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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I agree. Maybe instead of having building health which, as you said, is unneeded micromanagement, perhaps it could manage reconstruction of buildings destroyed instead?
  2. Let’s talk about The Universim

    You're describing a city management game. In other popular city management simulations the player assigns sections of the city to develop certain ways, places key buildings which are constructed by the AI, and directs research to unlock other buildings. The similarities continue in that the player needs to manage resources. If I'm supposed to be a god directing a civilization, then when I tell them to build a farm they should collect the resources, build the farm, staff it, and make sure it is enough to feed the population. The AI farming community should expand to meet the needs of the AI civilization, not the god-mayor placing half a dozen more farms. The AI might collect the resources and construct a farm right now, then the player has to assign people to work the farm, and if the farm isn't producing enough the player has to place more. Think of ancient human stories of gods, there are stories about a surplus harvest attributed to gods, but there are no stories where a god shows up waving a civil engineering degree and begins planning new farmland. The management isn't the problem, the micromanagement is the problem. You can create a god-sim with city building elements, that's expected, but how about the feel of a religion? The acknowledgement that I am supposed to be playing as a god and not a god-mayor. The number one feature you are missing is the player being a god. I imagine a god telling the civ what to do and it gets done. Maybe I use god powers to enhance the effectiveness and to procure followers that contribute to the spreading of my influence or religion? What I most like about The Universim is the concept. You can improve upon the current gameplay by living up to the concept of a god-sim game. You should avoid changing the original concept. See where I'm going here? If this end up as a god-sim game with the amibiton of being a god to multiple civilizations on multiple planets, then replay value won't need to be considered. The time it takes to accomplish that should be ridiculously long given the amount of planets and if a person restarts the game it would be to clear the constant incessant needs of the many many planets and civs. The game should include some sort of mechanic to have civs from different planets eventually be able to interact with one another. This is an easy one. The best god-sim game was black & white. The interactions with the individual ingame people (in this case they'd be nuggets) wasn't all that lavish, but it could be used to influence their opinion of the player-god. Sometimes I think you are confusing influence with direction; one can be directed to build something, or one can be influenced indirectly. This game is more direction and less influence. The current level of micromanagement is either ridiculous or exactly what one would expect depending on one's point of view. I would like a god-sim game so my point of view is that the micromanagement has gotten out of hand. The nuggets are dumb as bricks and can't do anything themselves. Sea monkeys require less management. What irks me is that we can build everything except the houses, which are in the way all the time! I might mind it less if I could construct those as well. I mean, I might as well since I'm forced to manage every other aspect of the nuggets' existence. Less direct management would be a welcomed change as long as you include the ability for me to be a god to those nuggets. Maybe instead of making me build 5 farms to support a civ, I could use a god power to bless a farm with abundance as a reward for a civ having a lot nuggets following me and as a way to get more, or curse the field with pestilence as a punishment. that will give the nuggets a negative view of the god, but also make them worship out of fear. A good god-sim should only be as challenging or relaxing as the player chooses. Everything should be customizeable to give each player a unique experience. Ultimately, a god-sim should allow the player to either make the gameplay challenging and requiring constant in game choices and interactions or so relaxed that the player can play the game, watch tv, and juggle their kids. Which is why the ability to pause the game and do stuff while time isn't moving is so important. I'm supposed to be a god! Give me the ability to work outside of time. I'm skipping this. The game is no where near completion, the state of the game isn't great, and the direction of the game is far from the initial proposal. Bugs are to be expected but are the least of my worries. I'm confident you'll fix them as they are reported. Rewards are great and all but the best reward I can be given is that this game turn out to be the god-sim game that was pitched. Make that game and that will be reward enough. Produce the god-sim game I thought this would be where I can play god to a civilization and not just their generation-spanning mayor. This game is a good game. I choose to have faith that the end result will be the concept I backed and the product I am hoping for.
  3. Creators Powers

    Given the current lack of God powers, each play-through makes me feel more like a very frustrated chieftain and less like an omnipotent being looking out for followers. Watching them starve or die of thirst and just sit there not doing anything makes me feel so helpless. Lol! I'm looking forward to the eventual implementation.