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  1. Depressed Nuggets

    I had a screen capture but I can't find it. All my nuggets get depressed at about 20 pop and the only thing I can do is hurry to get the recreation and then hope for the best. I've only loaded up the game twice, the first time it failed was because of the depressed nuggets refusing to mate to create more nugglets. The second time, it pulled through because I hurried to make a bunch of recreational buildings but I'm not sure if this was on purpose to get us to implement the recreation research and just wanted to let you know. Specs in Signature
  2. Game Crashed @ Iron

    I was finally being able to harness iron and the game crashed on me. Btw, my personal specs are a bit low but the game runs flawlessly between the min. and what is recommended. This is the first issue I've had with it crashing. Though it stalled a little during the first game, but I clicked wait out instead of end process and it went back to running like normal. Windows 10 Specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2701 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed memory (RAM): 8.00GB System type: x64-based PC Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 850M
  3. Question Marks on Huts/Buildings

    I still can't upload the picture but it seems to be for every building but the wells.
  4. Hint on buildings shows %ExtendedBodyText% Instead of anything useful. Tried uploading a picture but it says failed for some reason so I'll go ahead and try again separately. Running Windows 10.
  5. I had just gotten over the "archive" upgrade and upgraded two hunter's huts and when I went to place nuggets at the job, it would not let me. I was able to use everything else on screen but when I went in to view the nugget log outside of the hunter's hut they all disappeared. Viewed it in hunter's hut log again and it was also blank. I saved and exited out and that seemed to fix the issue. I haven't had any real performance issues otherwise. Awesome job guys!
  6. Doing Nothing

    I conquered this by building more lumber mills and stone mines. Eventually they ran out of room and began taking them there when they had no use for them in building. As for doing nothing, you could exit out and start it back up. I ran into a glitch and saved and restarted. It hasn't worked every time but it might for you. And your English is pretty good, kudos!
  7. No Permission?

    Ah, sadness. Thank you.
  8. No Permission?

    https://forums.crytivo.com/index.php?/forum/182-v25/ The link to the forum I am trying to view above^ There is a forum on V25 and people are posting but I receive the error code 1F176/3 When trying to view it. I've heard permissions hadn't yet been changed over but that was about one to two months ago. Can someone please fix this so I can join the conversation and see what's going on?
  9. How do you use divine powers?

    When you're using the healing power on buildings does it cost more too? I've estimated between fifty some odd and a hundred. Only used it three or so times so can't tell you exact numbers.
  10. Unable to place Epicenter

    I have purchased a new computer with better specs so we'll see if this is still a problem and I'll let you guys know what the verdict is. On a side note, the new computer has game recording software so I'll be able to get a video up right away if it does happen. Thank you guys, and sorry to keep you waiting, I thought I had replied more recently. I'm sorry the same thing is happening to you too, dude. I understand the frustration and glad to know I'm not alone. Hopefully they can get yours figured out and if mine does the same, hopefully they can still get it figured out.
  11. Unable to place Epicenter

    I'm not even following her, lol I don't know how to make it stop. And I'll go ahead and do that here tonight then. Thank you sir.
  12. Unable to place Epicenter

    [[I UNDERSTAND THAT MY REPLIES ARE BEING REROUTED TO THIS THREAD SO I APOLOGIZE FOR EXCESSIVE POSTING]] But CM Mirror said that she never posted anything on my thread, and asked if it was saying that she just viewed it. Something may be wrong with the notification service or technology just does not like me. At all.
  13. Unable to place Epicenter

    Thank you, I will go ahead and do that though I'm not if it will help. Everything from the load up screen to getting to game play is the same as before this occurred. I've tried using in both play and pause and I know it's not supposed to work in pause. And, I've just finished going through the download of Gyazo but Norton will not let me install it because it says it is not safe. Do you have any other suggestions for a video service that will work?
  14. Unable to place Epicenter

    It said you commented three minutes ago and I'm still not seeing anything?.....
  15. Unable to place Epicenter

    Now the website is giving me notifications that you've responded to my post and nothing new is showing up.