are some gr8 ideas:D I think you should move this review to the topic posted a few hours ago "Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim ", for it to be more visible:D
  6. Find my lost nugget Quest

    It will be nice to see a few more quests soon, it's a nice concept:D.
  7. Crashing into montains

    I love how they made this thing when you go with your PoW into the montain (crashing in a montain) and the screen brakes as if you actualy hit the montain. It's really well done and interactive, I can't wait to see more content like this!