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  1. v24 Nuggets working 2 jobs Gravedigger/Engineer

    We are working on a fix for this issue where 1 nuggets is assigned for 2 jobs
  2. Review of Gameplay

    @Craysus Go to Appdate (windows + r) then LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  3. Doing Nothing

    @Kerby84Wouldn't you get scared when you saw a floating rock, uncertain what it would do?
  4. Had a crash while starting new game.

    @Rustikus Do you have by any chance your game paused? If so, then that would be the cause of your issue regarding the evo tower
  5. V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    As I understand the population will reach an equilibrium around 200 Nuggets. Atleast that is what is supposed to be the idea. Late game is still quite difficult regarding AI, since so many background things are happening. As for how far you got. Congratz, nice to see those numbers.
  6. GamePlay tips?

    Hi Starganderfish. I hope I can answer all your question in this post. If you still have questions feel free to ask ofcourse A1: Currently there are only 2 quests in the game. Your godpower should refill faster as your civilization grows. I can be used in many ways. Either to save your Nuggets are destroy them. You can do with it as you like. It is there to give the player a more involving experience (Atleast that is my opinion). A2: The best way to manage your nuggets dying is the following (how I do it): If a nugget dies you can get rid of the "plague" by using the godpower to heal stuff. It actually makes the "plague" go away. So if a nugget has died in a very crowdy spot, you can use the godpower to get rid of the risk of nuggets getting infected. You can also heal Nuggets who are infected or have something broken if you have some spare GP. With the "plagues" gone, you can let your gravedigger do its work without having to worry. The red circle is indeed a negative influence radius on the happiness of Nuggets, so make sure you put the graveyard somewhere on the outside. A3: Yes currently the oceans are the only source of water, however the oceans will get refilled from rainy clouds, so you should have plenty of water available to you. A4: As of now, wood and stone dont respawn. I dont know if they will in the future. The stone mine and sawmill however are more efficient with the resources. You can get more resources out of them, when you use them. You can check the UI on the stone mine and iron mine to see how much stone and iron you have available at that spot. A5: I have no knowledge whether the tech tree will be redesigned. Right know you unlock stuff represting their time and as you manage to get further you can unlock new stuff. You dont need specific research to get stuff. You just unlock them all, but in time tiers A6: I can only say, that those stuff will be less of a priority A7: They take up a lot of space in order for future upgrades. You can build over the stone huts the nugget make for themselves. The stone huts will be destroyed and build somewhere else. A8: I expect this will be looked into in the future. Right now the main goal is to get a game with all the features we want. Tweaking and redesigning will be less of a priority, unless it is absolutely necessary. Thx for the kind words. We hope we can keep up the expectations. Again if you have any questions regarding my answer, feel free to ask them. You can also tag me in discord. Username is Bonniecool. I am Crytivo QA
  7. Gravedigger, corpses in buildings

    Could you post screenshots and save file of the issue please so we have a better knowledge on the issue and so we are able to reproduce it better
  8. Creator Mode Save Error! + Seasons Timing off!

    The Creator Mode Building Lock Bug is known. Could you tell me the problems you have with the farms? I haven't encountered issues with farms for a time. Creator Mode is in a very early stage so expect issues. Thanks for the feedback
  9. Can not contact update server

    Thank you very much!
  10. Can not contact update server

    Can not contact update server If I want to run the application I get an error message saying: "Can not contact update server, but it seems you can run outdated version." I don't know what to do and what the cause is of this problem. Please help so other people experiencing the same issue can find their answer here hopefully