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  1. linux: game crashes when starting new game

    Great that the dev's put the file and correct some other bugs, I will pass on this branch tomorrow so. Maybe @okster can put a [resolved] in the subject of the thread. Linux gaming will not fail, thanks guys.
  2. linux: game crashes when starting new game

    @breakingmatter I will try tomorrow this steam_runntime fix, I am not at home until then, thank a lot for tips! @okster good game to you, enjoy! As for buy another game, I have so little gaming time... That is already taken by so many stuff!
  3. linux: game crashes when starting new game

    I saw this fix on the Steam forum indeed, for the nvidia cards, but I haven't anothe X64 unity game where to get this library... And indeed, it is the same error on my side. Maybe someone or the dev's could put this file here for download? Or is it forbidden by some king of rule or EULA?
  4. Black screen when launching from Steam

    I have the same exact bug, black spalsh screen with musics, and the crash on launch of a new game. Kubutun 18.04, 16 Go RAM, GTX980Ti, Intel i7 4th Gen. Player.log