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  1. 600+ babies in 15 seconds

    Nemisis, could you send the save file?
  2. Picking up resources at the beach causes problems Resources like trees near the water, when being cut fall into the water area, leaving the nugget unable to pick it up. This will lead to the nugget being into an invinite loop, not being able to pick it up.
  3. Construction bug

    Construction bug Version of the current build: (V.0.0.14) Operating System: (Windows 10) Brief BUG/Glitch Description: So I accidentely clicked on building a warehouse, but I wanted to build a waterpump instead. I didn't cancel the building of the warehouse, but clicked on the waterpump expecting it to change what I wanted to build from the warehouse to the waterpump. The game was paused while switching. The game being paused led to this bug, because if the game is running and you click on the hammer the building gets placed. While paused it won't. What happened instead was that the game tried to place them both, which made it unable to build anything anymore. I wanted to see if I clicked on more buildings if they would add up, and so it did. As you can see in the screenshot, I clicked on almost all the buildings and they all added up. There was no way to cancel it. . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): It's relatively easy. You go to the construction menu. Click on a building you want to place. You pause the game. Then instead of trying to cancel the building you click on another building you can place. It will add up and the first building you may or may not wanted to place will still be there. By leaving the game paused you can add all buildings and once you have a couple you can even unpause the game and the bug will still be there. Module: (Visual, Mechanics) Computer specs: CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, GPU Asus Nvidia Gefore gtx 1060, Ram 8,00 GB.
  4. v.0.0.14 Winter farming disaster

    He is even so obsessed with his job he may continue until the nugget dies.