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  1. Closed beta. Yes or no?

    Ok I will share some of my insight. Sorry for plugging a different game here but it is needed for the comparison. I am a avid player, and sometimes streamer of the biggest crowdfunded game/kickstarter game in history, Star Citizen. Star Citizen thrives on streamers and word of mouth to get the game spread through the interwebs. It is a open alpha game currently, same as this. When they release new patches they have it set up in a certain way which you currently are close to. They have their internal team, the first wave of testers (like your external QA team) 2nd wave of testers (mostly those who forked out the most money or has been apart of it the longest) and then the 3rd wave of testers (streamers and hardcore players) before releasing each patch to the public. Now the first wave is to make sure there are no game breaking bugs, and if they are what are they doing to break the game/system. Highest risk since it has the potential to brick a PC. And the first wave of public QA testers are the only ones that cant say anything. Once it hits the 2nd wave of public backer testing its wide open, because they use streamers and hardcore gamers to showcase what they are working on, improvements they are making, and stress testing the game/servers which just adds more fuel to the hype fire. The more people see a object become shinier and more fun to play with the more people say, that looks great I want to try it. Hell I backed this game from watching JackSepticEye play it on his youtube channel and thought hey this looks like a new Black and White meets Spore, you get to play god then colonize other planets THATS AWESOME!! I was hooked. Your public appearance is what draws people in, so allowing us to blab about it and show people look at this shiny new toy, or mechanic, or chaos. For a kickstarter game this is pretty crucial, because your public appearance and how people see you and your game development being open to them since they are funding your creation. Side edit, the pushing the discord for the main source of feedback and communication is lackluster to say the least. The biggest CF games use forums and "ON SITE" (website) chat to communicate. I get a lot of people are migrating to discord because the voice feature but that is a more public forum for communication and not a local one that can easily be overrun and misled by people who have yet to back the game, or even test/play it. Forums are hands down the best for people who really care about communicating with the dev team as well as other gamers sharing the same issues or thoughts. Also, moving the main announcements from the forums of updates and patch notes to discord and twitter shows us that you are caring less about what we think and say, even though we have been giving the most support. It shows you want to show off to the open public what you are adding, or what they think you should add before asking the people who have been providing feedback and communicating with your team the issues here, which can make it muddled, because people who have yet to play the game can say ohh that sounds cool I want to see that even if it doesn't fit or isn't necessary for the game. Just like currently I have some kind of issue with this game where I can't play the game for more that 15 minutes before the game crashes and resets my computer, which kills the stream and any kind of movement I had going to showcase it. And, this bug has been shrugged off on me like I was doing something wrong. This is a game ending bug for me that makes the game unplayable in its current state, and now I cant play it until your next release in August. It's terrible. I have been keenly invested in how this game progresses, putting input on broken AI, flawed systems, game ending bugs and crashes, and contributing to polls and questions presented in these forums.
  2. Closed beta. Yes or no?

    Ya had me until NDA
  3. April/ May Update

    I do, and here lately it has been mostly Star Citizen, Rocket League, PUBG, and Sea Of Thieves
  4. April/ May Update

    Well, I can't say that I'm not disappointed. However I understand. Still crap that I cant really play or stream this game until September.
  5. Hard Crash

    Everything on my computer is fine. I play star citizen (which is the highest graphically demanding game ) on 4k, while streaming on twitch at 60fps at 720p without a hiccup. It only happens when I play this game.
  6. Hard Crash

    Still getting a hard reset crash. Also finally got a crash log. However the system will now allow me to upload a zipped save file crash.zip
  7. Hard Crash

    I keep trying to upload the save file but it keeps giving me this error. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200
  8. Hard Crash

    Hey guys. Once again with this new patch I am getting a hard crash to restart. I can not make it past 5-10 minutes into the game, this time I was lucky to save. Will try to zip it and send it but I doubt it will show much of anything. But randomly playing, built 2 pumps, 2 reservoirs, 1 eatery, and 1 fishing hut. Crashed upon building the hospital. Previously to this playthrough it crashed in under 5 minutes. (2 huts 1 pump 1 res 1 well) 3 times hard fault crash to restart. Game is unplayable for me. I7-7700k M.2 SSD 16g ddr4 ram, r9 390x windows 10 64bit
  9. April Update

    They have been real slow about info on updates as of lately, since they skipped a month. I'm starting to think they are moving away from monthly patches. Sadly.
  10. Hard Crash

    Ok so of my last playthrough last night, I have found that neglecting the find my lost nugget mission allowed the game to continue. Apparently when dropping the lost nugget in the circle causes them to glitch through and die in the planet, sending the game into a catastrophe. By not doing the mission I successfully made it to 130 nuggets before I saved and called it a night. Hope this helps. I know that you said you guys are revamping that system, but now we know that all users should avoid that for risk of a hard system crash.
  11. Hard Crash

    No save game files, was unable to save it before it happened. Will try to replicate. No crash or dump files found. It isn't able to make one since it hard crashes and restarts the computer. I will stream it later to see if it faults so I will have video of it at least. And I understand the issue with the gravedigger being fixed, but this circumstance is weird. As stated when I dropped the nugget their body would kinda float/flop around, then disappear below the ground which killed them instantly. then once the gravedigger was made and I believe I had just finished the processing facilities is when the crash happened each time.
  12. Hard Crash

    So far the new update has been pretty good. AI seems a lot better, production and nuggets are flowing good, and food/repairs are stable. However, that's where the good ends. I am having a hard fault crash that causes my computer to restart every game I play. It usually occurs between 45-60 nuggets. I have yet to put down a forecasting tower because that has always been the most broken structure. I noticed when doing the find my lost nugget quest, If I drop them close to the ground they kind of swim around like a fish before disappearing into the ground and die. I believe when this happens the gravedigger goes to collect their body and then it crashes (just a theory, hard to prove). Also I noticed if a fisherman dies while on the boat it shows their body at the dock, yet no body to pick up. Aside from these issues the game is feeling a lot better. Hopefully you guys can release a hotfix for this quickly. PC Specs Windows 10 64 bit i7-7700k 16 g ddr4 ram r9 390x
  13. No patch this month?

  14. No patch this month?

    Thanks for the update. Luckily this is a small month
  15. No patch this month?

    I was just wondering if there was going to be a patch. Usually you guys drop it on the first day or two of the month. Given that fell on a Friday and Saturday, I patiently awaited the following week for the subsequent patch. Yet, none came. We are in the 2nd week of the month and have yet to see any kind of update. Just curious to see if we are going to get something soon, can only progress so far in current build.