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  1. Review of Gameplay

    @Craysus Go to Appdate (windows + r) then LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  2. Doing Nothing

    @Kerby84Wouldn't you get scared when you saw a floating rock, uncertain what it would do?
  3. Had a crash while starting new game.

    @Rustikus Do you have by any chance your game paused? If so, then that would be the cause of your issue regarding the evo tower
  4. V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    As I understand the population will reach an equilibrium around 200 Nuggets. Atleast that is what is supposed to be the idea. Late game is still quite difficult regarding AI, since so many background things are happening. As for how far you got. Congratz, nice to see those numbers.