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  1. So I am having an issue with clicking on a building and getting the stats, picking a crop for the farm, and all of the other buildings. All it does is act like I am holding the left mouse button down and when you move the mouse away, it moves the planet. This is stopping me from proceeding on in the game.
  2. Nugget dies twice

    So after a Nugget dies, it lets you know that they dies for whatever reason. When you need to use Telekinesis because you either don't have a graveyard or your Graveyard person is lazy and you shoot the Dead nugget up to the heavens, it says that the creator killed the Nugget.
  3. Telekinesis

    Ok, so I came across a bug. When you pick up a Nugget and are holding it, Alive/Dead, you start moving without wanting to move. You find your self miles away from the camp. When you release, you stop. I have tested this 2 times in 2 different restarts. I am using a mac, tho I don't think it really matters.