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  1. Hard Crash

    Ok so of my last playthrough last night, I have found that neglecting the find my lost nugget mission allowed the game to continue. Apparently when dropping the lost nugget in the circle causes them to glitch through and die in the planet, sending the game into a catastrophe. By not doing the mission I successfully made it to 130 nuggets before I saved and called it a night. Hope this helps. I know that you said you guys are revamping that system, but now we know that all users should avoid that for risk of a hard system crash.
  2. Hard Crash

    No save game files, was unable to save it before it happened. Will try to replicate. No crash or dump files found. It isn't able to make one since it hard crashes and restarts the computer. I will stream it later to see if it faults so I will have video of it at least. And I understand the issue with the gravedigger being fixed, but this circumstance is weird. As stated when I dropped the nugget their body would kinda float/flop around, then disappear below the ground which killed them instantly. then once the gravedigger was made and I believe I had just finished the processing facilities is when the crash happened each time.
  3. Hard Crash

    So far the new update has been pretty good. AI seems a lot better, production and nuggets are flowing good, and food/repairs are stable. However, that's where the good ends. I am having a hard fault crash that causes my computer to restart every game I play. It usually occurs between 45-60 nuggets. I have yet to put down a forecasting tower because that has always been the most broken structure. I noticed when doing the find my lost nugget quest, If I drop them close to the ground they kind of swim around like a fish before disappearing into the ground and die. I believe when this happens the gravedigger goes to collect their body and then it crashes (just a theory, hard to prove). Also I noticed if a fisherman dies while on the boat it shows their body at the dock, yet no body to pick up. Aside from these issues the game is feeling a lot better. Hopefully you guys can release a hotfix for this quickly. PC Specs Windows 10 64 bit i7-7700k 16 g ddr4 ram r9 390x
  4. No patch this month?

  5. No patch this month?

    Thanks for the update. Luckily this is a small month
  6. No patch this month?

    I was just wondering if there was going to be a patch. Usually you guys drop it on the first day or two of the month. Given that fell on a Friday and Saturday, I patiently awaited the following week for the subsequent patch. Yet, none came. We are in the 2nd week of the month and have yet to see any kind of update. Just curious to see if we are going to get something soon, can only progress so far in current build.
  7. Hello creators. I'm a gamer/twitch streamer from Nashville. Loved Black&White as well as the idea of spore. Happy to see a similar blend of the two games.
  8. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    I stream it occasionally on twitch. http://twitch.tv/aceofspadezcc