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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I took the survey, and unfortunately I don’t have time to write much here right now. I just want to let the devs know I absolutely love the game and the direction it appears to be moving. To me, so far, it DOES match the original trailer. I never expected to not have to build any buildings for them. I mean there needs to be SOME player agency. Not only that, it actually looks much better now graphically! I know you guys are working insanely hard and it certainly shows in the game. I look forward to the future ages!
  2. Wood and stone refinery

    Yes, I hope they can be fixed for the next patch. Really interested in finally making a fully upgraded pre-medieval city. Also, I've been try to figure out how the refineries work, exactly. Do the workers actually go out and chop down trees or cut stone themselves to bring back for refining? Because I haven't really noticed that. I've only seen them go after previously existing wood and stone lying around.
  3. Yep, and ever since that I've been really curious about how roads are going to work. Based on how buildings tend to get pretty haphazardly placed due to terrain restraints, road networks are going to look pretty... erratic. I guess that's fine, as long as they serve their purpose. That's pretty much how they are in the original promotional video.
  4. Upgrades not showing

    Question: Have you built a Wood Refinery and a Stone Refinery? Refined wood and stone are required to upgrade buildings. However, they work very slowly and unreliably at the moment, making it difficult to get enough refined resources to upgrade anything. Also, warehouses don't currently accept refined wood or stone.
  5. My Nuggets can only die

    Upgrading doesn't work unless you have enough refined wood and refined stone. If you look at the side of the build progress screen you can see the little resource icons showing you how much you need for each building. At the moment it's virtually impossible to upgrade because the refineries don't work very well, but the devs are aware of the problem. Also be aware: Once you research an upgrade path for a certain category (like waterworks) every NEW building will require refined goods. So basically, right now it's wise just to ignore the research for any pre-medieval building.
  6. Patch 18: Lizard Candy - My Feedback

    Just want to add that the game is extremely addictive and fun to play (since my last post came off a little rant-ish), not to mention beautiful. I'm a huge fan of the direction it's going in. I understand getting A.I. and balance right is a monumental task, not to mention everything else.
  7. Patch 18: Lizard Candy - My Feedback

    Yeah, I defy anyone to get beyond 80 nuggets. 82 is about my limit for this patch, and we're talking about 8 farms, 7 fisheries, six eateries and of course the countless water pumps and engineer buildings needed for support. One problem I think is nuggets starting eat raw food before it can get taken to eateries. Another is probably distance. Even if there's plenty of food/water nearby, a nugget might need to rest/mate in their hut which could be miles away from their workplace once you expand enough, which causes all kinds of problems. Also windstorms. I'm always 100 percent prepared for them with a forecast tower and bunkers. BUT, they can last a long ass time, and when the nuggets are safe chilling in the bunkers nothing gets done, especially in the food industry and maintenance. And if they hit right before a long winter you are doubly screwed, prepared or not.

    I knew this, but for some reason the refinery buildings work excruciatingly slowly, so getting refined materials seems way more difficult than it should be. And I've got happy, healthy workers. Also, it appears warehouses don't pick up refined wood and stone.
  9. Lizard Candy

    1. Ah... didn't notice that, no wonder I can't get anything upgraded despite having the refined goods. 5. Yeah, and it's not just upgrading existing buildings. It's wise not to even research upgrades at all, because once you do, every new building in that category requires refined materials. Especially devastating to your water supply. Basically the pre-medieval stage is a non-starter.