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  1. Bug report button do not works, wells do not works

    Hi there! Wells do not provide water to buildings, water pumps provide water to buildings and reservoir.
  2. Creators Powers

    Creator powers are not implemented yet, the only thing you can do right now with your unlimited god power is picking nuggets and throw them into outer space.
  3. Well bugged out in the Desert

    If you play with the tutorial, the first well, the first pump and the first reservoir are instantly built.
  4. Launcher requires administrative rights

    As far as I know Origin games need administrative rights to update. You CAN play the game, but you'll need administrative rights to update it.
  5. Bugs?

    The "bug" of the fishing hut is not a bug, water pumps affect to the fish population because you're taking water out of the lake, you're killing fishes.
  6. My experience since latest patch.

    Hey! A workaround is lowering the shadow quality.
  7. Well bugged out in the Desert

    Those buildings that were instantly built were the pump, the well and the water reservoir?
  8. I asked on Discord and Chaos said that you have to look into it
  9. Here, but badges system is broken, I'm still waiting for my creator badge, they told me that Mirror was looking into it
  10. Hello! I'm OviiiOne from Spain, found the game 3 days ago thanks to Steam and bought it right away. Awesome! Maybe don't worth $40 yet, but I think it can worth it someday in the future, I'll try to help to make it possible!