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  1. Build V.29 Severity 3-4 There is food in the lakes of the world, so the Nuggets try to walk into the lake to eat that food, but once they get there, they turn around and head for a different food int the lake, 50-100 nuggets are stuck in this cycle of trying to eat Food(2) and are starving to death. It is not only food, but there is stone in a different lake in which nuggets attempt to pick up, but can't. A possible cause for the food is that a tornado most likely killed a fisherman, or the fisherman died of old age and dropped the food in the lake. Reproduction: Build a lot of fishing piers, (the glitch happens with the medieval ones) have the fishing piers assigned have a tornado kill the nugget while having fish in their boat Over time nuggets will find the food and attempt to eat it, get stuck in a cycle and die Savefile: I do not know how to upload a save file, tips or steps on how to find the save files? Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/lt73m7
  2. Year 250 Time Causing Issues

    I've encountered dozens of problems as I have recently gotten to the year 250, some problems that are really minor, like the underground nugget problem, to problems that obstruct reproduction First off, I don't know what causes this, but I don't get anymore achievements, I haven't gotten the year 250 achievement, nor any of the other achievements when I accomplish them, the achievements that are not registering are: - Helping Hand - Expansion - Gourmand - 1000th Customer - Stubborn Society Secondly, I have also experienced all of those minor bugs, like nuggets being underground or possibly half way underground. Haven't seen many of the mammoths statically moving across the land, but I have no doubt that it happens. I have only experienced the screen flashes twice, but I hadn't really payed attention to that because I was focusing more on my population and research. Speaking of which, population balancing problems. This is one of the most frequent and frustrating problems I've ever encountered in playthroughs, it has happened over several past versions and persists to this version. The population stalls. A lot. The severity of this is actually potentially game ending. In my most recent run through I had teetered between 125-150 nuggets for the past 75 years, and from what I've noticed is the pattern: - Baby boom of 10-15 nuggets - 10-15 nuggets die off - the kids grow up - baby boom of 10-15 nuggets - repeat And that's about it, I've found it nearly impossible to recover from this or break out of the pattern. I think every little thing could possibly cause a population stall. from not being happy enough, they keep forgetting to drink or eat, which lowers happiness. Or maybe the job to laborer ratio is all too low. Either way, i've had population stalls where i've had none of those problems, and they just don't reproduce.
  3. Farmers working to death

    I've had that problem too, farmers focus so much on their work that they ending up starving or dying of thirst. But shown below in the pictures, 2 of my nuggets died, the farmer, and their spouse. While the farmer was working their butt off, their spouse was in the stone hut "waiting for partner" and kept waiting for them until they died.