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  1. Nuggets not reproducing

    Most I've gotten before a tornado killed half my people was 160, I just used all my power to force them to fall in love and mate, I had a huge amount of resources so that was never an issue.
  2. Struggling in wood production and population

    I just had insane amount of food and water, I get the whole wood thing but there are still massive amounts of wood in the surrounding area's I just found that building a lumber mill semi far away but near a forest works I also put a watchtower there to keep them save, My population was at 160 before a savage tornado dropped it to 80 now i'm back at 140, I use every god point I can on cupid and it seems to work fine for me, Happiness is also okay if you use a bunch of businesses.
  3. Heaven and Hell

    The nuggets only expand, there is no aspect where the nuggets murder or steal anything, atleast not for any of my play through, Would seem like bad nuggets would only be bad if they don't do what you tell them to.
  4. Heaven and Hell

    How would you determine who is good and who is bad? Seem a little to in depth in the religious aspect
  5. UI question

    But there is no number that indicated how much food is need or being consumed? Thanks for the info though, Never knew that's what it would mean. @KittHaven
  6. UI question

    I think that's how long the season is for or until maybe the wind changes, I myself don't know 100%
  7. UI question

    Would you mind showing a screenshot?
  8. Temp Suggestion for Resource balance

    Seems a little too easy to get huts, Which would mean a massive amount of huts would pop up, I think 5 is relatively okay, nothing to major, especially when the game gets to higher ages, I have never really had a problem with it, Just my opinion, Have a good day.
  9. Dev Blog: Nugget Leaders and Law System

    This is actually really cool and I'm so excited for these new things to come out.
  10. Suggestion : Families traits

    I don't think it does have that feature nor do I think the game really needs it, The game is suppose to be focused around civilization, and space exploration later on, Don't think little bonuses like family traits will be useful in the long run towards end game content, Early stages i'm all for it, the kids of a hunter can do more damage while hunting, kids of fishers can gut fish faster etc. Would be cool, to add for early game but like I said, end game content would be hard to manage and kinda seem irrelevant. Just my opinion, Have a good day.
  11. Where are the Changes and new stuff?

    There was a massive update when the steam update came out, the game is completely different even from like a week ago, I have played the game a long time ago aswell and I do admit the game back then was fairly unfinished and had a lot of problems but now I can see steady increase in updates and bug fixes, and I can say honestly that the game is going good and is running in the right direction.
  12. Water problems

    Faith, Should be able to spread freely among people, maybe adding a church or the game would help with that to some degree could also increase happiness a tad bit.
  13. Still no paved roads?

    I agree, having such things in the game will be fundamental.
  14. Relocating nuggets?

    I don't think so, You can try to suggest it, by doing something like that could break immersion and be a little odd, like If your people were under attack you would just pick them up and plop them somewhere else.
  15. Version is Build V26 Severity maybe being 1 or 2, not that huge, just annoying. Description: The research animation popped up with the sound and now it replays every 5 seconds or so of the same sound over and over. Reproduction: I honestly have no idea how this happened, I think maybe opening a menu at the exact same time the research sound happened made the sounds conflict and now it's repeating, Don't know for sure though.